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Do You Have Lumps in Your Legs or Arms? I Am Only Just Realizing Their Connection to Endometriosis.

Sleep and endometriosis

So, over a year ago I noticed these hard lumps on my legs. They don’t hurt, they are just these kind of solid lumps under the skin. I had no idea what they were and when I visited my GP at the time, he indicated that they were harmless and nothing to worry about. They are called lipomas. Here is a medical explanation.

Thing is, I actually have no exact memory on when they appeared or how they got there. I possibly only noticed them because I had lost quite a bit of weight by then and could finally feel comfortable to wear little shorts again. Only thing was, I had these funny lumps on my legs. To me, they were initially just an eye-sore. Just something ugly, like in-grown hairs or vericose veins. The doctor didn’t think they were anything to worry about, so I simply ignored them. They are small—maybe the size of a five cent piece. But apparently they can get as big as a golf ball.

Well, yesterday I got one of Sandra Cabot’s books and as Sandra always explains, the conditions we experience are all related to the liver. On her list of symptoms was this exact thing…lipomas!

So, naturally I had to research a little further! Essentially, they are fat lumps created by our liver to dump excess toxins. I personally believe my liver created them because there were less fat stores for it to put all the toxins and hormones on my body. I had less fat areas to store the excess. No more fat tum or bum… oh well, let’s put them in a little lump on her leg! Wow! Thanks, liver!

Let me explain this one. Hormones and toxins are fat soluble and it is difficult to dispel the excess without our liver working properly. The liver needs to produce enough bile to break down fats and of course fat soluble hormones. Bile breaks down fats. When our liver isn’t working as well, we simply don’t produce enough bile to break down any of these fats. This is why it is also so highly recommended to reduce your body weight with Endometriosis—it lowers the fat stores in our bodies.

Okay, so why am I sharing this?

Well, when I did my liver flush my fat lumps reduced. Not much but they did!

To me, they are now my signal on how my liver is doing. My big mission now is to get rid of them as I then know that my liver is functioning properly and how it should be.

I have heaps of information to share about how the liver works and how we cannot only get it working better but more importantly how we can help dispel all those excess hormones—especially the bad xenoestrogens from our environment and foods.

What I would love to know is if you have them too? I know the body expels toxins in different ways and lately my skin seems to be one of its favorite outlets! What method has your body been using? Lipomas? Acne? Any other ways you know of?

Could this be another symptom of Endometriosis?


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Shelley

    I know this article is a few years old but I just came across it while googling endometriosis and lipomas. I just discovered a pretty big lump on my outer thigh yesterday and have not been to the dr yet since it’s the weekend but from what I’ve seen online I think it is a lipoma. I had a benign breast tumor when I was 17 (now 31) and currently have a couple of fibroid tumors. I think it’s interesting that you say it might be from weight loss because, while I’ve been thin my whole life, I lost a lot of weight last year after the stress of losing my dad to cancer. My endo is getting pretty horrible again and I tend to lose weight from that too. I got really sick a couple of weeks ago and got down to 106 lbs! (I’m 5’8). I’m hoping that’s all it is and nothing serious but I’m going to try and get in to see a dr tomorrow. Now I’m really curious if there is a connection between endo and benign (hopefully) tumors.

  2. Mali Korsten

    Interesting! I wonder if the cause of cellulite is similar? It certainly appears to be worse in people who suffer from hormonal problems. Just a thought…

  3. Melissa

    I personally love Sheabutter Cottage. They focus on helping communities in africa and have organic, fair trade products. Check them out: http://www.akuawood.co.uk/

  4. ann

    Hey Melissa,

    Could you tell me where to order the ‘essential package’ you use now, like castor oil, gerunum oil? etc, etc…

    Can’t wait to get them for my pains.

    Thanks and have a nice day,


  5. Melissa

    That is really interesting Lisa. I had no idea there was such a condition and love the way you tell the story 🙂
    Glad to hear you managed to reduce them. I have just ordered this fabulous product off the internet which claims to get rid of them – it is made up of oils etc. I will see if it works and report back if it does 🙂 In the meantime getting that Lymphatic system going is probably my best bet!

  6. Melissa

    Hi Adina,
    Yeah it is funny cos we are all warned of tanning like it is this super bad thing but many people are incredibly deficient in Vitamin D hormone because of it. Exzema and other skin conditions have been directly linked to this same deficiency. It is probably the same for your sis. As always, the real natural way of getting Vitamin D is always best but we can get it in supplement form – especially if you we live in cold climates. I go in the sun most days – later in the day and it also gives me heaps of energy and positivity 🙂

  7. Lisa

    Thanks for putting this article up – I had no idea many other ladies were experiencing a similar thing and wasn’t aware of how much it was related to hormonal issues.

