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My Personal Experience Using Progesterone Cream for My Endometriosis

It has been over a month since I started using progesterone cream for my Endometriosis. I was really waiting to see any real outcome from it that I could report to you, which is why I have not mentioned it until now. I had my hormone levels checked and it revealed that my progesterone levels were definitely on the low side; not that low but low enough to create some imbalances in my body.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go down the track of progesterone cream as I felt it was merely targeting a symptom of Endometriosis and to me, this doesn’t really ever get to the root of the problem. However, as a blogger and as the question of whether there could be any truth to the results other women with Endo had experienced, I just had to give it a try!

The first week was probably the hardest. I experienced extreme emotions with the cream. I knew there were going to be some reactions from it, as it had been revealed in the book by Dr. John Lee. In the initial stages of taking progesterone cream, the estrogen is actually elevated in the blood stream, as it leaves the receptor sites in the body. This means, we are likely to experience more estrogen-dominant symptoms initially. I knew they were coming and yet somehow I wasn’t really that prepared—how do you really prepare for an emotional extreme? I was using a 5 cent piece worth of cream on my body, in different parts, both morning and night at this stage, and decided to perhaps lower the dosage until things settled down a little. Week 2 was a little better and I felt like the extreme emotions had calmed down a little.

It has now been a month and I am using a 5 cent piece worth of cream in the morning and night. I use it on my face as a moisturiser sometimes or on my neck. Ideally, you want to use it on a part of the body where the skin lies quite close to the surface of the body, which allows it to absorb easier.

For a week I didn’t use the cream and it was funny but I actually got that extreme panicky emotion that I used to get. It was a heightened sense of anxiety about everything. I initially thought it was just the extremes of my life at the moment, until I started using the cream again on the weekend and that familiar sense of calm and ease with life came back.

I know many girls have reported that progesterone cream didn’t have any effect on them at all. There are a number of reasons that this can happen:

  • The cream they are taking is not natural or is made of the wrong ingredients. I used to think we could simply take wild yam cream, until I researched things further and discovered that this isn’t actually correct. We need to take a pure progesterone. There are heaps of synthetic creams on the market and your body simply doesn’t recognize them in order to use them for its receptor sites—it is like fitting a key in a lock. It has to be the right fit!
  • The body is converting the progesterone into other hormones instead of progesterone. This relates to a reaction the body takes to a foreign ingredient. To avoid this from happening, we can drink chamomile tea, eat goji berries or take passionflower in tincture. Passionflower is the best one and I just love how beautiful these flower are!


So, what was the cream that I used? It is called Natpro progesterone cream. It contains pure progesterone and a heap of other natural based ingredients.

Order Natpro natural progesterone cream online now

I can see a real benefit in using progesterone cream now that I have tried it. It calms you down. This is hugely important for our healing. It makes you less panicky and less stressed and it certainly helps with other symptoms too. My last period was much shorter than the previous ones and the heaviness was reduced.

Though I don’t think it is a permanent solution for Endometriosis, I can see that it would be a great stepping stone to get us level-headed and allow us some time to gain energy to take our healing to the next level. The real key to healing, I believe, lies in focusing on detoxing and cleansing the liver.


Have you tried progesterone cream? What results did you have?


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Megan,
    It sounds like your hormones are trying to adjust. I would lower the dose and see how you feel. It might take a little while. Also drinking Passionflower tea can help regulate things for you.

  2. Megan

    I know this thread is months old, and I don’t have Endo (that I know of), but I was started on progesterone cream compounded for me. I started 5 days ago and the mood swings are kind of crazy. You mentioned your moods in your post and I wanted to know more about your experience because I’m about to give up on the cream. I usually have terrible anxiety, but since starting the cream I have a problem with depressed feelings, and feeling like I am going to just start crying any second, all day long. How long does it take for this to pass?

  3. Leah

    I had a similar experience. My first week on the cream. I felt all emotional and had terrible insomnia. I got it compounded and even talked to the pharmacist but he said it most likely wasn’t from the progesterone cream. Now it helps me sleep though. I have been taking it for 2 months. I’m still struggling with bleeding and cramping most of the month. I’m going to keep using it for another couple months and see if it helps.

  4. Dina

    I am a big believer in progesterone cream! I had a lap for an endometrioma and during the surgery my doctor also found a fibroid. Very soon after, I got another endometrioma! I had heard about progesterone cream and decided I would try it to see if it would shrink the cyst. When I had my second lap, my doctor said the fibroid was gone and my endometrioma had gotten smaller. You never know, but I tend to think it helped!

  5. Melissa

    That is awesome Freya and thanks so much for sharing 🙂 I love hearing experiences that are good with things. You should look at doing some kind of Candida cleanse to get rid of the trush problem. My new book might help- http://www.perfectsausage.com.
    Good luck with it and please keep me posted.

