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[Live Interview] The amazing healing powers of breath

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been diving in the ideas of breath, emotional healing and endometriosis and how they all overlap. If you missed those, check them out here:

Here is what we have explored together so far:

  • Strong emotions or trauma’s which are not released by the body, can be a factor for imbalance and pain. (emotional aspect)
  • Perhaps the lack of oxygen because we “held our breath” during that trauma, creates a type of ischaemia (lack of oxygen) to the organs, which is also a factor for pain in the body.
  • Restricted blood flow to the brain can be a reason for ischaemia. (physical aspect)

Today, we explore this from a new perspective with Jenny & Breathwork. Through Jenny’s work, she has discovered that when she works with clients on their breath and deepening their awareness of breath, she is able to release pain and imbalances held within the body. Jenny made the connection that the breath and our emotions are closely inter related and when we deepen the breath and are more conscious of our breath, we naturally free the emotional trauma’s held in the body and this inevitably leads to a freeing of the pain or struggled within the body.

In today’s interview we dive into the importance of breathing deeply, cool techniques to improve your breathing and why we need to focus on our breath to truly detoxify – not just emotional stuff but physical stuff too!

If you have questions for Jenny, please feel free to share them below or reach out to Jenny on www.jennyleetaylor.com.au or visit her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/breathelearnlive/

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Ana

    I have problems belly breathing and taking a deep breath at times. Every time I try, the pulse in my solar plexus beats harder. Many time (especially before I eat, my diaphragm feels paralysed and stomach area burns). I have anxiety/panic feelings (started when I began nystatin) but taking Probiotics and fecal transplant have helped that a bit but not fully. Any ideas? I’ve tried meditation, yoga, alternate nostril breathing, essential oils. Sometimes in my sleep I struggle to breathe too. It seems when I have more irritation in my stomach, my breathing is worse

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