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Mel’s Introduction to Yoga for Endometriosis

Well, one of my subscribers asked me about how to start Yoga – 😉 You know who you are! I thought this could help all of us get into Yoga. As you can see by the video, it is super easy and really not all that advanced! This is all I do every morning and it makes a huge difference to how I feel each day. It lifts your spirits, calms you down and helps with digestion and endometriosis.

It was filmed at my new home – in Queenstown New Zealand… just beautiful!

Once you have done these poses for a little while, you will feel stronger and more capable of exploring more Yoga poses. There are so many to add! Just enjoy it. This is not a competition and every pose is designed to be enjoyed, with deep breathing and concentration on how your body feels.

Hope you like it and it encourages you to take it up!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Melissa! You are funny! I was hoping that it would encourage us girls to do Yoga – even if we are not super flexy! Hope you are doing well 🙂

  2. Melissa K

    Cool video! What a gorgeous setting. It is nice to see someone who is lovely and normal demonstrating yoga, and not an insanely flexible person who I could never be like :). What I mean is, your video made me feel good that I can go at my own pace. (My body keeps reminding me to go at my own pace by creating yoga-pain, but I sometimes choose to feel the burn instead of listening! Silly!)

  3. Melissa

    Wow! I am the opposite – always scared it’s gonna show 🙂

  4. Allannah Law

    Thanks gorgeous, I get into a “white” mood at that time!

  5. Melissa

    That is awesome! I have been wanting to do Yoga with my period for ages and always feel like I can’t! This is perfect – not too much and I look forward to trying it next month! 🙂 Love the outfit too 🙂

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