  6. freya

    Hi you wrote about progesterone cream ages ago, but I wanted to share my experience. Since my Lap op 6 months ago to remove endo and sort out my c/section scar which hadn’t healed properly in my uterus I started on Emerita natural cream, and to begin with it didn’t seem to make me feel any different but after 3 months my mid cycle spotting started again and I was in pain again, I thought the endo was back already, so I started using a bit more cream and started on day 6 after my period started, I found I was calmer while using the cream and my periods became and still are, very light and completely PAIN FREE!!!!! The last three months I have not had mid cycle spotting and pain at all. The only thing I still get is thrush before every period, and my periods seem to have settled on shorter cycles, between 21 to 25 days is normal now instead of 26 to 28 days. It has been 6 months since my op on the cream and I will keep using it for sure, I stopped eating wheat completely two months ago and lost weight almost straight away, the pain seemed to go and I feel so much better, every time I think I might want bread etc I imagine the endo pain and it stops me short, no way do i want to feel like that again. I think the cream works for me, I read that if you do become pregnant while using the cream (you become more fertile on the cream) you should keep using it for the first trimester as it really helps to stop losing the baby early on, worth a try for us endo girls.

  7. Melissa

    Sorry, that is perhaps not so clear. We want areas where the skin isn’t lying on top of fattier areas of the body – so not on our bums or perhaps our tummies. The best is on the inner arms or even on our face. Definitely a good idea to talk to your naturopath with this one – you want to make sure your hormones are out of whack before you play with them 🙂

  8. Melissa

    For sure 🙂

  9. Kara

    The times I used Solals nature identical npc I felt great. I think you should also be sure your progesterone IS LOW before you use it. Remember we are all affected differently by Endo and our remedies.

  10. Rebecca

    Question about this comment: “Ideally, you want to use it on a part of the body where the skin lies quite close to the surface of the body, which allows it to absorb easier.”

    I am confused… all my skin lies right on the surface of my body… doesn’t everybody’s?

    I am going to see a naturopathic doc today for the first time and will talk about my female issues. It is about time to get rid of them a natural way!

  11. Sarai

    I have been suing the EMERITA brand which is the only brand to my knowledge to have clinical trials conducted for it, with positive results. On week 2 or so of using and not seeing too much of a change yet but not hopeless. I realize as you pointed out that things take time and estrogen maybe floating around in my system in high amounts right now. I alternate where I put the cream as was recommended to me- inner thighs, neck, forearms, wrists, chest, etc. Will keep you updated. Thanks for writing this! Peace!

  12. Heidi

    I am curious if anyone knows why the natural HRT from the doctors is only from day 14 of the cycle, Dr Lee recommends day 10 to 12 to start the cream and other progesterone creams recommend day 6? I tried the Wiley Protocol and felt great. The problem was all the days not on it were very bad. I was thinking of trying Natpro from day 6 and seeing how I do.

  13. Anonymous

    I am now headed down the detox road! No more gluten or sugar for me! Starting juicing too. Maybe I will try the cream again after some detox! I’ve been on point with diet for a few weeks, last night decided ti eat bread and pasta. My face swelled so bad and has been tingly all day. I’m guessing gluten! No more for me! 🙁 but I am LOVING your gluten endo connection! I have had suspicions about me have a gluten intolerance and I already knew about the endo….just never connected the two. Makes sense!

  14. Melissa

    Sorry Kristi. That sounds nasty. Maybe it was just too much too soon? I have done a whole bunch of detoxing and changing my diet prior to trying it. Have you tried Maca? Some girls have great results with that.

  15. Kristi

    Hi! I tried the progesterone for two weeks. I ended up with the worst migrane I have ever had in my life! And it lasted 4 days! Also I bled non-stop for 2 weeks. 🙁 I have friends who have loved it. I quit taking it. it was awful. It was a bioidentical pill that was compunded at my local pharmacy. Maybe the cream would be better? Im looking at surgery soon if I dont get it fixed. My ferritin is a 4. 🙁

  16. Allannah Law

    Thanks Mel,

    Its good to hear your results. MY GP is attending a conference in Sept on bio -identical hormones, so I am waiting till then to test and then try. I hear that Pro Gest is another great formula? I think you can order from the US. I don’t get panicky – probably because of the yoga – but lighter periods sounds great! Namaste

  17. Hannah

    I can definitely agree with Amber here – I too get that panicky, anxious feeling quite often and often turn it inwards and just think I must be a little bit crazy! Only after I get out of that mood do I see that it could have been hormone related. My partner is really good at spotting when this is happening to me, but he is so gentle and would never belittle my feelings and ascribe them to being ‘just hormonal’. However, sometimes it is empowering to realise that it is not my personality per se, but actually the oestrogen imbalance that is contributing. I feel really tempted to try a natural progesterone cream after reading about your experience Melissa!

  18. Amber

    I get that extreme panic/anxiety too. So bad sometimes I feel like my head is going to start spinning. I never really related it to Endo, I just thought I was a bit nuts 🙂 Good to know that maybe that’s not the case, haha! I have had a jar of pure progesterone in my cabinet for a few months now. I bought it on a whim and never stuck with using it. I’m going to give it a shot!

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