Pain Relief Guide

10 hand-picked strategies to help you deal with endometriosis pain

Pain is one of the most common symptoms we experience with having endometriosis and it sucks! It often feels like the pain cycle never truly ends and we go from pain-killer to pain-killer.

The sad things is, that we also know that this cycle doesn’t resolve anything.

At least 75% of women with endometriosis experience pelvic pain, pain during sex and ovulation pain (Abbvie, 2017).

Many women subject their bodies to years of downing pain-killers which is affecting their liver, stomach and digestive health.

What if you could find some natural alternatives?

Release tightness

Break the cycle of pain with specific postures and massage techniques designed to losen adhesions.

Release stress

Ever noticed how you get a flair up with stress? Discover techniques to reduce stress and thereby lower pain.

Lower Pain

Lower the source of pain by lowering the inflammatory response in your body.

Let me ask you…

Is your pain dominating a big part of your life?

Do you feel powerless over the pain with your endometriosis?

Do you wish you could stop taking so many pain-killers?

Does it feel like you have limited options on how to deal with the pain?

Does the thought of what those pain-killers are doing to your health, worry you?

I’ve been there…

I used to experience daily pain with my endometriosis. I would use anything necessary to get me through the day – pain-killers, heat, chocolate and yes… on really bad days, nothing but a swig of alcohol seemed to make it easier!

It was never ending and each day seemed to revolve around endometriosis and how much pain I was in. I would base my entire life decisions on how I could cope with endometriosis and the never ending pain cycle.

There was no way I could plan anything in the future as I just didn’t know if I would have a pain flare-up! It was just ridiculous and I know I needed to find a new way to move forward.

What natural alternatives offer…

1. Natural methods won’t destroy your stomach lining or digestive health

Every single time we take pain-killers, we are destroying our stomach lining. It is like a nasty dose of acid burning chemicals for our tummy lining – hence why we often get that burning sensation. Sadly, NSAID’s also affect our digestive health by inflaming the digestive tract and triggering conditions like leaky gut syndrome and Candida Albicans.

2. You will be supporting the natural healing channels of your body

The benefit of using natural methods is that they work together with your body to reduce inflammation, ease stress and loosen adhesions and break down cysts for you. Pain-killers only stop the pain for a short time, whereas natural methods focus on providing healing and longer term relief.

3. You will reconnect with your body again

It is easy to try and dull out our lower abdominal area when we have endometriosis. Too much pain, too much resentment and wishing things were different! I get that…

Thing is… your body is trying to tell you something – which is why it is screaming at you everyday. By stopping and reconnecting with your body, using some of the natural strategies within this guide, you will will be able to listen more and surrender to what you truly need.

What I love about this guide is that it gives me a range of different options to try, which help me in different situations and what is super awesome is that they are all natural and pain free!

Sandra McCarthy

I created the Pain Relief Strategies Guide for you…

There is so much misinformation on the internet about how to manage pain with endometriosis and I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to try to cope with having pain and then trying new things for your endometriosis.

So, I created this guide to be easy and simple to give you the condensed version for things that truly work in reducing your pain with endometriosis.

My special Pain Relief Strategies Guide includes:

  • Fabulous herbal remedies that aid in reducing inflammation, cramping and pain with having endometriosis. Please note: these are not focused on hormonal balancing and really address endo from a whole new level.
  • The one pose which you need to practice whenever you experience pain which instantly provides relief to your uterus and ovaries.
  • The fabulous device, often used during labour to provide pain relief.
  • My top recommended massage technique which you can practice on yourself – only take 3 minutes.
  • The 5 nutrition recommendations you can use to reduce pain within a few weeks.
  • My two favourite teas to provide healing and pain relief for you.

Since implementing Melissa’s Pain Relief Strategies I no longer feel the need to use so many anti-inflammatories and I know this is benefiting my overall health so much! Thank you!


Should you get the Pain Relief Stategies Guide?

  • Are you tired of trying to cope with your current level of pain?
  • Does it feel like you are taking endless pain-killers that don’t seem to even work?
  • Do you worry about using pain-killers on a continuous basis to try to manage your pain?
  • Do you hate addressing a symptom, without considering other factors as the triggers for your pain?
  • Does it feel like a never ending cycle of pain that just doesn’t seem to ever end?

If you answered YES to more than 3 questions, then I strongly suggest you purchase the Pain Relief Stategies Guide.

To begin, simply click on the order now button and you will be sent the Pain Relief Stategies Guide instantly.

It is such a small investment with such incredible benefits!

Only $12.95

One of the most supportive guides available for women with endometriosis. It is comprehensive and yet incredibly effective and LOVE the technique you share with the specific seating position – who would’ve thought that could work! Thank you!

Christine Maggie