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How to Reduce Cyst Growth without Surgery

Cysts are often a part of having Endometriosis and I have met women who have had large cysts the size of golf balls in their abdominal area. This is naturally distressing as these cysts can burst and cause incredible levels of pain. I have, however, also received many stories of women who have successfully managed to reduce the number of these cysts. The greatest benefit one has with cysts, in my opinion, is that these cysts are completely measurable and visible on an ultrasound. This means, you can track their progress/growth and see if these methods you are using are helping or not.

With Endometriosis, we use our pain measurement as a tool but with cysts, you can simply look at them and determine their growth. This is a great opportunity to use natural methods and avoid surgery.


Understanding why we have cysts

The first step to reducing cysts is really understanding why these guys form in the first place. Cysts are growths in the body. Estrogen is a hormone within our bodies which is designed to create and grow things in our bodies. This hormone is responsible for breast growth and is vital for creating life. However, if estrogen is left alone to do what it likes, it dominates and this is when it forms growths in the wrong places. It needs a bodyguard and this is progesterone. Progesterone basically counteracts estrogen and reduces it.

Many women with Endometriosis and large cysts are suffering from estrogen dominance. This means, we have too much estrogen. Since too much estrogen causes growths in the body, we want to reduce the estrogen level.


Understanding why we have too much estrogen

There are a few different reasons why we have too much estrogen:

1. Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are essentially environmental toxins which are able to mimic estrogens in the body. This means that they take up the receptor sites which are designed for our natural estrogens. Unfortunately, they are stronger than our estrogens. They are often 4 times stronger than our standard estrogens, which means they create an imbalance. These environmental toxins are found in foods and within plastic. They are found in all sorts of toxins which we come in contact with each and every day.

Soy foods, which are often made from genetically modified foods, are a potent form of xenoestrogen. Plastic is a potent xenoestrogen and eating and drinking out of plastic, especially heated plastic, is a potent form. It may sound insignificant but consider how often we touch, eat off or out of plastic, and the volumes slowly add up, adding to the toxic load within our bodies.

The massive source of xenoestrogen is found in synthetic hormones. This includes all those hormone treatments which you may have been prescribed by your doctor. The contraceptive pill and those variety of hormone treatments unfortunately only provide a temporary fix at reducing cysts. Once you go off them, the imbalance is often even more elevated than prior to going off them.

Xenoestrogens are also found in shampoos, toothpastes and cleaning products. Any chemical which is designed from crude oil unfortunately acts as a toxin in our bodies.



2. Heaps of storage space in the body

Estrogens in either form will store themselves in our bodies wherever there are excess fat cells. They love to rent space in our bodies and those fat cells are their favourite place!

The more fat cells you have, the higher the estrogen levels will be.


3. The excess is simply not getting flushed out by the body

With Endometriosis it is fairly common that we have struggles with our digestion. Though it might feel like this is just another thing to add to the list, it is actually part of the symptoms of Endometriosis.

We need good digestion to effectively flush out the excess estrogen in our bodies. The best way to do this is to increase the fibre content in our bodies.

Another twist on digestion is often considering if there are any overgrowths which have formed in our digestive tract. These overgrowths can be in the form of candida or other fungal overgrowths. They have often been the direct attributing factor to having Endometriosis, according to books I have read. They create an imbalance and absorb many vital nutrients our bodies need to not just aid digestion but also help flush out excess toxins.


3 Things to try to reduce cyst growth:

1. Flush out the excess xenoestrogens

There is a natural derivative found in fruits and vegetables called calcium D glucarate. It works by essentially flagging all the toxins in the body and flushing them out through the liver. It works with the liver to flush out excess toxins. These include all the xenoestrogens mentioned above, including the contraceptive pill.


2. Regulate the hormones in your body

Progesterone and estrogen are controlled by the pituitary gland. We can stimulate the pituitary gland with a natural plant called maca root. It is grown high in the mountains of Peru and works wonders. I only recommend this as a short-term solution to reducing the imbalance but ultimately the true source of the imbalance needs to be considered.

Our hormones and ability to flush out any excess all come back to the liver. This vital organ cleans out toxins, excess hormones and anything our bodies need to clean out. When this organ becomes stagnant, it isn’t able to do these things very effectively.

The key is to get this organ working better and ultimately it will then regulate all our hormones better.


3. Take herbs and supplements

Yarrow is an amazing plant which cleans out the blockages in our abdominal area. Serrapeptase works at getting rid of  dead cells in the body. I recommend both of these as an initial treatment for cyst growths.

Cysts are created and will keep being created while the imbalances exist in our bodies. Though surgery might provide a solution or at least take away the worries associated with bursting of a cyst, it does not offer a permanent solution.


If you want to get the full picture on how to shrink cysts, then I highly recommend checking out my program Shrink Cysts Naturally. It incorporates some of these suggestions but also a heap more to get you the results you are after. I also had an amazing client Deann who shrunk her cysts in 6 weeks using the methods I share in the program. Check it out. 


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Racheal nafula

    Hi,am diagonalized with a chocolate cyst,what do l do or how can l control it ?

  2. Coco

    I just wanted to share my opinion in case it helps someone in the same situation I was. I had an ovarian cyst for more than a year and my doctor managed to scare me into a laparoscopy. I still don’t understand what was my reasoning in agreeing but now I know that the surgery is more painful than a cyst that burst. (I had a few) And even if it were more painful to let the cyst burst, I would still chose that avenue because I wouldn’t have any of the other side effects from the surgery on top of the pain AND scars to heal. I’m sure it depends on your case, but here is my opinion anyway.