    My situation was a bit more complex (but I think most all health issues are linked together). A few years back, when I was ill, causing rapid weight loss, I wound up growing so many little lumps, the doctor thought it might be Epidermal polycystic disease, aka Steatocystoma multiplex. A number of them wound up being quite painful at about the size of a pea, so the dermatologist whipped out a scalpel, and removed all but one in my arm and one at the base of my spine. He said “sometimes the body does this for no particular reason”. Bunk. The body does everything for a reason – we just might not understand it!

    Long story short, my alternative doctor basically said what you did… Lipomas or cysts are the bodys emergency way to encapsulate some dangerous toxin, bacteria or parasite. Working on my liver and digestive health, massage, acupuncture and dry brushing amongst other things helped a lot.

  8. Adina

    As I was reading other posts I thought about my sister who gets a painful raised rash around her arm pits and breasts. She only gets it in the winter time and found if she goes tanning it will go away. I’m not advocating tanning but it is interesting. I believe this is similar to why ultra violet light works for jaundice. It help conjugate the bilirubin so the body can excrete it though normal pathways (stool) instead of the skin.

  9. Cathy Harms-Schoonveld via Facebook

    Idk anything about that Mel, I’ll have to google it I guess. I’ve been on my own except for your help. My doctors just make fun of me when i tell them. They treat me like I’m crazy. but everyone who has endo gets treated like that I think.

  10. Cathy. That sounds really painful and scary. Have you done any lymphatic work? Like massage or specific exercises to help the lymph glands. Maybe get lymphatic drainage done?

  11. Hi Jenny. It is definitely related to the liver. I would consider a good liver detox diet or liver flush to really get rid of it.

  12. Melissa

    Hi Sangeeta, It is your liver trying to expel toxins through the skin. It could also be hormonal. Maybe look into a new product I have recently discovered called Estroblock. The other way is to get a product which has 3C (Indol-3-Carbinol). – ask a health store and they should know.
    They get rid of Xenoestrogens in the body for us and this helps with hormones. Might help some other stuff along the way too 🙂

  13. Cathy Harms-Schoonveld via Facebook

    I have lumps in the arm pit area as well, when I’m exposed to too much environmental toxins I’ll get a real sore feeling in the pit, then in a couple of days it comes up to the skin and causes a little red bump. sometimes 3 or 4 at a time. It hurts real bad till it comes to the surface. It has swollen to the size of a golfball but not since I was diagnosed with endo and I drink tons of water now.

  14. Danie Bell via Facebook

    i think its bcoz high of estrogen levels in our body , make any lump or cyst growing or performs in or body. . . .i do hv small lump under my arms & breast after self checking . . .i hv endometriosis too & just had laparoscopy lstmonth

  15. Jenny Hooper via Facebook

    They are brown, yes!

  16. Sangeeta vicky Neerunjun

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for your support. Just recently I am getting a lot of acne on my face, chin, neck and at the back of my upper body. What is your opinion about this? Many thanks!

  17. Hi Bri. That is interesting that you would get them when you had your op. Are they the same size do you think or have they grown since then?

  18. Melissa

    Hi Adina!
    Only a few more months and it will be summer there too 🙂
    Interesting as they do say that Castor Oil packs on them can help – which relates to the lymphatic system too. I will look into the T-Tap Video – sounds interesting. Do dry brushing too which does seem to help with the in-grown hairs.

  19. Bri Ross via Facebook

    Ive got hard lumps on my legs and arms. My doc thought they might be caused by my endo. I got them around the same time as my first operation. Very weird

  20. Jenny Hooper via Facebook

    I’ve had an unexplained skin condition on my body for years. Its not uncomfortable at all but is dark and slightly raised. It is on chest and right round my back. It differs in severity but so far I can’t work it out!!

  21. Adina

    I had a couple large ones on one leg since I was a teenager/preteen (always over weight till now)but as I read your article I just realized they’re gone. Not sure when they disappeared. My guess is they are partly because of inadequate lymph flow. I have been dry brushing and jumping on a mini-trampoline everyday. I also ordered a T-Tap video which has been great for exercise that doesn’t exhaust me (It is supposed to increase lymph flow) I can tell I am detoxing as my skin doesn’t look great.

    By the way I am so jealous of you in a tank top in the sun. I am tired of winter!

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