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Personal Selection: What Should We Use for Our Monthly?

There are so many choices for what we can use for our monthly that go far beyond just the ordinary pad or plug and today I thought I would share the ins and outs (ha ha) of what we can and really should use.

I was shocked to discover that Dioxin (a common ingredient used as a pesticide for cotton) has been proven as a cause of Endometriosis. This innocent little chemical might be a factor when we consider the sensitivity of our vaginal cells and how easily they absorb just about anything we put up there! Those common tampons and pads are made with that very same cotton and to be honest, the cause or not, I am not going to take the risk of having Dioxin anywhere near my vagina, thank you very much!

I also don’t necessarily agree with using tampons (organic or otherwise), which I share in more detail in the video.

WARNING: This is a particularly silly video (so much for my feminine qualities coming out!) LOL! The hat really does go with the outfit…

For all the links I have mentioned in the video, check out:

The link with Monkeys and Dioxin and Endometriosis.

Please note: I made a mistake in the video. The second example of a cup is not called a mooncup but rather a softcup.

The Diva Cup and Mooncup are available on Amazon (follow links to get them). Here is a video on how to use them.

The company that does the washable pads is called Wemoon. They are based in Australia but do ship internationally.

What is your experience with using tampons or pads? Did you find your period got less painful when you stopped using tampons? Have you tried any of the recommendations in the video? Care to share your experience? Do you know others I haven’t heard about?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Juanita

    I actually found out about that this month too. I bought organic pads (throw aways) for my heavy days and ordered some organic re-usable for the month. I received them and have to say that I love them… I got some organic soft soap to clean them and am hoping that this helps my body heal….The company I ordered from what parentingbynature. ca. They have different motifs on them…Mine have little monsters…so cute. Adore them.

  2. Amber

    I’ve read that tampons will soak up the blood that does not flow out, keeping it from retrograding back into the body. What is your opinion on that? Definitely going to get a sample of the cup, thanks!

  3. Kristina

    So great to see this!! I just recently ordered a Lunette cup and am waiting for it to arrive to try it out. I have done a bit of research and a lot of people have said that that using a cup has drastically reduced their period pain… Fingers crossed!

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