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Non-Surgical Therapy Treats Endometriosis Pain and Infertility Without Surgery or Drugs

Shared by Clear Passage, an amazing therapy available for women with Endometriosis.

“There are physical, or mechanical, causes for endometriosis pain and infertility, and an effective therapy to reverse them is available,” says physical therapist Belinda Wurn. “Often, the physical cause is obvious – but overlooked.”

At Clear Passage Physical Therapy, we regularly meet women who feel hopeless because they believe they have exhausted all options to treat their endometriosis. We have been fortunate to help hundreds of women regain function and return to active, pain-free lives by treating the adhesions that are so often at the root of the problem – without surgery or drugs.

How Does the Natural Therapy Treat Endometriosis?

Our hands-on physical therapy, the Wurn Technique, has been cited in medical journal studies for high success rates treating the pain and dysfunction associated with endometriosis. The focus of the therapy is to decrease adhesions – the internal scarring that often forms around endometrial implants. Inflammation and surgery are two of the major causes of adhesions.   

Endometriosis tends to cause inflammation and adhesions in response to the inflammation. Measured at a strength approaching 2,000 pounds per square inch, the adhesions caused by endo are composed of tiny crosslinks – tiny but powerful strands of collagen. Like the strands of a nylon rope, these fibers form adhesions that can bind delicate pelvic organs and tissues together with strong, glue-like bonds that can last a lifetime, causing chronic pain. Each month when endometrial tissues swell, the adhesive crosslinks pull on pain-sensitive structures, causing pain. Extensive adhesions can cause pain at any time during the cycle. Both endometriosis and adhesions can cause infertility.

Until recently, surgery to burn or cut the adhesions has been modern medicine’s only solution to decrease the internal adhesive bonds. Unfortunately, surgery generally causes more adhesions to form as the first step in the body’s post-surgical healing process. A large study in the journal Digestive Surgery found that 55% to 100% of women develop adhesions following pelvic surgery. (Liakakos et al., 2001) Thus, many women feel they are in an endless cycle of adhesions-surgery-adhesions – without the lasting relief they expected from surgery.

In short, adhesions, endometriosis, pain and dysfunction are often intimately related. Endometriosis can cause mild to severe pain anywhere in the body, particularly in the pelvis and abdomen. In hundreds of our patients, we have found that the pull of adhesions on pain-sensitive structures is what causes the severe, debilitating pain in women with endo. In addition, endo patients can develop dysfunctions as a result of the adhesions, including poor digestion, irritable bowel and infertility.

What Is Treatment Like?

The “hands-on” work practiced at Clear Passage clinics is designed to reduce or eliminate adhesions, crosslink by crosslink. Our therapists use their hands to palpate the body, detaching the bonds between the individual collagen strands that make up adhesions. Doing so decreases the pull on tissues and structures, reducing pain. Many patients say the treatment feels like a deep massage.

The treatment program begins with a thorough review of the patient’s medical history and a physical evaluation that typically lasts an hour. We explain our findings and encourage any input that the patient wants to share with us. Though not required, we invite the patient’s active participation in treatment. This approach is rooted in our belief that each patient is an expert in her case and history. Our patients often provide key information that enables us to provide optimal treatment.

During the very first hour of treatment, we use our hands to locate adhered tissues in and around the organs, muscles, connective tissues and support structures of the body. We apply gentle, specific pressure to affected areas to reduce adhesions and return mobility, tone and function.

Once we treat the adhesions, women with endometriosis experience great pain relief. Per published studies, we see decreases in menstrual, intercourse and ovulation pain – and improvements in sexual function, including desire, lubrication and orgasm. Because adhesions often prevent proper function of the reproductive organs, women we treat for endometriosis have a high success rate becoming pregnant. By treating adhesions naturally, we decrease pain, improve function and help women avoid drugs and surgery.




To learn more about our treatment for endometriosis and schedule a phone consultation with an expert therapist at no cost, please call (352) 336-1433

or visit www.clearpassage.com.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Ann Marie

    Thanks Melissa 🙂 I will look into that. Have you heard good things about this working? Have you had it done?

  2. admin

    Unfortunately they are only in the States at this stage but you could find someone that does abdominal massage Ann Marie 🙂

  3. Ann Marie

    Hi Mel,

    I am interested in this treatment and just wondering if you would know if they do anything like this in Australia.
    I am going in for my first lap soon and I don’t want them to burn it off if found and would rather look into something like this.
    Thanks so much.
    Ann Marie xx

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