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No More Food Restrictions! Are You Free or Do You Feel Deprived?

Stressed and Tired

When I first read about the Endometriosis Diet, I honestly thought someone was mad! There was no way I could ever stick to that kind of thing! No bread! No cheese! No ice-cream! No chocolate! What was the point of living? If I couldn’t have all of these things, then my life was really becoming depressing and besides… endo is bad enough, I should be able to treat myself with these things! Not fair (whiny baby voice)

It is now almost one year of being on the Endo Diet. I have had moments of weakening to certain foods but overall I have done it—have followed the Endo Diet! As much as I hated not being able to gorge on pizza or chocolate cake, I have to admit there are some positives, which perhaps we don’t realize we get with sticking to it:


1. We feel better!

I know this is kinda obvious but isn’t life all about feeling good? I know when I ate all those foods, I just felt lousy. This meant, I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I was always tired and moody and really… not much fun to be around! When we have energy, everything in life becomes so much easier. We have more energy to be creative, to try new things, to pick ourselves up when bad stuff happens… we just cope better with life.


2. We can actually do more!

I know sometimes we think our lives are being restricted with the Endo Diet but the truth is, we are being freed! We are free to run and play and not get tired! We can go cycling or take up kickboxing or anything we like… our bodies no longer restrict us! This is massive! Is sitting on the couch watching movies really that much fun? Wouldn’t you like to try more adventurous things? With an energized body you can do so much more!


3. Our outlook on life changes

For me, the most amazing stuff happens now! I have a much better outlook on life in general. Things are possible and doable. They certainly weren’t when I was wondering how my pain levels were going to be, or how making a certain decision might affect my endo.


4. There are better choices out there!

It is funny but often when women start on the Endo Diet, they think of all the foods they now have to cut out! Why not focus on all the new foods you can explore and try instead? There is a world of amazing foods that have incredible healing qualities. Explore them, taste them and experiment with ideas! There are so many new recipe blog popping up every week. Find them, follow them and try something different.


I know it is hard to start. I found it hard too… but if you do, all these amazing things will happen to you too!

Let me know what you are struggling with and perhaps I can help.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Yes sweetheart! Heaps of us do! It makes a huge difference 🙂 Just stick with it and you will get there.

  2. Teyarna

    I’ve been on the diet for four weeks so far (natropath has put me on it for 8 weeks) and no relief what so ever right now. Does everyone get relief from this diet :/ please reply.

    I’ve tried everything medically, the doctors have no idea what to do anymore and my Natropath said that its going to be very hard to treat but shes hoping the diet will work.

    Im kinda on the verge of thinking nothing will work. I’ve been suffering non stop for almost 6 years with no relief from pain. I’m also 18 so most of my teen years have been wasted.

    Please reply <3

  3. all right!thanks, it s just so hard to know what s worth trying and what s not…thank you for all your help.

  4. Megan

    Great post! So true and it is a great way to look at it. I feel so much better after starting the endo diet! 🙂 Instead of looking at the diet as restrictive, I try to look at is as an opportunity to try new things / recipes. I really don’t feel deprived on the diet and I feel great. 🙂

  5. Hi France, Most foods are oestrogenic. I would just avoid the ones that have very high estrogen content like flax and soy products. It is not possible to cut them all out 🙂

  6. Melissa

    That is awesome Amber! Grumpyness is no fun! Brilliant steps so far and you are so close already 🙂

  7. Amber

    I’ve been drinking an all fruit smoothie every morning to replace cereal and milk and eating a big salad everyday at lunch to replace the usual sandwich. I can feel a difference already. I’ve been thinking about and planning to go on the endo diet for about a year now and I’m getting closer and closer to taking the plunge! I plan to do a three day juicing fast/detox soon too. I’m supposed to go in for another surgery soon but am hoping that maybe I can heal myself this time. And I am so ready to stop feeling crummy all the time and start living my life!

  8. Melissa

    Hi Jane,
    My top three would unfortunately include gluten 🙂 Bread is in everything we eat and it is soooo bad for endo. If you can replace bread with salads, you will do wonders for your body.

  9. Jane

    Hi Melissa:
    I am struggling with the whole gluten free. I can avoid wheat and really cut out almost all dairy. But gluten sneaks in to so many foods. If you could suggest 3 things to eliminate what would they be . Your top 3

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