Let's Juice Fast

Juice Fasting contains amazing health benefits for managing endometriosis and allows us to hit the RESET button!

Scientific studies have shown incredible evidence of how fasting can reduce inflammation (source of pain), increase antioxidant activity and support better immune function. I have found it incredibly beneficial for myself and other women when managing endometriosis to reduce pain, that “endo belly” and get clearer and more manageable periods.

What if you could get control over endo with a Juice Fast?

Lower Pain

Lower the source of pain by lowering the inflammatory response in your body.

Have more energy

Support your liver by boosting the anti-oxidants it needs to do it’s work. This means, better hormone balance, less PMS and feeling less tired!

Stop the Bloat!

Give your digestive system a break and give your body a chance to repair.

Let me ask you…

Do you feel bloated most days?

Does your body feel warn out, “dirty” somehow? Is it revealing itself through your skin with skin break-outs and puffiness?

Is your digestion constantly giving you hassles? Do you hate going to the toilet cos it hurts too much? Are you hiding the bloat? Hiding the embarrassing flatulence?

Do you just feel foggy? Tired? and no matter how well you eat, you just can’t get endometriosis under control?

I’ve been there…

For a long time, I believed that all I needed to do was eat healthy and take the right supplements to manage my stage 4 endometriosis naturally.

Trouble was… I was still experiencing pain. I was still bloated.

I was still struggling and felt so deeply frustrated that all my efforts in sticking to a healthy diet hadn’t worked.

Then… I went down the path of trying really extreme detoxification methods – chugging down oliver oil and lemon, taking magnesium oxide to flush out my bowel and drinking hideous tasting herbs to support my liver.

It was horrible and I didn’t really feel a dynamic shift in my healing after all of it.

I was super excited when I discovered juice fasting as it was easy, pain-free and gave me incredible results!

Why Juice Fasting is so beneficial for you….

1. Juicing gives your stomach and digestive system a break.

This allows you to stop any stomach acid issues, heal digestive bloating and heal that digestive tract – leaky gut conditions are common with women with endometriosis. This is super important when we have a history of taking pain-killers which hurt the stomach lining and ruin the digestive lining.

2. Gives your liver a supportive boost

Your liver works hard every single time you eat something. It processes toxins, fats, proteins, sugars and a whole bunch of other stuff – this can make your liver overworked and overloaded. This will inevitably lead to feeling tired, drained and your hormone balance will be all wonky. By Juice Fasting, you provide high levels of anti-oxidants which your liver needs to do it’s work, plus you give the liver a mini break by giving it less work to process. It is the perfect reset button for your liver function.

3. Replenishes & Rehydrates

Being on an all-produce diet gives us not only the vitamins and minerals we need but also the all-important phytonutrients that are powerhouses for the clean-up and healing processes within your body. Juices are by nature raw foods — and retain nutrients that would be destroyed by cooking such as folate, vitamin C and some B vitamins and especially (digestive and anti-inflammatory) enzymes. By juice fasting, you get all of them and saturate your body with delicious soothing nourishment.

Drinking sufficient fluids (5-6 glasses/day) makes the body function more efficiently, increases energy (often successfully removing the afternoon blahs/brain fog), and helps insure proper elimination of toxins.

I noticed a dramatic improvement with my pain and bloating when I did the 3 day juice fast. I couldn’t believe something so short could have such amazing results!

Zoe Holden

Specific benefits of Juice Fasting with having endometriosis

Cleanse your blood and notice your period becomes lighter and clearer.

Support your liver and notice your hormone imbalances get back on track.

Give your body a break from digesting food and give it time to focus on healing endometriosis.

Lose unwanted pounds and get rid of the dangerous belly fat.

Release anger and feel light and joyous again.

Flush out digestive imbalances that have been causing cramping.

I’ve made this easy for you:

I wanted to give you the key components to allow you to effectively do your own Juice Fast, without the confusion and unnecessary detox reactions.

There were some key things I knew I needed to share with you, to make it easier, effective and give you the same benefits I personally experienced while doing the Juice Fast.

My special Let’s Juice Fast eBook includes:

  • The super easy “much barometer” to determine exactly how long you should personally juice fast for without overdoing it and causing yourself unnecessary detox reactions.
  • Specific guidance on which juicer to get, based on your budget and requirements.
  • I give you great ideas on where to buy fresh, healthy produce that won’t break the bank.
  • You will discover which fruits and vegetables to focus on to get optimal results specifically for managing endometriosis.
  • Morning mantras to support your journey toward wellness and keep you motivated as you cleanse your body.

Love going to bed with my head feeling clearer, my body feels lighter and I’m doing something good. I love how it feels to clean my insides and I know I’m filling my body with goodness!

Sharon Peters

Should you get the Let’s Juice Fast eBook?

  • Do you feel like your body is craving a cleanse but you have been nervous on where to start and also want to ensure you get results?
  • You feel like your endometriosis journey has hit a stand still and you don’t feel like you are getting better?
  • You’ve tried other cleanses that just made you feel terrible and didn’t really support your health?
  • You have already implemented a heap of things to try to manage endometriosis and know that you are ready to take on the cleanse part.  You want a fast results to reduce your endometriosis pain and symptoms?

If you answered YES to more than 2 questions, then I strongly recommend you try a Juice Fast with me.

What is included?

  • A beautiful morning mantra to support your healing journey.
  • The “Muck Barometer” to help you determine how long to do your Juice Fast for.
  • Specific guidance on how to pick which juicer to buy.
  • Links and ideas on how to get affordable produce to use during your juice fast.
  • 35 Juice Recipes to give you plenty to choose from, plus pleny of nourishment for your body.
  • A 3 day, 5 day and 7 day full Juice Fasting Plan. Know what to order and what to drink.
  • **You also get access to the fabulous Empowered Endometriosis Support Group.

To begin, simply click on the order now button and you will be sent the Lets Juice Fast eBook instantly.

Such a small investment with such incredible results!

Only $27.00.

Highly recommend Mel’s Juice Fast! AMAZING! I can’t believe I’ve reduced my endo pain and managed to have a super clear, clot free period this month. Thank you!

Hayley Emmett

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