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How I Knew I Was Magnesium Deficient and What Actually Worked… Not Tablets

I was experiencing a very strange phenomenon for the last 4 cycles. I would experience my monthly and a few days afterwards, I would always get extreme tension in my shoulders and neck. The first couple of months I just put it down to sleeping funny or doing something strange in my exercise regimen but when it started to be a recurring pattern, it really struck me that something was off kilter.

Initially, I tried the usual ointments and rubs to alleviate the tension but ultimately they didn’t seem to help that much. I would get a barring headache after the second day of intense neck pain and there was nothing that would alleviate it, except those nasty painkillers. I knew something had to be done to fix it! So, off I went exploring better options…

What I found interesting was that the cycle of neck pain and tension seemed to correlate with my monthly, which made me recognize that it was something related to my hormones and what they might be lacking. I began to increase my omega 6 intake with krill oil and eat more chia seeds than I had been. It seemed to help my brain function and clarity but no, the following month the pain returned, just as randomly as the month before.

I then stumbled on an article when I was researching Magnesium and came across some research which suggested that the body uses more magnesium in the luteal phase of the cycle.

What was interesting is that a low magnesium count seemed to have effects on our blood circulation and permeability, which could account for lactic acid build up in the muscles in my neck and shoulder and the associated headaches. I have also been experiencing higher than normal levels of bloating with my monthly…


Find the whole researched article from the National Library of Medicine here. 


BINGO! I had found out that magnesium might be something my body was lacking or needing desperately at that time of the month!

The trouble was that I had tried many different magnesium tablets in the past and they inevitably didn’t work or they left me with a bad case of diarrhoea, which is the last thing you want when you are feeling bloated and tense in your shoulders!

There had to be a better way…

Luckily, I now work part-time at a health shop and am exposed to all sorts of supplements and solutions that I had never considered before. On a cupboard tucked away at the back, I discovered the Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts. My mom had mentioned tissue salts to me in the past and I also have a fascinating book on them, so I knew I could trust in the brand name. The trouble was that the tablet forms of magnesium contained lactose, which I really want to avoid with Endometriosis.

Right next to the magnesium capsule was displayed a Magnesium Spray. You simply spray a few squirts under the tongue and the body is able to absorb the magnesium that way. It was just over $10, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to try it.

Well, it is now the 2nd month of experiencing no more neck pain! I did feel it coming on a little yesterday again but instantly used my magnesium spray under the tongue and it works!

I have also combined this with a topical spray I created. I just put some Epsom Salts in a spray bottle with some water and spray that topically. You could probably get a Magnesium Oil to do this too.

So far, it all seems to be working.

Now, of course this is just a temporary fix and I need to work out why my neck and back get stiff so easily. I have booked myself in to see a physiotherapist next week and hopefully we can work out what is going on. It feels like there is a little more to this and I will certainly keep you updated.

The key thing I wanted to share with you is a great way to get magnesium into your body that is affordable and highly effective and of course, the correlation with menstrual pain and bloating!

Have you tried magnesium for Endometriosis before and been left wondering why you get diarrhoea? Did you find this interesting? Useful insights?


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Cheri

    I’ve been taking “Relax Max” that contains Magnesium, Taurine, GABA,myo-Inositol & L-Theanine. It seems to help relieve my joint pain and calm my nerves.

  2. Melissa

    That is great to hear and yes, doctors do look at us funny quite often 😉 Luckily, we know our bodies! I have found Yoga really helps me 😉

  3. amber gill

    you made me remember i was going to rub on my magnesium lotion by morton unscented. i rub it on my belly. i love magnesium baths they calm me. yes canadida can give you anxiety and take away important vitamins you need. the last few years i have had anxiety and magnesium helps with that. i remember telling my doctor and he seemed surprise for some reason. for a few weeks now i have been taking lipotropic factors, and my anxiety level has gone down at least 90%. yeah! inositol is the calming vitamin i believe.

  4. Melissa

    That is some interesting thinking Tine and I love how your mind works! I would have to say that there are some truths in what you have shared within myself too. I also tend to feel like I wasn’t nurtured much as a child and want to take care of others all the time. It also gets incredibly intense to the point where I forget to nurture myself.
    Love that we can share these thoughts together 😉

  5. Tine

    I believe you are absolutely right about the connection between endo, candida and anxiety. I have all three, and have often noticed that a lot of women with endo mention these problems together. Often anxiety is brushed off as a symptom coming on after the diagnosis, but in my case I have suffered from anxiety since childhood, then the endo and finally candida.

    I believe that every illness has a psycological aspect in addition to the physical one, and I have often pondered what the psycological aspect of the endo could be for me. Basically endo is a case of womb tissue exceeding it’s boundaries (the uterus), and setting boundaries is certainly an issue for me. Also, the uterus is supposed to nurture a child and supply safety and security, and I know that, growing up, I did not receive these things. And as an adult I try to nurture everybody else when – maybe – I should really be tending to myself and my own needs first. Maybe this could also be something to think about for other women with endo?

  6. Melissa

    That is good to know about the Magnesium Chloride being absorbed better than epsom salts. I didn’t know that either 😉
    Thank you Clare 😉

  7. CB

    Spot on with the magnesium. I’m mad about magnesium! It is an incredibly important mineral and many of us are deficient due to soil being depleted of magnesium along with other important minerals. I use magnesium chloride spray on my body every day. The skin absorbs it better than epsom salts which is magnesium sulphate. I also soak in a bath with magnesium chloride flakes at least once a week. I buy it in bulk, much cheaper. It adds magnesium to the body transdermally but also aids in detoxification. The spray will help with muscle cramps including period cramps. Magnesium is a relaxant (hence diarrhoea!) and counteracts the contracting effect of calcium in the muscle…or something along those lines!

    Interesting about the luteal phase using more magnesium. I didn’t know that. I must increase the spraying during that phase. I recently had a lot of pain and I must admit that I hadn’t been using the spray as often as before.

    My sister also found that the spray works on shin splints and some pain she had in her ankle. I love magnesium! Thanks for posting Melissa! Love the new site. x

  8. Melissa

    It is quite possible Geraldine. The Candida can draw out necessary nutrients which will help reduce anxiety and it messes with our hormones too.

  9. Geraldine

    I went through this exactly, except that I stopped at the lactose pill and gave up. I actually wanted to use magnesium for my anxiety. Are candida, endo, and anxiety somehow linked? I’ve started noticing a pattern with people I know with endo and candida. I even know men with candida that seem to develop problems with anxiety.

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