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My Vagina Likes This Feeling… Could Yours?

I discovered this technique when I went through a Mayan Massage weekend in London a few years back. I know, I have probably got you thinking of all sorts of weird and wonderful things right now… isn’t curiosity a wonderful thing!Untitled

I am actually talking about something which is really beneficial for our uterus and our womanly bits!

It is called a vagina steam and yes, my vagina really loves it! It feels really cleansing and is perfect to do just after your monthly or if you just feel like giving your little friend a little special treat!

These vagina steams are typically used by Mayan healers and midwives and are also called bojas. Korean healers also use this method and call it chaiyok.

What are they?

A vaginal steam is essentially placing a bowl of steaming hot water filled with herbs under your vagina and allowing that steam to seep into the uterus. The steam carries with it all the beneficial oils from the herbs straight into your uterus.


Why do them?

  • They aid in cleansing the uterus and aid in fertility and fertility issues.
  • The vapor carries the beneficial oils from the herbs into the uterus and vagina.
  • It will aid in circulation and encourage cleansing.


Our vagina has one of the most sensitive and yet absorbent tissues in the body, so it is a great place to absorb beneficial oils!

Vaginal steams have been shown to be incredibly beneficial for stagnant conditions, which is often how Chinese doctors describe Endometriosis. Indicators are of course: thick heavy clots, PMS, cramps and dark blood during menstruation.

Interestingly, vaginal steams have been shown to be beneficial for egg collection and implantation success for pregnancy.


Caution: don’t use during extremely heavy menstrual flows, during your period, during an active infection, open wounds, sores, blisters or if you think you may be pregnant or are pregnant.


Best time to do them?

Between periods or just after your period. Not during your period though.

Best done just before going to bed.


How to do them?

The easiest way to do a vaginal steam is to use your home toilet! You can get a special chair with a hole in the middle but to be honest, the toilet bowl is probably easier anyway!

What you will need:

  • 1 bowl, that fits in the bottom of the toilet (above the water is best) I use a standard glass bowl but you can use ceramic too. Don’t use plastic!Untitled
  • Some blankets to cover yourself
  • 1 cup of dried herbs


My favorite herbs are: marigold, oregano, basil, rosemary, motherwort, chamomile, damiana, dandelion leaf and horsetail. Not all at once but pick 2 or 3 that you like.


The steps for a vaginal steam:

1. Simmer your herbs on the stove for about 10–15 minutes, allowing the herbs to really seep into the water. Make sure you cover the pot with a lid so the good oils don’t evaporate in the process.Untitled

2. Place your bowl into the toilet.

3. Pour the heated herbal mixture into the bowl.

4. Sit on the toilet and test how it feels. If it is too hot for you, then wait until it feels comfortable.

5. Once comfortable, cover yourself with the blankets and use them to block off the steam evaporating. You want that beautiful steam to go up your vagina and nowhere else!

6. Keep yourself nice and warm and enjoy the experience.

7. Steam for around 20–30 minutes.

8. Stay warm for 3–4 hrs afterwards or go straight to bed.

You can do these every 2 weeks.


You really should try it because it feels amazing! The joys of being a woman!

Have you tried this? Feel like sharing? Does your vagina love it too?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Tam

    Oh my goodness! A toilet needs to be scrubbed squeaky clean before allowing your vagina to become even more warm and moist than normal. The amount of bacteria on a toilet is unbelievable – using this method is usually not advised! It’s much better to straddle a bowl and lie in a supported child’s pose. Create a nest and sink in!

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