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Why do we experience Nausea with Endometriosis?

I’ve had a few questions about nausea in the last week and thought I would share some insights about it and how you can possibly reduce the experience. I know I used to experience nausea all the time and it is just horrible!

Explaining Nausea for you…

To explain nausea, I am going to use a simply metaphor of a river in a nature. In a normal scenario, we have a flow that comes into the body and flows through the liver to be cleansed and purified to then be absorbed into the body. It would be like having a filter in our river example. The liver is our filter and would pick up any particles that weren’t ideal for the body and flush them away, through our digestive system. The liver generally does a great job of this and will cope fairly well with working on processing toxins that come through.

The trouble occurs however when the liver is being overworked and doesn’t have enough capacity to process all the toxins that come through. This generally occurs because there is a backlog of toxins, which the liver has to process. In our river example, it could be that there is suddenly an oil spill or there is a bunch of rubbish being thrown into the river. Over time, the filter stops working or gets blocked up. Suddenly, the nice flowing river turns into this thick sludgy mess and there are a bunch of things that need to be cleaned up. Things don’t get processed properly, the filter stops working and stagnation occurs. The result of this is generally a feeling of nausea as the liver simply has too much to do and not enough capacity to process it all and it all turns into a big fat sludgy mess!

It’s a simple metaphor but I hope it explains things fairly easily.

So what is contributing to all that sludgy stuff?

In our modern day lives we are already exposed to a bunch of toxins through our environment – think of car fumes, air pollution from factories and toxins in the air. We then compound the level of toxins by adding in things that make more sludgyness.

Here is the sludgyness contributors:

  • Foods which are rich in bad fats like trans fats, deep fried foods and oils which have been heated to oblivion. Yes, that means any food that comes from a take-away place and particularly deep fried fries!
  • Foods which contain plenty of white processed sugar. The liver hates too much glucose with a passion! It has to process it and store it for later use and in most cases, we have plenty of it! It particularly hates the processed variety – you know that white flowing stuff we put into our tea/coffee three or four times a day! That stuff is just a sludge-making machine!
  • Preservatives, additives, fake foods and ingredients. If it has a number on the box, your liver has to process it. If it sounds funny and like something you can’t pronounce, your liver has to process it. Just stay away from anything that comes in a box and your liver will have less work to do!
  • Drugs and pain-killers. Just read the fine print label and you will know that these things contribute to poor liver health.
  • The contraceptive pill and other hormone treatments. This one plays havoc on your liver health as all of those synthetic hormones are a massive workload for your liver to process. Scare yourself on what the contraceptive pill does to the liver by reading this document.
  • Passed on sludge from poor gut health. If your gut is struggling, then it is pushing all of that toxicity onto your liver. Every nasty bacteria, fungal overgrowth like Candida is causing excess toxins which inevitably land up within your liver’s inbox. More work which generally means more sludge.
  • Angry emotions. The Chinese connect poor liver health with strong feelings of anger. Is there stuff you haven’t dealt with that makes you feel super angry? Imagine an angry worker – do you think they get much done? The same applies to your liver. Allow stuff to be let go, forgive and move on. Holding onto anger doesn’t serve you or your poor liver!

So what can you do about it?

  1. Avoid the things that contribute to poor liver health. Read more here and here.
  2. Support your digestive and liver health with healthy food choices. When in doubt eat plenty of dark leafy greens. You honestly can’t go wrong with just eating & drinking those three times a day. Make a Kale smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a hot salad on a bed of greens for dinner. Just get that green stuff in cos that is what cleanses up the mucky and sludgy stuff and helps your liver.
  3. Get off the contributors to poor liver health – yes, that means the pain-killers and the contraceptive pill and any other hormone treatments you may be on. They are all contributing which is why you feel so nauseous all the time! You can manage endo without them and your body will thank you for it!
  4. Help your liver out. You can take Milk Thistle Seed capsules and Schisandra Berry Powder to help your liver detoxify all that muck up easier. Calcium D Glucarate will also help identify the synthetic hormones and help flush them out faster for you. Drinking regular cups of a lemon/ginger drink (made with real lemons and ginger) will greatly enhance detoxification and liver cleansing.
  5. Release feelings of anger and resentment. Learn to be grateful for what you have and let go of the thoughts and emotions that trigger anger, feelings of not having enough, not being good enough or resenting someone else for something.


