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OUCH! My Endo Hurts! What to focus on to alleviate symptoms faster

You and I both know that taking a bunch of pain-killers for ever and ever isn’t really going to resolve the endometriosis. It also isn’t great for your liver or your digestive system! Trouble is, we need a starting point… don’t we?

How do you start focusing on the true triggers of endometriosis to ultimately help your body to alleviate the pain and symptoms?

To truly understand what drives endometriosis, please be sure to sign up to the free introductory course to really “Dig in” and understand endometriosis better. In the course, I share the three key drivers of endometriosis and it goes so far beyond just hormone imbalance!

Here is a recap of the 5 key areas you want to focus on from the video:

1. Lower Stress & Anxiety

Allow yourself to be guided on your journey with having endometriosis. Let the information come to you when you are ready and feel into what changes to make when you are ready.

Stress is a HUGE contributor to pain and we really want to review what really triggers those thoughts.

2. Review your Diet & Particularly your Consumption of Sugar

Reduce your sugar consumption and those sweet things we tend to crave. They are truly like a fire towards your endometriosis and will drive pain & inflammation within body.

There is a close link to the stress levels & our desire for sugar.

3. Review your Liver Health

When our liver is stagnant, it contributes to poor hormone balance. Basically, when the liver isn’t “working as well”, then it struggles to process the excess oestrogen.

Review what you are doing to support or contribute to poor liver function. Things like sugar, alcohol, anger and toxin exposure all contribute to poor liver function. Unfortunately, pain-killers and the contraceptive pill contribute to poor liver function.

Load up on the green foods and juices or smoothies.

4. Choosing Natural Relief Options

We want to focus on reducing the response by the Prostaglandin 2 hormone-like substances. Trick with this one is to lower Omega 6 levels in the body and focus on Omega 3 instead. Avoid processed vegetable oils, high grains and corn. Shift towards Salmon, Algae Oil or Krill Oil.

5. Stop Overthinking

Try to get off the worrying habit and overthinking what might happen. I know we think we can prepare for everything by overthinking but in reality we can often solve problems easier when we are in a calm state of mind. Get yourself into the Parasympathetic Nervous System state. The easiest is to just sit and breathe or take up Yoga or just listen to the birds for 5 minutes.

Can you try one or all of these for the next month?

To register for the Food Program, sign up here.

Hugs, Melissa x
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