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This Stuff Isn’t Medically Proven! 5 Reasons Why Natural Methods for Endometriosis Are Unlikely to Be Proven!

Omega 3

When I first started this blog I became very aware of the difference between the medical means and the holistic means of healing. They seemed so vastly different in their approach. When I do research on the subject of healing for Endometriosis there always seems to be same suggestions out there on the medical sites. They say things like: Endometriosis cannot be cured, the first method is a laparoscopy, the second is a hormonal treatment…

I have had a number of people argue for the strength of validity of providing natural methods for healing Endometriosis. They say: it is not medically proven to work. It got me thinking… why is it that natural or holistic methods are not suggested for Endometriosis more and why can’t it be medically proven? I have come across many people who have managed to heal themselves completely from Endometriosis and even worse conditions such as cancer, so why can’t we prove these methods work?

Here are the 5 Reasons I reckon it is so hard to prove:

1. We are not testing one drug or tablet or supplement.

I know when I first found out about maca or other recommended natural treatments I thought I could just take that one supplement and then things should get better. Unfortunately, natural treatments just don’t work that way. The body needs to be ready to absorb the nutrients and supplements we give it first. Here is an example. I started taking turmeric a few months ago. I was having it in a tablet form and even tried it in the powder form. When I went to the loo, things were well… bright yellow. I thought that was odd until I realized that my body was simply not absorbing the turmeric. I started to wonder if it was perhaps the way that I was taking the turmeric but it didn’t seem to make a difference when I drank it or tinctured it or took it in any other form available. While this was going on, my digestion was not great. It was generally runny and it seemed to be causing cramps. I needed to fix the digestion issue first. So, I took some olive leaf extract and oregano oil for about a month and tried turmeric again. This time I had no signs that it was simply coming out the other side. So, the point is, even though we know turmeric is a fabulous healer and anti-inflammatory for Endo, there is no point in taking it if the body is not ready and prepared to absorb it.

This holds true for any supplement in their natural form. We can’t eat junk food, eat heaps of sugar and counteractive foods and drinks and still expect the body to absorb the nutrients we feed it.

Drugs work differently. They are much more measurable for a specific symptom. You give someone a specific drug to treat high blood pressure, you can measure their blood pressure before taking the drug, you give them the drug and then you measure the blood pressure afterwards and it has gone down. You have a headache, chances are a headache tablet will make it go away.

Natural supplements work by working with the body to heal it. So, you might take turmeric for Endometriosis but in actual fact it is reducing inflammation all over the body, it is healing all sorts of things in one go, which it does with other minerals and vitamins it needs to get from other sources—a good diet.


2. Time frames

When we measure a specific method of healing for Endometriosis using drug treatments, it is usually over a much shorter time frame. Women are given hormonal treatments and they usually notice an improvement within 2 months of being on the treatment. This makes us think it must be working and is a good option.

Natural treatments take AGES… in some cases years to show their true effect. They work within the body and heal the whole body. Remember, we have been mistreating the body for ages, so we can’t expect its turnaround to be super fast either. This makes it hard to measure because it is not as quantifiable and there are so many variable factors that come into it.


3. Variable factors

There are so many influencers to natural healing. Our bodies change as we age. We might have babies in between healing, get to menopause and these variables make the success of natural treatments questionable to the medical associations. How can we say we have healed ourselves from Endometriosis when perhaps we have simply changed the hormone levels in the body? Where we live, what we do for work, what we eat, how we cope with stress… so many variables to healing and to measure.


4. Lots of little things come together

When we heal with natural methods we don’t just take one thing or do one thing to heal. We approach our healing from so many different angles. We heal emotionally, physically do more exercise and eat differently. We then add a variety of herbs and treatments to the mix to achieve our healing. This is almost impossible to quantify. We can’t go… right, if you do 30 minutes of exercise per day, take this supplement at this time, with this food and these drinks, then you will be healed. It is not the same for everyone. Some of us have heaps of fat stores in our body or we might have better digestion than someone else. We might have more personal emotional stuff we have to clear… etc. So, how can that all be measured? Well, it is almost impossible to measure.


5. We are not focusing our energies on one problem alone

To heal the body completely we can’t just focus on this one area. Why do we have the hormonal imbalance? What caused us to get Endometriosis? These are more important questions and will allow us to get to the root cause of the disease. We don’t just focus on the uterus, ovaries and women’s bits to do that. We look at everything. The whole body, the environment we live in, the mind and the surroundings of where we are. These combined heal the body and not just looking at one little area in the body where the problem lies.


