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I know I need to do a proper Detox but somehow I am scared of what happens….

I have had that weird thing again…. where I am researching something else and something keeps pointing  me to a particular solution. It is that thing, where my body is somehow trying to tell me what I should be doing. It is like when I feel like I have overturned every stone in my research and think I have tried everything, something pops up out of nowhere and redirects me to a whole world of information, allowing all that hope and excitement to return 🙂

This time it is the Detox. I have done the little detoxes for my body. The liver diet, the abstaining from alcohol and sweets, changing my diet by cutting out gluten, sugar, dairy, meat etc  but somehow I know I need to do a more solid detox. It is like I am being guided to do it. I was reading about Molasses and the website I found directed me to a liver cleanse involving a full detox. Then, I have been reading Perfect Health and even in this book, it suggests a good detox.

So, what does a good detox involve in my opinion? Well, to me it involves flushing out all the bad stuff through our bowels. Most suggest taking a laxative or drinking a laxative invoking action, like prune juice or Castor Oil and then not eating any solid foods for a minimum of 24hrs. One suggested 3 days of just apple juice and if you are feeling really bad, an apple!

The other detox I have heard about is the Coffee Enema. Essentially, you make some organic coffee and …. well… stick it up your bum! Then, you wait and it apparently releases all the gunk in your liver and bowels.

Somehow, none of these sound like much fun! I know they are not meant to be fun but I am somehow actually scared to try them because I think I will feel absolutely lousy! I know that is kinda the point, cos hey we want to get all that bad stuff out but it seems I have come up with all sorts of excuses to delay doing it – even though instinctively I know my body is craving me to do it! Have you tried any? How bad are they?

The only other options I can think of is to try something that is perhaps less extreme first, to try and detox the body in stages…. so there is less to detox.. so to speak.

One of the ones I haven’t done to a full  extent is Oil Pulling. It takes so much discipline to get up early and swish oil around my mouth! So, perhaps this is one I can try… just to get ready for the big one! Kinda like walking before I go running 🙂

I have heard of so many detox options and I think I might explore more of the ones that don’t sound as extreme or painful – my poor bummy! I hope I can release more toxins through these other methods and use the big detox as a goal, to work up to…..


I know I am building it up and it might not be that bad but for some reason the whole idea of spending days on the toilet, being absolutely starving and light headed, plus all the emotional stuff that comes up… just sounds horrible.

I would love your advice on this one though… if you have tried any detoxes that are less extreme or how you found doing one.

Maybe I would feel better if we did one together. Anyone keen to join me?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Belinda. I have done an article on Candida in the past and there are some other useful tips on the conditions. I will look into Threelac to see what it contains and how it flushes the body of Candida. I found a great tea for that too 🙂 http://endoempowered.com/candida-and-endometriosis/

  2. Ciara

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Melissa

    I know! Totally! As it is we are so emotional and I have so much stuff I am still dealing with that I am scared of that one too 🙂
    I would say that meditation, exercise and all that is definitely a way to go!

  4. Melissa

    I have moved and unfortunately don’t have my TCM doctor anymore, so I have to find other methods out there. I have a plan though…. shall share it shortly 🙂

  5. Melissa

    I know how you feel. It is like having to jump off a cliff or something. We know we kinda want to but maybe it is just the scary bit in the end. When it’s all over, it feels great though 🙂

  6. Ciara

    I would LOVE to do a detox. I have never detoxed before and I think I will try to find the Fiberland as well. I’m a little scared to as to what will happen when I detox, especially since it would be my first time. Do you have any advice of what to do while detoxing? For example, is meditation good, exercising, taking it easy? I know that emotions can come out and I have some built up stress and I’m scared those emotions may REALLY start to come out during a detox.

  7. XQ

    Hi Mel, haven’t tried a complete detox (as I have hypoglycemia), but I’ve been for lymph drainage before, which worked wonders.

    Since you are a fan of TCM, why not go to your doctor, find out what toxins are lurking in your body, and get some TCM to flush it out?

    I’m hesitant to try anything that will harm the natural function of my digestive system.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes 🙂

  8. ashley

    I did a juice fast with my husband, it was expensive but actually kind of effective.
    I know I should do it again, and add stuff back a little at a time, figure out what my triggers are, but I just can’t seem to make myself.do it. Even though I feel absolutely awful.

  9. Melissa

    Thanks Liz! I will have to try that Fiberblend stuff 🙂 I am hesitant to try the enema but somehow I feel like I need to do more – I saw it in one of those Food matters movies and it got me thinking that perhaps it needs to be done. Afterall all those toxins in there aren’t natural either…

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