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Pregnancy with Endometriosis

Pregnancy with endometriosis

I often get asked about how we have managed to help so many women achieve pregnancy with endometriosis.

Today, I want to talk about the specifics to focus on with achieving pregnancy with endometriosis.

Pregnancy with Endometriosis Tip 1:

Reduce the inflammation

It is likely that your abdominal area is inflamed. Yes, of course from the endometriosis but there are other reasons inflammation stops fertilisation. For one, if your fallopian tubes are blocked due to inflammation, then naturally the little sperm guys can’t make it through to the ovaries, which will make it near impossible to get pregnant. Interestingly, when the whole abdominal area is hugely inflamed, then it will be less likely that pregnancy can occur. Your body is just battling too much and the idea of now carrying a child is just too big a burden which is why that illusive dream of achieving pregnancy with endometriosis continues.

Tips for reducing inflammation: cut out the sugar, eat more greens and stop getting so worked up about things that really don’t matter in the bigger scheme of life.

Pregnancy with Endometriosis Tip 2:

Love your body

It is easy to get into a negative relationship when you have endometriosis and particularly if you haven’t achieved pregnancy with endometriosis. Ultimately, we blame our body for the pain and the symptoms and often I hear the words: “I am broken” repeated over and over again by women who are trying to get pregnant.

All I can say to this is…”Just stop it!”. You are not broken and those messages of hating on your body ain’t going to help you get pregnant. You need to believe in your body and trust that has the strength to carry a child. Find evidence for yourself that it is possible. Get strong in your body. Maybe start lifting weights to feel strong or shift your energy levels with the food choices you make. Try to find evidence and shift your focus on what is right with your body and why it is wonderful, rather than focusing on all the things wrong with it.

Think about it… why would anyone want to move into your home/body when you are constantly saying all those shitty things to yourself?

Pregnancy with Endometriosis Tip 3:

Eat like you mean it

Commit. Decide that you want a baby and you will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Decide. Yes, changing our habits is hard. Yes, eating healthy requires more preparation and commitment but surely having your baby is worth it? Surely, you would prepared to die for that little one, so why aren’t you prepared to do whatever it takes physically to get him/her? Decide. Commit. No excuse is worth the potential inhibition of getting your baby and having that pregnancy with endometriosis.

Find the most nourishing and nutritious foods around and eat more of those. Yes, some taste yuck but know and think about how much goodness you are giving your body which will then lay the foundation for your little one to grow big and strong.

Pregnancy with Endometriosis Tip 4:

Get support

Don’t surround yourself with a bunch of young mums who are all happy and talk about how easily they got pregnant. Though you can be happy for them, that’s cool but when it just makes you feel like a huge big loser, than who is that helping?

Surround yourself with women who have had endometriosis and been through the struggle of that. Find women who have overcome the self-talk and the disappointments that you may have experienced with endometriosis. Let’s get real here though.. this is not a pity party. This is about surrounding yourself with women who have achieved what you want and can share their success. Women who have overcome the odds and can give you hope that it is possible for you.

There are other ways of getting support around you so you believe it is possible to have pregnancy with endometriosis. Read books. Lots of books of women who share their success stories, struggles and raw emotions so you don’t feel so alone and what worked for them. Read and hear the same messages over and over again so your brain believes it. Stop listening to the terrible stats and the nasty odds from your doctor, the internet or anything with medical slants.

Believe it is possible and find evidence of even unlikely odds. It can happen for you. Trust that it can.

You can have anything your heart desires.

Watch this incredible story by Dolores:

Here are some newspaper articles to give you some more hope:

The Guardian on getting pregnant over 40

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Feel free to share any thoughts, comments or questions below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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