But, I only started feeling really nauseous since changing to a healthy diet and lifestyle!

I’ve seen this happen and it totally sucks! Women decide they want to get healthy and want to clean up their body and they just get higher levels of nausea. Wondering why?

What we are doing when we begin to clean things up is we are dragging through all the sludge and moving it about- stirring things up, so to speak! Just like our river example… we are pulling up gunk that may have been sitting still without being disturbed for a long time. This means, initially it might mean the sludgy mess comes up to the surface more and the nausea intensifies more.

Increase the greens in your day and particularly focus on those early mornings – start each morning with warm water and lemon – and ride the wave until it passes.

I promise it can pass and I promise that it is worth it. Think about how much happier your liver will be when it no longer has to deal with sludge and gunk on a constant basis. You will notice it in your skin, your hair, your joints and your mental clarity! Of course, it will also give you better hormone balance and alleviate so many of the associated symptoms you experience with having endometriosis.

Big hugs for taking this journey and for trusting your body and it’s ability to heal. It will reward you. I promise 🙂

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Hi Fiona,

    So sorry I didn’t see your comment until now but my mom died so wasn’t reading all the comments on my blog for a few months. I hope you were able to get relief. I would explore the gut and the health of your gut flora. There is plenty of research to suggest that fibromyalgia can be alleviated with good and powerful probiotics. The other alternative is to have a fecal implant done. It sounds gross but it could resolve your lifelong struggles.
    The pill won’t resolve anything. It just hides the symptoms and would make your gut flora much much worse.
    The nausea also indicates poor liver health to me but I would explore possible triggers for this. Perhaps mould in the home or previous expose to lead or mercury?
    Let me know how you are doing…

  2. fiona

    Hello, I am 45 year old female with a history of endometriosis. Five years ago had it removed. I do know it can grow back hence my email. I also have fibromyalgia. my biggest issue is constant nausea, mostly in the mornings and now worse when my period started like today. Periods are erratic and I’m continuely spotting throughout the month. Lower back pain also bothering me. I am gluten/dairy intolerant so eat extremely bland. I see a good naturopath who helps with the liver. I’m seeing my gynaecologist in two weeks after having a smear test next week. I really feel my endometriosis has returned but she has suggested the pill in previous appointments and I refuse this.Please do you have any questions you feel I should ask at my appointment as I’m so over this and getting dismissed. Thankyou

  3. Jeannette

    I was prescribed the pill to help with endo?


  4. Anonymous

    The pill and also mierena coil is only thing stop me bleeding from endo.. otherwise i loose so much blood i was on the verge of becoming anemic

  5. Anonymous

    Hello ~ I have been throwing up constantly on my car ride home from work. I carry a plastic bag in my purse. I sometimes would stop at McDonald’s and get a grilled chicken southwest salad. That would make me throw up. I am going to only eat organic vegetables…maybe even the lettuce at fast food restaurants don’t agree with me. I will also detox my liver as much as possible since I have a slightly elevated bilirubin. Thx for the advice.

  6. Melissa

    I am so glad I could sway you off coming off the pill 🙂 It is not something we want to take lightly.

  7. Melissa

    Pleasure Sarai. Anything to help 🙂

  8. Sarai

    Thank you for this post. I battle nausea often. I am on the depo shot for the endo and I am afraid you at off of it but also afraid to stay on it. I want to heal my body but I feel cornered by the options or lack thereof.

    The warm water lemon in the morning is a great suggestion and I will up the greens for sure also

    Thanks again

  9. Akemseh mirabel

    Am blessed reading this particular post, at times I feel nausea to an extend that I begin suspecting some foods as being the course. Expecially foods prepared with unhealthy fatty oil. But after reading the article I became certained with the the courses and what to do. Most importantly the organ to target. Thanks

  10. mindy

    thanks for this article. i needed the boost to keep on the path – been contemplating if I should just go back to the pill b/c nothing else is working again and sometimes all the side effects might seem worth it – until I read something like this….

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