Why do we get pain when we exercise with endometriosis?

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If you know anything about living a holistic lifestyle, you know that exercise is a key component. Perhaps you’ve also watched my video’s and resources on my REACH Technique© and now know that you should be including exercise into the mix of things to do. The trouble is, for many of us exercise with endometriosis creates pain.

I used to experience terrible pain with having endometriosis and particularly if I did any kind of activities like bouncing or running.

What many women do is go for big bursts of exercise and really push themselves through it. They might go for a jog, when they haven’t been running for years or they might suddenly decide to take up hiking. When we go from doing very little to suddenly doing a huge amount, it is much more likely that we will experience pain with endometriosis.

In today’s video, I want to share and explain some of the reasons why you might get pain with exercise and endometriosis.


Here are some tips to help you move forward:

  1. Exercise for short time frames but more frequently. This could be just a 10minute walk each and every day but it is consistent and regular.
  2. Make a point of moving in an opposite direction to what you normally do. So, if you spend a huge amount of your day sitting, try flexing your body from side-to-side every 20 minutes. This will allow those adhesions to loosen and become less tight.
  3. Stretch when you get up in the morning. This ensures you get blood circulation which supplies loads of oxygen and nutrients to where you need it most – your uterus.


Your time to share…

What forms of exercise do you practice with having endometriosis? Does it help you or cause you pain? What is your experience with endometriosis and exercise?


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