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Why do we get Pain with Endometriosis?

We’ve tried to dull the pain with endometriosis with endless pain-killers, we’ve tried to prevent its return with surgery and we’ve spent many, many hours sifting through websites and articles on the internet in the hope of finding some kind of answers. We truly want to understand what is going on within our body but somehow it is all just a huge mystery on why we still have that dreaded pain each and every month/week/day. I get it and I have totally been there! I dealt with pain for over 15 years and no amount of surgery or painkillers seemed to make it ever go away.

What if you could truly understand the pain and why we have so much of it when it comes to endometriosis? This month is the launch of a new program the “Drop your Pain” Challenge and the mission to help you reduce some of that agonizing pain.

The first step is understanding triggers for pain. I am running a Facebook Live series over the next two weeks to introduce you to some concepts on pain and endometriosis specific pain. The series kicked off today with the first video explaining the key reason for much of the pain we experience, which is inflammation.

Here is a copy of it for you:

To follow along with all of them, visit my Facebook Page over at www.facebook.com/endoempowered

Why we want to increase Anti-oxidants to reduce pain

Inflammation is a key reason for much of the pain you are experiencing within your body. This can demonstrate itself with having endometriosis – yes! think Endo Belly! or it can demonstrate itself with a struggling digestive system – think IBS or digestive issues. That inflammation will trigger a pain response by your body and the more inflammation you have, the worse the pain will get.

There are many reasons for inflammation in the body but we can greatly reduce this response by choosing different foods. What we want to do is avoid foods which are inflammatory and focus on foods which are anti-inflammatory. But how do we know which ones they are?

The foods we want to focus on are those that fight off the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are a by-product of metabolism but a toxic environment will greatly increase their numbers. Free radicals are a trigger for inflammation in the body and cause free radical damage – sadly, this also encourages aging. Think of them as naughty teenage boys, who have nothing to do but cause mischief!

To get free radicals under control, we need loads and loads of anti-oxidants. Think of them like the cops!  The higher the anti-oxidant quality, the less free radical damage which ultimates mean less inflammation. And yes… you guessed it… the less inflammation we have, the less pain we will experience! Yippeee!

My top 5 Anti-Oxidant Favourite Foods

  1. Cacao Powder & Cacao Nibs
  2. Broccoli – particularly broccoli sprouts
  3. Goji Berries
  4. Blueberries
  5. Pecan Nuts

The goal for you then is to increase the foods you currently consume to have more anti-oxidant quality. Yes, of course, we also want to avoid foods which have an inflammatory response in the body but mostly we want to focus on foods which support and replenish the body with what it needs.

Not sure where to start? Sign up to the “Drop your Pain” Challenge and I will be giving you an easy to follow meal plan detailing exactly which foods to eat at what time of the day with all your bases covered.

Over to you…

What levels of pain are you currently experiencing? Is it daily? weekly? monthly? What have you been trying to do to reduce your pain?

Feel free to share your story below and I will try and guide you personally on how to move forward…

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hugs Heather. Please know that it can get easier and there is hope. The medical system is ill-equipped to handle endometriosis. The depo shot sux! Maybe you can join our Drop my Pain Challenge next time around? http://www.endoempowered.com/painchallenge

  2. Heather A

    I’m 33 and have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Currently I’m on the depo shot to stop my period, which did work.However it didn’t stop my pain.Most everyday my pain level is at an 8.Sometimes I get sharp shooting pain in my ovaries that last seconds to a minute and I literally keep over in pain.I take endless amounts of ibprofen and Tylenol to no avail.I call off work alot because of the pain.I can’t do anything I used to enjoy. I’m on my couch or bed with my heating pad which doesn’t help much.I’m starting to consider ending my life. I’m tired all the time and always crying.Please help.

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