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The 3 Triggers for Pain with your Period [FREEBIE Included]

pregnancy with endometriosis

We are right in the middle of the Pain Info Series on Facebook and I have been sharing some fabulous insights on pain with endometriosis. One of the key times of the month that most of us experience pain is just around our period. Some of us experience pain before our period, some of us experience pain during our period and some of just after our period. It really depends on where the endometriosis has settled and what is going on for you personally, as to where that pain decides to show up. Either way… pain sucks and it gets in the way of some really important events in our lives.

Side note… I remember having to attend one of my best friends wedding while on my period. It was so incredibly awkward… from having to wear a really revealing tight bridesmaid dress to having to explain why I couldn’t make it through the night. I also felt super conscious at the time because I was still dealing with major endo belly and really felt like everyone was looking at me wondering if I was pregnant!

So, why do we get pain with our period? – better known as Dysmenorrhea (try and say that three times in a row!).

Here are three possible triggers:

1.We have overactive prostaglandins

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that have a bunch of jobs. Some are designed to reduce inflammation and pain, while others actually trigger pain and inflammation. Yes! Of course, we would like to get rid of those guys but they all serve a job. Trouble is, when they become overactive and overstimulating – that is when our pain gauge goes right up and we struggle to walk because of all that pulsing going on down there!

There are things we eat and do that can trigger a higher influx of the pain-inducing prostaglandins. I have recently made some interesting connections like candida overgrowth both being a trigger for overactive prostaglandin activity. So, having a candida overgrowth situation in your body could be a trigger for higher prostaglandins, which then leads to more inflammatory responses by these “not so friendly” prostaglandins. (Grab my Candida Challenge book to overcome candida overgrowth here)

2.There is something structurally causing the pain

Adhesions are a huge factor when it comes to pain. With every surgery, with C-Sections and any number of operations, the body naturally builds adhesions to heal. Unfortunately, they can cause things to stick together and reduce movement in the abdominal area, leading to pain. Just imagine your uterus trying to expel your monthly, when it is trapped on one side with a tight adhesion! This will be painful!

We can reduce the tightness of these adhesions naturally with massage treatments and pelvic floor therapy. Simply lying on a tennis ball, where it feels tight is a simple and effective way to reduce those tight adhesions. I have also recommended serrapeptase on numerous occasions to support your body in loosening those adhesions.

3.A wondering womb?

Say what?

I remember the first time I had a Mayan Massage treatment and the therapist being quite shocked that my uterus was in the right spot and not bent backward or forward. According to her, she felt that many women with endometriosis have a wondering womb – where it is simply in the wrong place.

All sorts of things can cause the womb to move, including a high impact fall, high impact sports or even a dramatic emotional event. The womb will try to protect itself from danger and move out of the way!

Indicators you womb might have wondered:

  • Experiencing constipation just before your period, followed by loose stools. This indicates a retroverted womb.
  • You really struggle with intense pain during your period and like you are struggling to flush the blood out. This indicates a retroflexion – where the uterus is doing a backbend, folded on herself, not only impinging on the colon but also restricting menstrual flow.
  • Frequent bladder infections or needing to frequently urinate. This indicates anteversion or anteflexion of the uterus.

An expert Mayan Massage practitioner or Arvigo Therapist will be able to assist you in getting your wondering womb back into place!


Here is your Give-Away…

Well, I know how nasty those periods can be and just how painful periods can get – nights lying on the bathroom floor, were not by choice!

So, I thought I would create a freebie for you, which helps you prepare for your period. It is super simple stuff but it makes a powerful difference to how you feel during your period. If you aren’t sure when you are due, look out for PMS symptoms or get a tracking app like Kindara.

Reduce painful periods with this little freebie. Click the image to grab the downloadable.


Tell me in the comments, which ones you liked the most and where I can guide you further,

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Lisa

    Have you had Lupron injections or any other hormonal treatments or bc pills? I never had facial hair until after 6 months of Lupron shots. Now I have to tweeze weekly. The hormones really mess up the reproductive system and attach to dna, so they rarely fully leave the endocrine system. Lupron eventually makes all side effects so much worse. Because of those injections, which many doctors offer as the only option for treatment, I became totally infertile and never had children. We adopted but the kids are adults now and hold it against me that because I was sick all the time, they felt like they didn’t have a childhood. My periods are still super heavy and frequent, much worse than 30 years ago at diagnosis, and the only thing that helps is cannabis oil thc/cbd. It’s the worst disease in the world. “That which doesn’t kill you makes you wish you were dead.”

  2. Amber

    I love the pre period cheat sheet! Thanks for sharing this great information.

  3. Bri

    Sugar and caffeine both cause my ovaries to hurt. (Primary site for the Endo and PCOS, two surgeries removed Endo filled cysts.a and first removed adhesions of Endo that caused bleeding in surgery)also pain in same area if I have a period.
    Also whisker growth on chin and all around neck under chin. Do these things ever stop?? Why do I have whiskers? Can I reverse any of it?

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