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Our Little Secret, held deep inside…

Endometriosis is a little secret that we hold close inside. We hold it there because few people would truly understand what it feels like. We try to explain it to them but it is not like something anyone has ever experienced and it is difficult to share exactly what it feels like.

Some describe it as razor blades in their abdomen, while others just feel this dull aching on a constant basis. I think the reason we keep it a secret is that it sits in a very delicate and private space. It is also connected to our period, our sexual interactions and how we feel about ourselves on a very deep level.

I think it is also a secret because it is something we struggle with so much and want to push through so badly. We want to be strong and not let it defeat us and so… we carry on, we push through and we act like everything is okay and that we cannot be beaten.

It is a secret because on many levels no-one knows or even needs to know our struggle.

I have looked down at my belly button and the little scar that reflects back at me and I remember feeling like my body was incredibly broken. The small scar was never a true reflection of the pain my body had experienced for so many years. It was so small and yet I knew that it was a symbol of what was wrong with my body. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis.

The scar came about because I had a laparoscopy to confirm I had the condition. I had never heard of the condition before I was diagnosed and had spent many years simply dealing with bad period pain and feeling incredibly sick. I had gone through so many nights of rocking myself to sleep, simply waiting for pain killers to kick in because of the pain.

There were days when I simply didn’t know how I was going to get to the end of it.

I felt incredibly alone, misunderstood and broken. I didn’t tell anyone what I was going through or how much I was struggling.

I kept my endometriosis a secret for over 15 years.

I didn’t want anyone to know and I certainly didn’t ever show off that little scar in a bikini! I believed that it reflected a weakness about my body and a reason for my employees to limit my progress.

I went through 15 years of struggle with it. I endured 7 operations, various hormone treatments and a huge cornucopia of drugs which were always readily available in my rather large handbag. I pushed myself through it and kept going and believed that I could manage it.

It was only after the 7th operation that my journey started to change.

My body was exhausted. My mental state was dismal. I had been through so much and tried so incredibly hard to get through everything with having endometriosis and yet, somehow nothing seemed to help me. I went from doctor to doctor, trying to find real answers and no matter how many places I turned, I was always given the same options.

I realized that my only choice was to take responsibility for my own health and to learn as much as I could about endometriosis. I needed more answers and I needed better solutions.

I developed a new strategy.

I began a journey in learning about my body and truly understanding what may have contributed to my endometriosis becoming worse or developing in the first place. The pieces of the puzzle slowly started to appear.

I found insights about the condition which no-one had ever revealed to me before. I dived deeper in understanding hormone imbalances, painful periods and the incredible impact of toxins on our health.

No-one had ever told me the importance of what I ate and how this may help alleviate the symptoms and the incredible bloating I experienced! I started to make changes and as I discovered more and more and slowly started to unravel what endometriosis really meant for my health, the pieces of the puzzle started to finally come together to formulate a strategy for health.

I had a vision, an understanding and a direction which was actually shifting things for me! I finally felt empowered about my health and what I could do to feel better.

I finally knew that there was hope.

Hope for something to change. To feel better. Initially, it was small but as the weeks turned into months and the months into years… I finally came to a place where endometriosis simply didn’t feature in my life anymore. It was no longer controlling my life and I could finally let it go – the pain of it, both emotionally and physically.

I no longer want to keep endometriosis a secret!

There are millions of women who endure the symptoms and pain experienced with endometriosis. Some women simply think that they have bad period pain and live with it for many, many years without being diagnosed. A scary statistic for women who are suspected of having endometriosis is 1 in 10 women.

These women often suffer silently as I did. Many of them are embarrassed about having endometriosis. Menstruation, period pain and anything along the lines of hormonal health, are seldom discussed within many cultures. They are taboo subjects, which makes awareness around endometriosis challenging.

I want things to be different for women with endometriosis.

Having been on a long road with initially suffering terribly with endometriosis and now living a life that is pain-free and manageable, I want women to know that there are options out there for them to explore. I want to break the silence around endometriosis and give women real hope on what they can do to empower themselves.

I don’t believe women need to be suffering the way are. I also don’t believe that the current medical community truly supports women with endometriosis. The treatments are simply not effective for this condition.

With a holistic and natural approach, we can truly manage endometriosis and be in a place of acceptance and openness so we can all share our story and bring adequate awareness to endometriosis.

If you are feeling stuck and like your little secret is limiting your life and like you are simply pushing through… Book in a FREE chat with me.

Let me share how I can help you. You deserve a better quality of life. Book in here.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Glad you are with me on this one 🙂 It is super important and I think over time more and more women will be sharing their experiences to help other women with endo. Social media has been super good with this.

  2. Lara

    Love it! <3 It is so important to tell people about endometriosis, because even if they don't have symptoms themselves they might know women who have, so to keep spreading the word about endo is everything. In my eyes endo is often only regarded as a disturbance to become pregnant and not so much as a devastating disease. Every woman deserves to live a pain free life, whether she wants children or not!
    But I agree, non-endo suffers rarely understand what you are talking about…

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