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How to See Results with Your Natural Healing Journey Faster

I know for me, it is easy to commit to change now. I never could before. I was one of those people who could never “stick to anything”. Whether it was the gym or saying daily affirmations or yes, a diet… I just didn’t stick to it. It was too hard and on some weird level it felt restrictive to my creative spirit… or perhaps that is what I told myself. Thing is, when I decided to change my lifestyle and what I ate with endometriosis, it was different. I wasn’t doing it for reasons of vanity, to look good or to lose weight. I wanted to feel normal. Just normal. To me, that meant just not experiencing pain each day.

I am sure, if you have stumbled onto my blog, this is exactly what you want too. You just want to feel normal. You are happy to experience the odd pain day or even just pain with your period. You just want to be able to function and not to have endometriosis be the predominant force behind everything.

Trouble is, choosing this natural path to healing isn’t easy. The main reason it isn’t easy is that you automatically become an “odd ball”. You have to stand out to do things differently. You have to eat differently to what is “normal”. You have to request things and be “difficult”. This takes some guts and some determination and yes, some belief that it actually makes a difference.

So, though I can promise you that it does make a difference and that you will feel better, you might not believe me enough to confront those challenges or you might start to doubt it, if you are not getting the results fast enough. Fair enough.

Well, I thought I would show you how you can get results faster.


1. Focus on that last week

Though we should ideally change our diets and eliminate all the “trigger foods” on an overall scale, there is one week which is more important than the rest. It is the week before your period. See, this is the week where your uterus builds up its lining and gathers all the toxins from your body and it releases them along with your monthly. It is also when your body produces those prostaglandins, which aid or reduce clotting and inflammation. So, you want to be super strict in this last week of your monthly cycle. The most important ones to completely eliminate are sugars and stimulants like caffeine.

I know it is often counter-intuitive as we often crave sugars a few days before our monthly. So, up the intake of cinnamon and fermented foods during that week and your cravings for sugars will be reduced.

Also, increase the amount of omega 3 oil you are getting in your diet that week. That means, upping your krill oil or omega 3 oil to double or triple the amount. This makes an amazing difference to pain levels!


2. Cut out gluten and even grains

When I first heard about the connection between gluten and endometriosis, I was shocked. I had no idea how much this interfered with my mineral absorption and my pain levels. Hey girl, I know this is a tough one! I also know that it is totally worth it! You will feel an instant improvement with your pain and your digestion by cutting out gluten.

Replace your breads and cereals with chia seed pudding (google it) and heaps and heaps of vegetable salads. You can eat a MASSIVE salad with broccoli and potato and other vegetables to make it super filling and delicious.

Avoid the gluten free products because they are likely to contain sulphites which can cause worse reactions than just the endo pain.


3. Get some Serrapeptase

I don’t want you to think that any supplement is the answer to endometriosis. It is just not possible for one supplement to be enough to get rid of endometriosis completely but… Serrapeptase is super at cleaning up the mess from endometriosis. This stuff actually eats away dead cells from endometriosis. It is amazing and works wonders!

You still need to use diet and lifestyle within the amazing puzzle of natural healing to correct the imbalances and to get your body functioning normally.


4. Change your mindset

You’ve heard of the placebo effect? It basically indicates that patients feel better on a tablet/injection made of water or that have no active ingredients to physically make them feel better. So, according to that theory, if you believe something strong enough, you can feel better. Right? So, why not tell yourself each day that you are feeling better? Tell yourself that you are strong and that you can feel lighter, that your body is healing, that you are invincible. Why not allow yourself to believe in something as wonderful as true health?

Perhaps we fear actually allowing ourselves to go there. Perhaps we have been told so many negative things about endometriosis that we have blocked any potential. Perhaps we are simply comfortable with being “the sick one”. I know I quite liked being the “sick one”. It got me heaps of attention!

Start to change your mindset. Start to acknowledge what you say to yourself each day. Are you repeating to yourself that you are sick? Are you looking for signs of improvement? Are you looking for signs that things are getting better or worse?

Getting a diary really helps with this—it shows you a starting point of just how far you have come!

We have to remember that we have taken years to get to this place where we are. All the decisions you have made in the past have added to your health or taken away from it. This could be in various different forms—from the foods you may have eaten, to your emotional health and even down to the way we perceive ourselves and whether we can accept ourselves and love ourselves properly. Add up the years and the time it has taken to be where you are now.

Now ask yourself how long your journey to rectify those imbalances has been? Has it really been that long by comparison to where you have traveled before now?

I know patience was one I could never stick to either. I always wanted everything yesterday. Truth is, I have honestly enjoyed my journey and I want you to enjoy it too. Just take the steps mentioned above but really explore this amazing expansive ability to heal. Your body is super intelligent and knows what to do. You just need to figure out where it needs a little help.

Treat it like an adventure. An exploration. Figure things out. Learn. Research and most of all, listen to what your body is telling you.

You can get there. You can feel better.


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Kristy

    Melissa, this is the first time I read or heard about Serrapeptase. Could you please tell me more. I looked it up and would love to hear you expound on it. Also, how much do you take and when… do you take it the week before, during or after or all month??? Thanks for your help!

  2. Melissa

    Thank you Rachael. That is lovely to hear 🙂

  3. Rachael

    Melissa, thank you for being such a sweet blessing and help to so many 🙂 Your optimism is felt through your writing and is so encouraging

  4. Natalie

    Wow thank you sooooo much for all this wonderful information.
    I have now, after years of suffering, been diagnosed with endo. Although it feels good to have a diagnosis it does not feel good having endo…!
    I have now started the endo diet but it is a mind field, it took me 3 hours to do my weekly shop and triple the amount in money! Then when I got home and re read the labels some of the food had a footnote of ….”contains gluten”
    so I sat on the kitchen floor with a cup of green bloody tea and sobbed.
    I’m now watching my children eating the remains of their Easter eggs….!
    This is going to be hard but I am determine to stick to it and rid myself of the hideous pain.
    Thank you for your site, i shall be sure to revisit. Take care xx

  5. sonrie

    I echo you on loving the massive salads – I had one just the other day – instead of thinking they are the only option (especially with friends in some restaurants), of teh a restaurant will customize them for you – add chicken, or veggies, or vinegar and oil dressing…making me hungry just thinking about it.

  6. Melissa

    Pleasure hun and glad you are still listening 🙂

  7. Aubree

    Love this! Mindset is huge — when we believe we can get better this is a very big step! Amazing how things can change when we shift our mind from the negative to the positive. Thank you again for all that you do Mel — you’re always a positive voice and one that has lingered in my head 🙂

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