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Natural Healing: 3 Things You Need to Know before You Get Started!

The other day I received an email from someone who wanted some help with using natural healing for her endometriosis. She expressed to me all the things she was taking and how she had tried various supplements and acupuncture and how though she had experienced some relief, her endometriosis hadn’t really improved that much. She was frustrated and felt very much at a loss with what to do next. She was debating whether all of this “natural stuff” really worked…

I feel like I need to share the answers I shared with her for you too, just in case you have ever felt this or perhaps you are feeling this right now.


1. Supplements don’t cure anything

Since we were young, we were always taught that if we had a pain or a problem that there was a tablet we could take that would make it go away. We could go to a doctor and say, “I have a cold that won’t clear up, what can I take?” We were generally given something that made the pain go away and it made us feel better. It is quite hard to change this way of thinking but unfortunately it is HUGELY important if you want to truly follow the natural healing path.

Often women ask me the same question with endometriosis. “I have pain during sex, what supplement can I take that will make it all go away?” or “What supplements do you recommend for endometriosis?” I am here to tell you there is no one tablet that will make endometriosis go away. There is also no drug that will ever make endometriosis go away, which is where the statement, “There is no cure for endometriosis” ultimately comes from. There is no patented drug that can cure endometriosis, in one tablet.

So what do supplements do then?

Supplements are there to help your body heal itself. They provide a “boost” for the body. So, if you take a particular vitamin or herb in natural ways of healing, you are simply helping the body to heal faster. However, it is important to stress: THE BODY DOES THE WORK and not the supplement!

This is very important to realize. Sometimes it might be that a supplement is not being absorbed by the body. This means that the groundwork needed for this to occur has not happened yet. It doesn’t mean that the “supplement doesn’t work”, it simply means that your body might not be able to absorb its benefits yet.


2. Treat your body with love and it will reward you

Your body needs to be looked after and loved for it to heal. You cannot expect the body to heal when its environment is not designed to do so. It is like expecting a plant to thrive in poor soil, with no sunlight and no water! It just won’t happen. Your body is no different! Give it the things it loves and it will reward you with healing.

What are they?

  • Eat right. Feed your body nutrient rich foods which give it lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • De-stress your mind. Stress is like planting your little flower next to a highway! Find ways  of calming your mind and de-stressing. Yoga, meditation or just walking is often all you need to do.
  • Sleep. Place more emphasis on how you sleep and make sure you go to bed early. This means eating earlier and rising earlier. Aim to be in bed by 10pm and rising by 7/8am. This is your natural sleep pattern.
  • De-clutter. Clutter in your life and in your home creates overstimulation and takes focus away from you. Throw out things you don’t need and retrain your thinking on owning stuff. Chances are you don’t really need any of it and living more simply allows you to focus on what is really important: love, adventure and fun. De-clutter and clean out not just your cupboards and your home but also your friends and contacts—many of them may be creating more clutter than fun.


3. Learning to listen and explore what works for you

I know it can be daunting to choose to use natural methods of healing. I found it daunting initially too. We get so much fear preached into us that we start to doubt our own intuition! Doctors tell us that endo will spread and take over our whole bodies, that we will end up with cancer or that we are risking infertility! It does sound scary and it is easy to see why most endo women decide to just listen to the gyni and take whatever medications, drugs and painkillers they prescribe.

This isn’t to say you need to go at it all on your own! There are many very experienced and professional natural practitioners that can help your body heal. They appreciate the key points I have mentioned above and will know what herbs and remedies to apply at which stage of your body’s healing.

However, it is important that you start to listen and observe your body, regardless of whether you use a natural practitioner or not. Allow those instincts to return and allow yourself to listen to your body. Your body does ultimately know what it needs. It knows how to heal and often we don’t respect its wishes.

Don’t be scared to try things. With natural healing methods, you cannot “break” the body. Your body might react badly or tell you that it is not happy with that choice of supplement but it will not be permanently broken, as is often the case with medicated drugs. It can heal itself again and realign its balance after you stop taking the natural supplement or herb.

I found meditation helped me with this immensely. I was calmer in my decisions for my body and just by taking away the urgency to heal and trusting that the answers would come, they did, and often in places I didn’t expect.


I hope this helps you to recognize the distinct differences with using natural methods of healing. It is quite different and it does require a much more dedicated and disciplined approach. However, if you love your body enough, those steps you take will seem easy and uncomplicated. We all know what our bodies need… we just need to listen, love and feed it, just like our little flower.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Thanks Scinia! Really appreciate that 🙂

  2. Scinia

    Hi Melissa,

    I simply love your approach to healing. You look so much healthier and slimmer compared to your previous pics. Your free e-book is too good. Thanks. Tea made from cummin seeds, fennel seeds and mint are also good to improve pain. Me from India.

  3. Riny

    Thanks Melissa! All your articles are greatly appreciated!! I have four young kids and don’t have much time for research so it’s great having these regular reminders, encouragement and advice from you.

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