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Mel’s New Tea Recommendations for Endometriosis

It has been super exciting to start my degree in naturopathy and discovering all about herbs and what can truly heal and help the body. I am learning so much!

So, I created a super new tea for us to drink, which contains my two favorite ingredients, for right now!

1. Nettle

Recently I discovered the incredible healing benefits of nettle tea. I had known that nettle was a great option to incorporate from developing my Food Healing Journey course but it was only when I read about it in my herbal studies book that I learnt just how amazing it can be!

The areas that were particularly interesting with relation to Endometriosis:

  • It decreases inflammation in the body and assists in the elimination function;
  • Reduces irritation in the urinary tract and is a natural diuretic—this is great if you suffer from interstitial cystitis;
  • Rich in silicon which is great for the skin (if you are prone to breakouts with Endo;
  • Using the root of the plant has been shown to inhibit aromatase conversion. (in other words, the ability to absorb progesterone creams etc would be improved); and
  • It aids in the stimulation of T-Cell Lymphocytes, our immune system! This is a great thing for Endo!


2. Pau D’Arco

I have mentioned this herb before but it is one of my favorites. This is actually taken from the bark of a tree and is primarily used to reduce fungal infections in the body. However, because Endometriosis is often linked to candida overgrowth and because this bark has a lovely sweet taste, it is a great combination to make tea.

This tea will also help Endo:

  • It contains quercetin. Quercetin has incredible healing properties, including anti-inflammatory properties, immune supporting and chemo-protective qualities. There was a study done which indicated that quercetin can actually reduce lesions in mice! Check it out.
  • It protects us from any cancers and inhibits tumor growths. This is great for anyone with a family history of breast cancer or other estrogen-dominant conditions.
  • Reduces inflammatory responses in the body.
  • Reduces any fungal and bacterial infections or overgrowths significantly.
  • Boosts red blood cell production—great if you have lost a lot of blood during your monthly.


How to make it?

Just combine equal amounts of each (roughly 1 tablespoon of each) and let it seep for 10 minutes. Drink warm or cold.

Got any more ideas for fabulous tea ingredients to add? Would love to hear from you!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Laura

    Why cant i see whats in it?

  2. Madeleine

    HI Mel,
    I am really interested in trying this tea. I used to drink pau d’arco a few years ago but I was told on a gut healing group that it will wipe out good bacteria along with killing the bad bugs. Is this true? I stopped drinking it because I didn’t want to wipe out the good bugs. What do you think?

  3. Lana

    Hi Mel,

    Have been having a problem with episodes of extreme pain around my urethra/vulva in the last 2 months, and have just started nettle tea and waiting for Uti-clear to arrive. I have felt a bit better with the tea, maybe its psychological, but I will keep going and thank you for the tip. I noticed a few years back we had a discussion about bladder issues and you said that you have a tsp of bi-carb soda each night and it helps clear up your symptoms, just wondering if you still do that? Do you still experience urinary/cystitis symptoms? and how do you deal with that now days? Best regards


  4. Denise

    I am going to try that tea….can’t wait. I have been taking a tea made with ginger, lemon and turmeric for the past two months and it is super awesome.

  5. Melissa

    That is amazing Andrea and thanks for sharing. I heard that if you add some Goji Berries or Schisandra Berries to Chaga tea it can make it much more palatable 🙂

  6. Andrea

    Thanks Mel! I am very familiar with both those teas. My current favourite is chaga – I make a big crock pot of it and use it over the following few days. I found out about chaga from you and I love it! The taste isn’t anything super special, but I find something so comforting about it. I also use red raspberry leave tea as it’s so full of so many vitamins and minerals and a great tonic for the reproductive area.

    Previously when I had horizontal ridges in my nails (sign of nutritional deficiency) drinking a combination of nettle and red raspberry leaf cleared it right up. Just think about how our insides are affected.

  7. Fae Lane

    Awesome tea’s Mel , both my duaghter and I have been having a cup a day of the Pau d Arco 🙂 just love the taste and we both just feel so much better.

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