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As many of you know I am not a fan of surgery as a treatment option for endometriosis – or at least not repeated surgery or what I call the “surgery-merry-go-around”! I had 7 surgeries and a big part of the reason for so many was the constant need to cut away adhesions and endometriosis lesions which just kept growing back. Surgery inevitably creates adhesions and adhesions can be a big reason for the pain we experience with endometriosis. Surgery also naturally drives inflammation within the body which is a big reason for the endometriosis lesions to keep proliferating. Ironic that surgery is so often recommended 😉

From the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: “Adhesions are a widespread problem and develop following any type of abdominal or pelvic surgery. They have been shown to develop in up to 93% of surgical patients. The incidence of adhesions has increased with the rise in surgical procedures, particularly gynecological procedures. It has been shown that between 60% and 90% of women suffer postoperative adhesions following major gynecological surgery.” Read the full paper here. 

However, in saying this… I have recently had a dear client and friend who opted for surgery as the endometriosis and lesions were just too hard to control without it. She wanted desperately to avoid the surgery but the lesions had grown into her bowel and she was really struggling to perform the most basic tasks. Sometimes, surgery really is our only option but please know that I really view it as a last resort.

So, my mission with helping her and you – if you have just had surgery is to reduce the effect of the adhesions and the natural inflammatory response by the body in dealing with the surgery.

Here are 6 key things I recommend to reducing adhesions after surgery:

Increase your Vitamin E and selenium intake. This can be in the form of Vitamin E or selenium capsules for the first 3-6months after surgery but also obtain it from your diet. Nuts and seeds are a great source and my favourite for Vitamin E would have to be sunflower seeds, while just 1 brazil nut can provide your selenium requirements! Here is a study to indicate the incredible benefits of Vitamin E at reducing scarring and adhesions on rats.

Get some Alpha-Lipoic Acid. This is an incredibly powerful anti-oxidant (which lowers the inflammatory response in the body) and has also been shown to reduce the adhesion formation. It is naturally found in foods like spinach, broccoli, yams, potatoes, yeast, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, and rice bran. You can also get it as a supplement or get some caprylic acid oil, which also serves as a great energy booster in your diet. I add caprylic acid oil to my smoothies and it makes them super rich and delicious but also helps protect my body from infection, lowers Candida and boosts mental health.

Increase the anti-oxidants in your diet. We cover these extensively in our REACH beyond Endo program but some top ones include cocao powder and cacao nibs, dark leafy greens and particularly wild foods, along with interesting food elements like lemon peel and nigella seeds being great at aiding your liver detoxify. Just eat more fruits and vegetables, to begin with and explore some more “out there” foods to really dose up on these!

Some ideas to prevent adhesions from forming (about the 2/3 month mark) would include regular castor oil packs and taking one of my favourite supplements Serrapeptase, which literally dissolves adhesions for us.

I would also highly recommend exploring some kind of abdominal massage or specialist techniques to ensure the adhesions don’t form or build too tightly. Explore therapists like Arvigo Therapy, Mayan Massage or Clear Passage Therapy. Read more on how this helps here. 

I highly recommend following my simple Mayan Massage video, twice a day to really ensure things stay as “loose” as possible on the inside and that you are giving the area enough circulation. Watch it here. 

Ensure you follow my full protocol within the REACH Technique©. There are no short-cuts to healing. Your body needs you to support it and correct the imbalances that triggered the proliferation of endometriosis – which means following a specific strategy to get things right.

Register your interest to find out about my REACH beyond Endo program to ensure you keep the endo control and prevent another surgery or many more…

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Jolene

    What is the serrapeptase supplement you recommend in this blog? Thank you!

  2. Zeena

    Very good information… thanks.

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