[Poem] The Endo Weeds

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We pull them out as they decided to plant themselves in the wrong place. Taking over what we want to have growing in that specific location. We spend hours weeding, removing, extracting something which we believe to be wrong or false from what should be there.


We pluck & shave in an aim to feel more clean. Perhaps a sense of disgust when we think of hair growing where we don’t want it to be. On your chin? On your back or perhaps a random hairs revealing a closer relation to an animal that perhaps we are wishing to disassociate from?

Our Endo Weeds…

A condition of rogue cells…

dispersed where they shouldn’t be.



Let us therefore pluck, burn, remove and take out that which it is

Perhaps our obsession with removal, of cleanliness or perfection is what drives this ever scrutiny of our bodies…

Perhaps this is what ultimately drives the resistance within our body?

Perhaps endo is merely our reflection of a never ending need for perfection?

Perfect placement?

Perfect looks?

Perfect desire to change what lay deep inside?

Deeply unnerving sadness perhaps?


The deep seeking of weeding out that which we falsely believe to be wrong with us…

Perhaps we should just let it be and let it go?

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