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Letting go of Endometriosis and your inner Pain – Part 1

We all struggle with pain. I mean inner pain…. as in emotional pain. For some of us, it is right there just sitting on the surface and for others of us, we live in a state of denial of what we may be feeling or experiencing in life. I believe everything that happens to us, is a lesson. Something we are supposed to learn from. When things happen repeatably, have you not wondered why? Is there not some lesson you are supposed to learn from that experience? It is like having “poor taste in men”. Some women can’t understand why they keep choosing poor quality men, that treat them badly and hurt them. They know there are nicer and kinder men in the world but they somehow “attract” these kind of men into their lives. Is this you? Do you do something in your life repeatably and you don’t know why? Why do you put yourself through the same experience? Well, I believe there is something you need to confront. Something you need to learn from. Confront an inner pain.

It is not easy to confront this pain. It is not even easy to acknowledge we have any “issues” within ourselves that we need to look at. I know it has taken me until now – in my mid 30’s – to come to a place where I can actually accept myself and acknowledge that I have issues and things that I need to confront about myself. Maybe you have not even considered that there is anything you need to confront. The unfortunate reality is, that all of us who share Endometriosis also share a common thread of inner emotional pain about something. I know you don’t want to believe that Endometriosis is connected to this inner pain, because then well, the reality…. then we actually need to confront that inner pain and well….. who wants to really do that?

It is much easier to focus on herbs and other natural methods of healing, which granted do have their place in our healing process BUT and yes, there is a but they don’t solve the real issue inside of our bodies.

See, the body has a cellular memory. What this means is that each cell remembers what the previous cell has done and that includes emotional thoughts and pains. Our cells actually renew every 4 weeks, (the liver takes 6 weeks to renew) so in theory we should be all better by simply taking liver herbs and changing our diet… surely? The sad reality is, we can’t change that cellular memory simply by changing the environment in which the cell lives. It will still hold that memory, that emotional memory. You can read more about this concept by reading some of Dr Deepak Chopra books. http://www.chopra.com/

The reality is, we need to look inside ourselves, within the body that we have and search for where the pain has come from. This might sound strange to some of you but that is where the answers truly lie.

I tried this technique last night. To be honest I didn’t really believe it would totally work but I followed the book “The Journey” by Brandon Bays and simply sat in a chair and allowed myself to feel the emotions inside of myself. I decided to take an emotion that wasn’t too painful or too deep and so I chose guilt. I simply sat in my chair and allowed myself to totally sink into the feeling of guilt. I just let it be there. I didn’t move and allowed it to take over me. I then sunk deeper into the emotion – believe me this was not easy and quite painful but I wanted to feel it in it’s totality and allow it to be. The guilt subsided and I seemed to drop into a new level. I felt severe sadness. I felt terribly sad. I just cried and cried. Then the emotion seemed to change again and I felt really alone. Suddenly, a vision flashed before me of me, in my cot… I must have been about 1years old and hearing my parents with friends outside and I was crying for them to pick me up and allow me to join them. I felt left alone and ignored and somehow this relates to my guilt in not being here for my parents through all that they have been through here, without me. I wasn’t sure if this whole experience was just in my imagination and that my mind had somehow created the vision of me in the cot, so I asked my mom about what kind of cot I had when I was one and what my room looked like etc. It was exactly as my vision! It was hard to believe.

So, I know I want to confront Endometriosis and why I have the pain there. I will read further into the book and develop the technique further. I will try it and do a video on it for you, so you too can learn how to do it. Maybe, you can try just tapping into other stuff for now to try this technique out for yourself.

The reality is, we know we need to go there to truly heal and cure this Endometriosis once and for all. All the imbalances in the body can be controlled by our own ability and we have that power within ourselves. We just need to heal, every aspect of ourselves.


Have you tried any emotional healing for Endometriosis or other “issues”? Have you found relief in anything you have tried? What methods have you tried to try and release emotional pain from your body? I am finding this whole concept really interesting and hard to believe but hey… we should at least try it! Shouldn’t we?




Hugs, Melissa x
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  3. Melissa

    Thanks Allannah. It has been tricky maintaining everything on here with everything going on 🙂
    How does hypno therapy work? Do you actually resolve stuff or do you just see what caused the pain in you body? It sounds brilliant! I shall look into it further too:) I will get to your blog soon – thank you

  4. Allannah Law

    Hi Mel, How are you?

    You have been in my thoughts. I have been working with a hypno therapist for the last 18months and find it wonderful.

    He has helped me come to terms with and clear a lot of stuff. I highly recommend therapy of some kind. There can be no healing of the body without healing of the mind. That’s what Yoga teaches us!

    I am writing that blog for you, will send it through.


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