  3. Sherifa Diaz

    I’m sherifa I’m currently talking Dim-plus with serrapeptase for ovarian cyst should I continue or do I need to take the serrapeptase by itself?

  4. Georgia

    Hi, I have ovarian cysts. I find the pressure bothers me at night. This has been on and off for five years. I just started taking maca capsules yesterday. You mentioned to make it a short term solution? Is that so your body doesn’t rely on it? I’ve read many people say once they stop using maca all there symptoms come back. So it’s a short term solotion?How about apple cider vinegar? Also, do you do phone consults?

  5. Aora

    I would suggest you get it removed and start this only to prevent others to form. In my case two 8-10 cm endo cysts were removed by laproscopic surgery.

  6. Eva

    Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for all your info, is it possible to treat 2 small ovarian cysts naturally and trying to conceive at the same time? I am 41 and have a toddler and trying to conceive again but dont want to waste months of treatment, I feel time pass fast for me and have less chance to conceive.
    Thanks again and I ve have Maca i stopped and having again I love it.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Melissa,
    I just came across your site- thanks for your insights. I have an endometrial cyst that is about 6-7 cm which I’m told needs to be removed surgically. I am hoping to find a natural solution to shrink the cyst. Do you think yarrow and serrapeptase will help shrink the cyst or will they just help prevent new cysts from forming? Appreciate your thoughts.

  8. Melissa

    Sure thing Leah. I take it continuously and it is probably good to take with your period as that is when the cysts are most active.

  9. Leah


    Can someone please tell me if you’re supposed to take serrapeptase while you are on your period or do you resume use after your cycle? I have had good results with it. I’m experiencing less pain, smaller clots, a shorter period & I think my left ovarian cyst is shrinking because I don’t have pain shooting up and down my left leg. Thanks for any insight!

  10. r arpitha

    i took pycnogenol 100 mg for 35 days . it messed my hormones . fsh , lh levels doubled . i stopped it immediately. can my levels come to normal?

  11. Melissa

    Thank you Audrey 🙂 I guess having endo does make me a little bit more knowledgeable on the subject 🙂

  12. Audrey F

    Thank you so much for all this info! This is better than the year of research I did on the subject!
    This is also MUCH better than my doctors suggestion of me going on Lupron (which I DON’T want to do!)
    I’m gonna give these things a try!
    Thanks again!

  13. arnila

    hi melissa,i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,ive read your stories and blogs,its been a decade i had this endo and never really understand and aware of it,ive done 3surgeries and just like you,coz its quiet expensive and your lucky that you found the right doctor and you can travel easily,and im happy for you,but for us…its not that easy as far as finances is concern…and ive never heard of doctor here specializes in endo, my last surgery just this last month in my ovary,they remove it with the chocolate cyst,and found multiple ,they all remove it,thank God,during my last surgery they’ve seen new grown near my rectum,and did not touch it,for they told me,it needs a big preparation,im worried about it,advice me to have my ct scan after a month,but ask the dr,as history is always been a referral,most probably it is also an endo,dont want to have another surgery hopefully,right now im just a housewife with 3 boys and they are all going to school ,and my hubby is the only one who works,coz i cant due to pain with my endo,before i had operated a school canteen,but worsen my conditions,thats why my hubby doesn’t want me to work again,just want to ask im from phils,we dont have those herbal plants in here,please are there other plants or herbal products alternative to this?thank you so much melissa…this would help a lot…and get rid of surgery….God bless you!!!!!

  14. Melissa

    Thanks and glad it has helped you 🙂

  15. Melissa

    Sounds good. I recommend a similar brand called Vitalzym but this one looks good too 🙂

  16. ester


    First of all, Thanks so much for the very good and useful site for Endo girls!
    I was reading this article and considering to buy some Serrapeptase and I found information about Neprinol http://www.fibromedica.com/neprinol, that says reduce scar tissue buildup, fibrosis, arthritic conditions, pain, swelling, inflammation and hundreds of other ailments. It is an oral systemic enzyme blend, combining over eleven components with the purest forms of Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Co-Q10, because I read that Serrapeptase cannot work good alone, it needs other enzymes…

    What to you think? It is enough with any Serrapeptase or better with other enzymes?

    Thanks so much Melissa – ))

  17. Suzanne Tedeschi via Facebook

    I am unable to email you this info but I was hoping you would share this on your wall-https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sues-Beaded-Treasures/184565594913601?fref=ts I am proud to announce I have partnered with The Endometriosis Association to raise money for the non-profit organization. For every “yellow” jewelry sale now thru March a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the association. They are sending me print-outs to include with my orders! All info is available on my page & the Endometriosis Association page so be sure to become a fan of both pages!

  18. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for this info!! I desperately want to reduce my endometrioma ! Despite past surgeries, they keep reappearing. You have given me hope that this can be dealt with naturally.
    Endometriosis runs in my family as my sister has the same issues with endometrioma growths. I will pass on the info.

  19. Melissa

    Hi S.I.F 🙂
    No haven’t heard of it. What is it?

  20. S.I.F.

    I love this! I tend to present with quite a few, and big, endometriomas… but I’ve never seen so much information compiled about them! Thank you!

    And have you read some of the research on Pycnogenol? I swear by it!

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