I know on some level it is easier to trust in medically proven drugs to heal. We have been taught that these methods have at least been tested and measured. The sad thing is, they test many drugs on rats, monkeys and pigs which is pretty scary. They also only test and measure things for a short time, usually a few years before releasing these drugs. The biggest thing to note is that drugs are focused on one problem, one area of the body and they measure only that problem. That is why they all have side effects. They don’t consider all the other organs and how they might affect them. They also focus solely on SYMPTOMS.


What are drugs anyways?


Drugs were originally designed with some good thought behind them. They essentially worked out that a particular nutrient or element within a plant or herb were good for treating a specific ailment. So, they extracted that “good bit” out of the plant and made it into a tablet. Sounds alright really, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the plant actually knows what it is doing in having that one nutrient in the plant and not in separate chunks. See, the plant has all the nutrients and vitamins in it to counteract the side effects of the “good bit” you are trying to get and to help the body absorb it better. Just like you know that when you take calcium supplements you need to take it with vitamin D.

Once the drug people worked out that these drugs did actually work and treat a specific symptom, it was easy! They then got more advanced in their research and decided they could genetically modify and create further drugs. Hey, they worked too! Brilliant!


Meantime, they are now starting to make an absolute fortune “helping people” with their symptoms.


The reality is that drugs treat symptoms of the body and not the real cause of conditions. The body has elevated blood pressure for a reason. It has diabetes for a reason. It has cancer for a reason. It has Endometriosis for a reason. These are not simply conditions that form because some nasty cloud has decided to land in our laps. No, there is an imbalance in the body which has caused these conditions. When we take drugs to “treat” these conditions, we are simply masking symptoms and never really getting the real cause of the condition.

Though many of us still believe that “as long as the pain goes away, I don’t care”, the sad reality is that by masking the symptoms we are not ever truly healing but simply driving the body into further and further imbalances.


On a positive note… natural healing is becoming more and more sought after as more and more websites, like mine, are springing up all over the web. There is more and more evidence of people who are healing themselves naturally. There are more and more books out there. Have you noticed how much more “going natural” is trending? Our cereals bars never used to have the words “natural” on them. That is because the public are becoming more and more aware of natural healing and demanding natural sources of food.

Go and check out this site and you will open your eyes to a whole world of natural healing.






Just keep searching and finding great sites like these and you will find the natural path to healing! :Feel free to share them with me as I love reading these sites for ideas and inspiration!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Anonymous

    A lot of my colleagues study natural products and their effects on disease, BUT even if they publish their results I feel like allopathic doctors won’t use the information because a lot of times allopathic doctors get their information from big pharma reps…it’s a viscous, sickening cycle.

  2. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Adina! If only all those people were recorded somewhere easy to find 🙂

  3. Adina

    I personally think that things are not “medically proven/scientifically proven” ’cause there is no money for Big Pharma if people are well. Industry doesn’t make a killing if we treat unbalanced bodies with real food. Healing is possible and happens all the time from all sorts of horrible things that are “incurable”

  4. Melissa

    Excellent! I shall do some research and share it with everyone to try 🙂

  5. Wend

    I make a lot of my own products. I don’t like to cook but I like making personal care products LOL I make lipglosses, shampoo, even toothpaste & of course using baking soda & vinegar for cleaning. Even use Neem for a flea/ tick/ mosquito repellant that’s safe for humans & pets, AND use Neem for the garden! They are SOOO easy to make.

  6. Melissa

    Wow! You make your own lotions! That is fabulous! Do share some of the recipe’s 🙂
    Aloe Vera is my solution to all of the above. I read that it is great for all sorts of skin conditions.

  7. Wend

    That’s funny how you say you cut out clothes’ labels! I always do that too! They drive me crazy LOL
    I had asked our Naturopath & she doesn’t do a gluten test per se but looks at the hands & can tell. I don’t know ‘bout that one. Like for me, I have dry skin, hair, & nails. Tons of hangnails. That could mean anything. I know for me, it’s ‘cos I don’t absorb enough nutrients ‘cos of endo & the digestive issues. I make my own lotion balms, eat mostly organic, yet still have dryness.

  8. Melissa

    Hey Wend. Apparently drinking lemon with the peel on is good to. I usually do this anyways – just plonk a slice in a cup of hot water. The peel actually reduces oestrogen by helping the liver flush out stuff more.
    I have heard those gluten tests can be quite costly. I decided to perform my own gluten test – I didn’t eat it for two weeks and then ate a whole heap in one go. I felt absolutely nasty! Headaches, bloating, floaty head, diarrhea – well what better test can you get than that?
    I can’t say my skin hurt but it has always been very sensitive. I hate labels on clothes and always cut them off! I found when I took painkillers, I used to get itchy really easily.

