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Herbs to Encourage Menstrual Flow

Yarrow for endometriosis

With endometriosis it seems that when that time of the month comes around, it can take forever to actually get started! All of that struggle seems to also add to the cramping and pulsing—probably our bodies trying to get stuff out!

So, here are some herbs that can encourage menstrual flow—also good if you want to encourage labor. Important side note: don’t take these if you are in your first trimester as these herbs can also encourage a miscarriage.


1. Blue cohosh

Though this herb is recommended as one of the top herbs to encourage menstrual flow, I don’t recommend it for endometriosis girls as it has a high estrogenic effect. It might be beneficial to prepare you for labor in the later months though. Other herbs also often recommended include sage and fennel, which I would avoid for the same reason.


2. Raspberry leaf

This is a wonderful herb and aids in strengthening the uterus. It also is high in iron and reduces heavy bleeding. Buy Yogi tea here.


3. Parsley

Parsley has a great cleansing action on the liver and kidneys but is also known as an old remedy for encouraging menstrual flow. Parsley has a high emmenagogue effect—it encourages menstrual flow. Simply drink a teaspoon of chopped parsley in hot water 3–4 times a day.


4. Yarrow

I have recently done an article on this herb and it is exceptional for endometriosis. It contains heaps of benefits for endometriosis sufferers. Check out the article here.


5. Burdock and other liver stimulating herbs

Our liver is responsible for our hormone balance and when it is struggling, it may interfere with our hormones. A delayed period might be caused by an imbalance in our hormones. By stimulating our liver, we can encourage more regular hormone balance.


6. Chamomile

Chamomile is soothing and calming on our system but also encourages menstrual flow. It contains a substance called thujone, which is a uterine stimulant.

The herbs you are looking for are called emmenagogues. This means they encourage menstruation. Here is a great website, with more detailed information on herbs to explore. 

It is a danger to encourage menstruation if you are not sure if you might be pregnant. Check through a confirmed blood test, if there is any doubt you might be pregnant before using any of these.

Have you had a late period and been frustrated by it all? What did you do to encourage menstrual flow? Sometimes we just need a good de-stress!


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Sarah

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m writing to you as after doing some research am totally stumped about what to do. Long story short the endo has spread, I have a mirena and was told that the only solution now would be to have a hysterectomy. I am 33 and have had all of my children however I do not want this. I settled on stronger pain killers tramadol which work sometimes however the side effects are almost as bad!

    I have decided to try and make more dietary and lifestyle changes and brought some raspberry leaf tea which I enjoyed today. But now doing the research I am finding conflicting information for and against it just like for tang quei which I used to take before I was diagnosed. I was wondering if you had any advice as I will do everything in my power to not have a hysterectomy, much to everyones annoyance. They seem to think I’m being stubborn and a martyr but I quite like my body parts LOL.
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Sarah 🙂

  2. Belinda

    Hi Melissa, have you heard of Susun Weed? She is an advocate for herbal infusions and tinctures, particularly oatstraw, red raspberry, nettle and comfrey. You can join a free online course and learn more about these herbs and how they help women through childbearing and menopausal years. There is also a website and forum where you can get a ton of free information.

  3. Marie Ayres via Facebook

    Yarrow is also available as an essential oil, although it is quite expensive. I wonder what it smells like…

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