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7 Reasons Why Endometriosis Causes Pelvic Pain

One of the key symptoms when you have endometriosis is pelvic pain. It plagues you daily and yet somehow we don’t really know why we have pelvic pain and more importantly how to reduce it. Here are seven reasons I believe we have pelvic pain. I have provided links to articles which will help you reduce pelvic pain for each point.


1. Inflammation

Endometriosis causes cells to grow in places where they should not be growing. The body recognizes this as a problem and sends out forces to try and deal with it. The area becomes a focus point, which means the body sends additional healing to the area. It is like when you cut yourself, everything rushes to the area to heal it. If this means it needs to swell up to get blood to the area, it will do that. The same happens with endometriosis. Here is an article I wrote about Inflammation and Endometriosis which will help alleviate it for you.


2. Our digestive systems are struggling

I know when I cut out dairy and gluten from my diet, I was absolutely amazed at how my whole lower stomach suddenly no longer had a shape; it was flat! Not sticking out and swollen all the time! Gluten and dairy are hard for our bodies to digest and when we struggle to digest things, we get gassy, we get indigestion and we get bloated. This bloating pushes on our other organs, including endometrial cells and causes extra pain. Ever noticed how you are so much more sore when you have constipation? It all adds to pelvic pain. Read these articles for solutions:

Could this be a possible cause of endometriosis

Gluten and endometriosis, could there be a link?


3. The bladder

Our bladder becomes inflamed just as easily as our bowels do, which just adds to pelvic pain. Most of us probably suffer from interstitial cystitis. When our hormones are out of balance, it affects our bladder’s lining. Ever noticed how your IC is worse just before your period? I certainly have! When the bladder becomes inflamed, it also causes pelvic pain in the abdominal area, even in areas which don’t seem related to the bladder.

I went for a laparoscopy and still had pain


4. The endometriosis is growing

The more pelvic pain you experience, the more likely it is that the endometriosis is growing and developing further. This is a key symptom to know whether things are getting better or worse. The more cells forms, the more the body will try and heal and send further messengers to try and reduce the problem.


5. The prostaglandins are out of balance

We have two types of prostaglandins that relate to endometriosis. There are the ones that reduce inflammation and clotting, and there are the ones that increase it. When we don’t have the necessary foods and supplements the body needs to supply the good prostaglandins, it is forced to use the bad prostaglandins, which cause clotting and inflammation. All that inflammation is felt in the uterus, bladder and bowels, which inevitably leads to more pelvic pain.


6. There is a lack of movement in the area

Have you ever noticed that when you sit still all day that the feeling of bloating and swelling is much worse? Does it hurt to move because you have so much pelvic pain? This is because there is no movement in the abdominal area! Even though it feels too sore to move, it is important to get the blood flowing and encourage oxygenation in the area. Just get up and touch your toes ten times and you will notice an instant improvement.



7. There is a blockage in the area

Doesn’t it feel like there is something just sitting in your abdomen you want to yank out? Like there is some massive lump in there? According to Chinese medicine, our condition is called a stagnation of blood or qi blockage. It is possible to stimulate the flow of qi to the area to allow the blockage to move out. That blockage is often directly linked to an emotional attachment, according to the Chinese, so it is worth focusing on healing those aspects within yourself to alleviate abdominal pain.



There are many reasons for abdominal pain. Endometriosis affects many organs. We can tackle each organ independently through diet and lifestyle choices we make. It is also very important to recognize that endometriosis is largely affected by our hormones and that hormones don’t just function in the uterus alone but all areas of the body.

Our liver is the organ that flushes out excess hormones. If it is not working effectively, the hormones stay in the body, which is not a good thing. We need to make sure the pathways to clearing out excess matter are free. That means our digestion and kidneys are working.

Explore more on detoxing, diet and exercise to get more ideas on what to do next!


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Sharon

    Hi mel,
    Please help how can I detox my liver. Many thanks

  2. Melissa

    Thanks for your comment. It is interesting that you had such an incredible reaction to Milk products. Also increase your fruit and vegetables and get into some form of exercise 🙂

  3. A.Friend

    Hi there I found this interesting because I to have stage 4 + Endometriosis. I suffer with bad stomach pains and have even had an operation for it. I have been struggeling with my weight a lot. Infertility has also been a huge heart ach. I have been learning more about Gluten and that to causes infertility as well. I have noticed a considerable amount of similarities in symptoms. I deffinitly have gluten issues. I found that most cerials are made up of gluten. So to have cerial and milk together was always a double pain for me. I also have family history of milk allergies. I was placed on goats milke early as an infant. If I have milk product on a empty stomach I have bad pain. Also if I have milk products before bed I choke gag and even get sick. I deffinitly see the conections and I look forward to start reducing these things from my diet and try theese supliments you recomended. I thank you for this site. If we all stand together and put our thaughts and ideas together “we CAN find a cure”

  4. Melissa

    Hey SJT. Never ramping 🙂 That’s usually me!
    I think you’re right. The dull ache is definitely endo. The sharp ones can sometimes be digestive too, but definitely more of a bladder thing. Either way, they are all inflammatory so the approach is still very similar. I am really noticing how much Maca really does, since I went off it! Massive difference on all pain levels. I have heaps of bloating and pain with this period! 🙁

  5. SJT

    Hi there. This was interesting to read, but I actually have a question on the types of pain experienced in these situations. For instance, right now I’m not experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort. But sometimes it is like there’s a sore, dull ache in my abdominal area. Other times (though much less often) there is more of a straight, sharp sort of pain- but it’s shorter. I was just curious as to which was more normal and whether any of these caused either of these symptoms. I have a feeling the latter usually occurs with bladder issues, but I can’t quite be sure. The aching is much more common for me. And now I feel like I’m rambling. Thanks!

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