  9. Wend

    That is interesting ‘bout lemon juice being alkaline. I had read info on alkaline/ acid & how cancer & diseases can’t thrive in an alkaline body (my mom has a rare form of breast cancer so been searching for info to help her too).
    For heartburn, I learned from my dad to take a tablespoon or so of baking soda in a glass of water & drink it. It makes you sick at first but does relieve the pressure. I’ll try the lemon juice one next time. Tastes better LOL
    Gluten is another one I am looking into. My mom is sensitive & noticed when she cut out bread & the like, she feels ‘better’. I’m going to ask our naturopath if they do a gluten sensitive test. If it’s cheap enough, will try to convince my husband to get one done too.
    Cutting out dairy & soy has made my stomach flat too. It’s a nice feeling! Had that continual bloat for so long. When you had your bloat, did your ‘skin’ hurt? I would have to fold down my waistband ‘cos I swear it felt like my skin was hurting.

  10. Melissa

    Hi Wend,
    Great to have you commenting! 🙂 It is awesome when those little changes make such an instant effect isn’t it?
    I personally can’t eat oranges either – definitely too acidic! Lemon Juice is actually an alkaline – I know it is hard to believe but it is 🙂 When you have heartburn next time try lemon juice. It works every time!
    Maybe look at Gluten as a culprit too. I have got no bloating since I cut that one out 🙂 My stomach feels so wonderful and flat and hollow now! 🙂
    Glad you like the site and that you like my no mumbo jumbo approach – loved your explanation on that one!

  11. Melissa

    Thanks I have added it to the list 🙂

  12. Wend

    Oh, I forgot to add another site you girls can visit. I too enjoy Mercola & FoodMatters. Visit http://www.naturalnews.com for some wonderful natural articles.

  13. Wend

    I’ve been getting your newsletters & vids for awhile now but haven’t posted yet. I thought I’d start now. I have endo too & can really relate to your articles. I like that you talk plainly where we can understand it. No mumbo jumbo.
    This is along the lines of this article, how I explain the difference between a Naturopath vs regular doctor & why I won’t see reg. docs anymore (unless for emergencies)- It’s to focus on the solution rather than the problem. Reg. docs don’t treat the underlying symptoms i.e. if you stub your toe on a chair, they treat the toe. Whereas a naturopath treats the chair (aka MOVES it!).
    May help dull the pain a bit but doesn’t take care of the problem. Just “postpones” it.
    Another article you had wrote was ‘bout eating healthy is different from eating for endo. That really stood out for me. I’ve been eating more & more organic but still got pains. I drank raw milk. I’ve cut out dairy as well as soy & I don’t have that continual digestive bloat. Tho it’s hard to cut those things out.
    I do have scar tissue which creates digestive issues as I’m sure some of you can relate. But even some healthy foods bother me. I have to eliminate oranges, grapefruit & recently watermelon! as they all bloat me. I ate them on an empty stomach ‘cos that is what another girl w/ endo said (she was big into the alkaline diet). I thought it was the acid in the first two but doesn’t explain why lemon juice doesn’t bother me LOL Gotta be different I guess!
    But thought I pipe in & let you know your articles are being read AND they are very appreciated!

  14. Melissa

    It is always a hard topic to have with a doctor. Makes things interesting 🙂
    I wish we could find a way to measure holistic methods more and have proven documentation on it. There will be some soon I am sure as more and more people lean towards this way of healing.

  15. Tani

    Hi Melissa, thanks for this entry. Here in the UK, the NHS does some amazing work for us. My surgeon and GP are highly intelligent, skilled and open minded doctors.
    Recently, the argument that was given for ending treatments such as homeopathy on the NHS was “it is not evidence based” (and therefore a waste of tax payers money).
    I found this argument interesting because patient experience is that soft treatments such as counselling or complementary therapies are actually quite difficult to get access to. And our NHS is currently facing a bit of a dilemma; the lack of research in to causes, the focus on symptom supression, long term dependancy on increasingly expensive drugs, means that the NHS will not be able to sustain the chronically ill (such as women with endo) in the manner it currently is. So, it makes me ask the question, is the status quo actually abit of a false economy? I love your point about medical treatments only being trialled for a set amount of time- there is no long term follow up. So it really depends what one views as evidence, doesn’t it.

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