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The One Key Thing I Have Learnt from Spain! This Will Really Help Your Endo Journey!

When I first got here I was really struggling with sticking to my healthy diet and maintaining my healing journey. We are in a very remote location in the south of Spain. There are only two little shops that sell food and the food they do sell tends to be things in boxes and is highly processed. They don’t even sell real milk here—not that I drink any of that but it just illustrates how little fresh stuff there is. There is a market with a lady selling some fruit and vegetables but there is little else that is really healthy. It does make it challenging to eat healthy and still follow my journey from where I left off in New Zealand.

Here’s what I have learnt and it is a massive lesson for all of us to learn:

We need to do what we can in the situation we find ourselves in.

It can sometimes be easy to focus on things we can’t do. Focusing on things that are out of reach for whatever reason. In some cases it might be financial reasons or maybe you are not able to find time to do things or perhaps you are simply in a remote location, just like me. Thing is, there is always a way to achieve things, even when we have limited resources to do them. Partly it is wanting to heal and believing you can!

So, I have started to focus on things I can do while living in Spain. One obvious thing that stares at you every single day is the amount of olive trees. They are seriously everywhere and there are heaps on this property where we are staying! Olive trees means Olive Leaf extract! This is a natural anti-bacterial and natural immune supporter of the body. I made a batch yesterday and started drinking it already. I can already feel the toxins coming out!

The other abundant and totally free thing you can find everywhere in Spain is lemon trees and orange trees. They are literally on every main street in little Spanish towns!

Lemons are brilliant for the liver and kidneys and I plan on drinking a good dose of lemon juice while I am here to help these organs flush out toxins.

There are heaps of dandelions growing everywhere! They are a wonderful wild food and you can juice the whole thing, roots and all, and drink it! It heals the liver and you can find these just about anywhere, growing wild, ready for picking!

Yesterday, James and I made our first batch of fermented cabbage! I am very excited about it! It was super easy to do and it will help my digestion to no end!

I sometimes read the stories of women and how they find things hard to change. The reality is, things are only as hard or as difficult as we make them. We always have opportunities to heal and improve our healing, no matter what our situation is. There are methods out there that cost a fortune and there are methods out there, which cost very little. There are things we can order online and there are things that grow wild. Point is, there are always methods out there that can heal the body. We just have to know what they are and take advantage of them!

My ability to order products online is going to be fairly limited, so I think my focus is going to shift towards more natural sources, things that grow wild, things I can grow myself and things I can do easily, like yoga and massaging chi points.

Thing is, there are so many different ways of healing. There are so many different techniques of detoxing, providing nutrition and calming the body!

Just reach out and grab them and make use of them, in whichever means you can!

Find things you can afford! Find things you can grow! Find things you can order online! Do whatever is within your reach!


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Caroline May

    Hi Melissa, I am in the south of Spain, at the moment. It is the end of February now, and wild spinach has been growing everywhere since it rained just before Christmas. It’s proper good stuff, not like the packaged stuff I used to get in England. Obviously, you have to wash it properly before using. As for dandelion – me and my partner used to eat it every day in England and Ireland, but I’ve found none around here. We are craving it!

  2. Aurelie Cous via Facebook

    very good article!

  3. Melissa

    Thanks Hannah! Yeah, I feel like a right hippy at the moment 🙂

  4. Hannah

    Wow, this article is just what I needed! I am going to focus on looking for things in my surroundings and not feeling defeatist about being unable to buy all the supplements and superfoods on my online wishlist! Love your foraging for olive leaves, dandelion and lemons, well done Melissa 🙂 xx

  5. Melissa

    Thanks Marie! Great find!

  6. Marie

    Wild food is the go 🙂

  7. Marie Violet

    I totally agree. Your article is very positive. I also have found that lemon water is wonderful for my digestion. But a wedge of lemon at a restaurant is not enough. So, I found a product online that is called True Lemon, Orange, Lime and etc. It is crystalized/dried lemon in packets so it is very convientent to put in your purse for when fresh lemons aren’t available. I love it. The only ingredient is just lemon! That’s it. Have fun in Spain!

  8. Emma Cardall via Facebook

    So true! I have the easiest access to natto, miso, seaweeds & kimchi 🙂
    I really wanna try doing something with dandelions. Hopefully i can find some at the camping grounds tomorrow 😀

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