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Why I Don’t Believe “They” Will Ever Find a “CURE” for Endometriosis

The other night a woman knocked on my door. She explained that she and her colleagues had been out all night, looking for others to support their cause. They were looking for further funding to aid in the research of finding a cure for cancer. She explained about the organization and how they were desperately trying to develop a drug to cure cancer and how this was expensive and that it took loads of funding. At this point… she lost me.

I struggled on what to do next. I was just going to say something like, “No thanks,” and leave it at that. She kept going on though. Talking about how curing cancer would be so wonderful, and how easy it would be if there was just a pill someone could take, and it would make it all go away. Well, the irresistible urge just got the better of me. Eventually I just had to speak my mind.

I said to her, “I am terribly sorry but I simply don’t believe in your cause and can’t support it.” She looked shocked. I am sure most of her responses were more of the “No thanks” or “Sorry, not today” or any number of reasons but to get a “I just don’t believe in it” would’ve been hard. I simply said, “I don’t believe there will ever be a pill or a drug that can cure cancer. The “cure” and prevention lies in what we eat and not in the drugs we take.” I think she was so shocked she didn’t even try say anything else. I felt bad about it but perhaps the message will trickle into the right ears?

I used to get heaps of people arguing with me on the use of the word “cure” in my blog name. People would blatantly tell me there was no cure and that I should just go on Lupron. I even had someone hack into my site to share this message with me. I personally found it quite funny as it proved that I had obviously hit a nerve somewhere!

Many women with endometriosis are still under the false assumption that some drug, some pill or perhaps some surgery is going to save them. Maybe if we spend enough money on funding, they might invent some miracle that will make it all go away. Let me guess… this drug is going to be made to alter our hormones with synthetic stuff and perhaps it might have less side effects? Side effects are the body’s reaction to things that shouldn’t be there. They are the effects of that drug or pill on other parts of the body—the “other sides” of the body.

The trouble with drugs and “miracle pills” is that they want to solve the “problem” of ONE thing. They want to go into the body, which works on myriad levels and find just that one problem, dive in and fix it and nothing else. It is like heart disease. Oh, so you have high cholesterol which clogs up the arteries. Let’s thin the blood so it can pass through your arteries easier!

WHAT THE _ _ _ _?

Surgery is my worst example of “treatment”. I only awakened to this realization after 7 surgeries. Cutting this stuff out (endometriosis growths and cysts) will not stop the imbalance in the body. Sure, I have heard of cases where specialized incision surgery might have “worked” for endometriosis but the reality is, this is a disease, a sign from your body that there is an imbalance. You might stop the cysts from growing in an area of the body but ultimately that imbalance still exists and will simply divert to another part of the body. I watched this with my mother. She has gone from one surgery to another, and each time the blockage simply moves to another part of her body. She is now dealing with a blocked artery to the liver, after having half her bowel removed, a hysterectomy and kidney problems. She has that many organs cut out, it is frightening!

Every other day, I get someone emailing me about some miracle supplement, drug or pill. I get emails asking, “They have found this new drug or pill for endo, what do you think?”

Here are my thoughts:

1. The meaning of CURE.

The meaning of cure is often confusing. To me, “cure” means that the symptoms I experience go away—completely. I have NO SYMPTOMS. I have no signal from my body that there is an imbalance in my body. That means no digestive problems, no pain, no PMS, no pain during sex, no poor circulation, no sore joints or back ache—NOTHING.


2. There is no ONE drug, pill or surgery that can heal imbalances in the body. You cannot take some miracle tablet and it will fix or cure endometriosis. They are right when they say there is NO ONE CURE for endometriosis. The body works like a carefully balanced ecosystem. Each element plays its part and when we develop imbalances, the body tries to protect us from harm in the best way it can. We need to find the imbalances in our individual bodies. I have made many connections to our liver, our digestion and fungal and bacterial overgrowths that correlate to endometriosis. Endometriosis is simply a lack of getting the right nutrients and having too many toxins in the body. We need more nutrients and less toxins. When we feed our bodies with the right foods and take out the toxins, the imbalances correct themselves and the “disease” goes away.

So, I am sorry if I don’t run out and support charities and organizations that are seeking a “cure” for endometriosis. I am sorry I don’t believe there can be a drug or tablet that can fix us all. I am 100% sure they will never find one.

We need to take responsibility for our bodies. We need to give it some real tools to heal in the form of real nutrients. Dense nutrient rich foods, super foods and supplements that aid the body to heal. We cannot expect it to heal with poor building blocks to do the job! We need to stop adding toxins (not just in the form of synthetic drugs) into our delicate bodies and flush out the excess we have gathered over the years.

If a doctor tells you, you need to take a tablet for the rest of your life, it is not a cure—it is merely dulling the symptoms. Eventually, you will need to confront the imbalances and overcome the cause of that imbalance.

It is endometriosis awareness month in March. I want more women to be aware of endometriosis and to support more women to choose a natural way of dealing and healing themselves. Please support my cause by liking, sharing or tweeting this blog.

I know this is a strong message but I also feel it is one that many of us need to hear. We need to be accountable to ourselves and our own bodies and more importantly OUR DESTINY. We need to take back the control of our own healing! Quit waiting and searching for one miracle cure or some magic formula. The answer lies in one simple statement, “Take the bad stuff out and put the good stuff in. The body knows what to do!”


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Karent

    I completely agree with the importance of holistic health, good diet nutrition, herbal remedies et al to support our body and keep it balanced. Equally we must NOT close our minds and maintain mental balance by staying educated throughout ANY & ALL disciplines that could assist our healing- including medical science.To be aware that the world of endometriosis is riddled with Gyn surgeons who DO NOT posses the training or skills needed to identify and thoroughly eradicate ALL endo lesions, thus leaving thousands of women in pain from ineffective even harmful treatment. To know that 80%(the earlier the better) who DO receive proper surgical treatment from an Endo excision specialist regain their health & quality of life ~ free from pain and no longer having to obsess over their symptoms. Iam not a fan of big pharama either but your high cholesterol analogy is off base,because that condition is mostly lifestyle choice (as is the remedy) and Endo is congenital-we are born with it (has been found in fetuses and even monkeys). Latest research no longer supports the old paradigm of Sampson’s Theory of reflux menstruation. I could go on and on but in summary I really enjoy and follow your natural health wisdom, but I would appreciate a more balanced approach.

  2. Lizette


  3. Bianca Powers via Facebook

    I love it too

  4. Emma Cardall via Facebook

    I don’t just ‘like’ this article, i LOVE it! Well said Melissa!! It needs saying.

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