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Should we get a Liver Test? Will this prove the theory that the liver is related to Endometriosis?

When I first went to see a specialist about my Endometriosis, he insisted on doing a series of blood tests and one of them was to test my liver. He also checked my liver while I had my operation and he thought everything was fine and normal. So, it was dismissed as a possible factor in my healing.


Since going on my personal voyage of discovery and trying to find the real source of Endometriosis and why we have it, the answers always seemed to point to a poor liver function. Everything I read, every angle that I take from different practitioners always point to the liver, so why did it not show up as being at fault all those years ago when I first discovered I had Endometriosis?


Well, after some further research I discovered the reason. The liver is a very strong organ. It bounces back easily but it also doesn’t show weakness until it is in its very late stages of disease. Doctors perform routine blood tests to check our liver function but the reality is, these tests only show if we have liver DAMAGE. So, in the later stages of liver failure.


The liver keeps its damage on the inside. It is only once the damage is so severe that the cells leak out and show up in the blood.


There is a way to test our liver function. They are called Functional Liver Detoxification Profile tests. The liver is challenged using caffeine, salicylate and paracetamol and samples of urine and saliva are then collected at different times after we have taken them. They are then independently tested to see how easily the body detoxifies and eliminates these drugs from the body. They are expensive but perhaps can give you piece of mind that your concerns with Endometriosis are in fact linked to the liver. You can get them from various laboratories.


There is a less expensive way to tell if you have poor liver function. All you need to do in look in the mirror, smell and assess how you feel.

  •  Check your tongue. Has it got a white coating on it? It should be a nice pink colour all over. Any coating is a sign your body is not able to get rid of its toxins in the body.
  •  Circles under your eyes? I know I have suffered from this for years! You may also have white little lumps on the skin just under your eye. They are another obvious sign of poor liver function.
  • Are you often bloated, have a little belly that won’t disappear no matter what you eat or avoid? It sticks out all the time and seems to be there even when you loose heaps of other weight!
  • Are you sluggish, tired and have an unclear mind often
  • Do you suffer from bad breath?

Interesting isn’t it?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Katherine

    The symptoms you’re suggesting for liver toxicity are actually the symptoms for systemic candida infection. What you should be looking for to judge liver toxicity at any point in the day is the 2 veins under your tongue. If you observe them frequently, you can start to see the differences. When your liver is having a tough time processing things, they become much darker.

    If you have the symptoms mentioned in terms of systemic candida infection, it’s easily resolved with Lugol’s solution (start with 5 drops/day and work your way up as much as you can. If you have heart palpitations, you’ve found your limit – eat some chocolate/bread/drink some flourinated water to push out the extra iodine). Keep going with the number of drops just under the heart palpitations limit.
    Depending on how long you’ve had the symptoms, it can take up to a year of every day use to get rid of the excess candida. It helps if you change your diet and habits in this time though so as not to re-invite the unbalance again.

  2. Melissa

    Hi Nubia,
    It is good that you have found my site and the answers to your questions are all here 🙂
    I would recommend getting onto some Castor Oil Packs, which will help flush out any toxins in the abdominal cavity. I would also look at doing some detoxing on your system. It is fabulous that you are going to the gym and sweating some stuff out! Maybe also look at a Magnesium foot bath and some bowel cleansers.
    Start with your diet – eat better and cut out the toxins in your diet – these include sugar, gluten and dairy. They are no longer real foods for our bodies and create inflammation and additional pain.
    Check out the following articles to guide you:

  3. Nubia

    I don’t even know where to start on how emotional i feel reading all of this. I have been severely suffering so many symptoms. I eat really well and work out extensively and yet i always have the pudgy tummy and feel like I have excess weight. I also feel like my body has to much yeast because when I sweat at the gym I can smell it coming out of the pores of my head it’s affected me so much that I have become very self conscious. Now, this is only a small part of what I’ve been dealing with actually, it’s the smallest part. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis last Monday, I feel more lost than ever. I was placed on Hormonal Therapy and I accepted because 1.) I have unforseen and acute bouts of pain 2.) I have 2 small girls, I cannot continue to have these episodes in front of them and be on the floor in extreme pain. Melissa, I know there has to be help for me but I don’t know where to start. I feel lost, helpless, and it’s eating me alive.


  4. Melissa

    Hi Jane,
    Scary when that happens 🙂
    The first thing is to cut out as many fats from your diet as you can. That means all dairy, including goats products and meat products. Cut out all refined oils and only use Organic cold pressed coconut oil and Organic cold pressed Olive Oil. Then stimulate the bile production in your liver with Dandelion Root, Globe Artichokes, Milkthistle and Gentian Root. Rosemary tea is also really good – just get some rosemary and simmer in medium water for 15minutes. Check out these articles on liver stuff:
    http://endoempowered.com/the-main-organ-you-should-focus-on-when-healing-endometriosis-and-no-it-is-not-the-uterus/ – read this one for sure!

    Here are more though:

  5. Jane

    Took the free test. I do have a white coating, depressed or bad moods, indigestion to fatty foods( so I avoid), bloating and I have had hemmorroids more then once. Headaches too.
    Interesting. What is the next step?

  6. Melissa

    Thanks Lilly! Great one to mention!

  7. Lilly

    You could also try iridology. An experienced practitioner will pinpoint the exact state of your liver in minutes.

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