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Endo is kinda yucky isn’t it?

It’s not just yucky cos of all the nasty symptoms that come with it… you know the pain, the heavy bleeding, the dreaded emotional moodiness – making everyone question their love for us… including your cuddly fluffy puppy.

It’s so much more than that…

It’s about that ever present feeling that something just isn’t quite right inside of our bodies and that we can’t seem to just go in and clean it all up in one easy swig. It keeps coming back to remind us with that ever present feeling of “my body isn’t right” and my “body is broken” just seems to dominate our thoughts…

I get it and I totally get how wonderful it would be if we could just go in with a big fat mop and clean it all up – every nook and cranny and make it all sparkly and new again – wow! Imagine how scary that mop head would look?

I can’t offer you that (talk about a yucky job!) but what I can show you is how we can support our body to clean up endo for us. See, I don’t believe endo is a destiny and our fate. I don’t believe we need to be stuck with it forever.

I know there is a way to help you sweetheart. Let me show you how…

Why trust in me?

My insights and research on endometriosis has come through my own journey in successfully managing my own endometriosis. I figured this yucky condition out and want to share what I know with you!

I will warn you though… I do things a little differently than most. I don’t just address the symptoms of endometriosis and like to really look at the whole picture. No! I like to dig in deep and really understand what is going on for you and what we need to do to get your whole body back in balance. 

The coolest thing is…I no longer experience pain or symptoms with endometriosis.

I really desperately want the same for you sweetheart…

Where my research and knowledge has come from:

  • Living with endometriosis for over 20 years and finally getting to a place of overcoming endometriosis.
  • I am currently in my fourth year of completing my Naturopath Degree for Natural Medicine to enhance my existing knowledge. We have already covered herbal medicine, nutrition, pathophysiology, anatomy & physiology, therapeutics and massage.
  • I have been invited to speak at various wellness expo’s and companies, including the Auckland WellFest and the Internal Affairs Department in Auckland.
  • I have worked with women around the world with varying degrees of endometriosis and successfully helped them to manage their endometriosis.
  • Over 7 years of specific research on endometriosis in using a natural approach.
  • Interviewing naturopaths and experts in the field of women’s health and endometriosis.
  • Reading every book, research paper and document about endometriosis that I could find in the last 5 years and colating the information to support and guide you.
  • Attending seminars, events and conferences focusing on women’s health.
All of your resources and research on your website has helped my recovery from endometriosis. I am SOOOO grateful for your work in researching the holistic approach to this disease. You are truly heaven sent. I can’t tell you enough how important your work is. Thank you so much and keep empowering us. Stephanie

“Melissa Turner is an absolute gem. She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to women’s hormonal health and most especially endometriosis. I have learned so much from her on the causes and solutions to endometriosis and she is living proof that women can take back control of their health when diagnosed with this condition. She is passionate and dedicated to her work and I highly recommend her as an expert.”
Nicole Jardim

The Period Girl, Nicole Jardim LLC

You don’t need to feel alone anymore…

There is something so isolating about endometriosis, don’t you think? We have this kinda yucky condition, located in one of the most private places in our body and even when we try to explain it to others… well, we get that awkward look somewhere between pity and confusion. They just don’t really understand.

The worst thing is when others try to give us advice about what we should do to help with the endometriosis. We know they have the best intentions and really want to help us… but the truth is they generally don’t know. I am talking about anyone from your family, health practitioners to that well-meaning surgeon. They don’t have to really deal with it, do they? They don’t share the yucky feeling you have about your body and this dreaded endometriosis. Do they really?

They are not the ones hunched over in pain or waiting for some relief from pain-killers, wondering how this could be called really living?

Here’s where things are about to change sweetheart…


I understand Endo and what you’re feeling…

Endometriosis affected me in a big, big way. I mostly felt stuck and restricted in my life choices. That yucky feeling seemed to take over my every thought. I would wake up worrying about endometriosis and my entire life purpose became a sea of operations, painkillers and days and weeks of pain. The sad thing is… I did that for 15 years!

I put on a brave face to the world but inside I was really struggling. Life felt harder than it needed to. I was exhausted all of the time and pain was just part of my everyday. Do you know what I mean?

The truth was, that I was hiding behind a mask, trying not to show my weaknesses and determined to not let endometriosis restrict my life, but pushing myself each day to get through. Then, I would desperately hope that somehow tomorrow it would be more bearable.

I felt like I was missing out on the true essence of my life. I was merely getting through, overcoming pain and that increasing sense of being overwhelmed and tired. Inwardly I felt defeated by endometriosis and there were these constant worries about my health and my fertility.

Do you feel that too?

I get it!

  • That inexplicable pain that wrenches deep inside of you and draws every inch of your being into it.
  • The “not being heard”, being told that you are exaggerating or that “it is all in your head.”
  • The longing to be understood.
  • The lack of knowledge and the frustration around this disease. No one seems to know anything about it and the research is so limited or one-sided.
  • The worry and fear of the endometriosis itself, it spreading, it limiting your fertility and all the years wasted in dealing with it.
  • The frustration, grief, and sadness that comes with dealing with this disease. How it limits your life for even the most basic things, let alone doing those truly adventurous things, you truly enjoy.
  • The limits on traveling, on enjoying your partner sexually, on furthering your career and doing the things you truly wish to do on a bigger scale.
  • The guilt of letting people down when the pain strikes out of nowhere.
  • The endless cycle of painkillers and surgery that doesn’t seem to ever actually provide real relief.
  • That horrible feeling of trying to explain to your partner/husband why some sex positions are just not possible…

Things we’ve probably both done…

  • Spent a full day crying and worrying about endometriosis and letting it own us, even if it was just for a day!
  • Cursed our bodies and the endometriosis for being there. Resenting that we even have endometriosis. Feeling like it just isn’t fair.
  • Cried on the bathroom floor, waiting for the painkillers to kick in.
  • Taken more than the prescribed amount of painkillers because they just didn’t seem to work!
  • Blaming ourselves for this disease. Believing that perhaps we were simply not doing enough.
I get all of this and understand all of this because I have been there. I want to give you hope and comfort in knowing that you don’t have to keep suffering and that there is a way forward.

Introducing the REACH© Technique

I developed this technique to show you how to manage your endometriosis naturally. It doesn’t involve a surgeons scalpel and it has no risks. It is natural and safe and I created it especially for you to finally regain control of your endometriosis and your bodies natural yearning to feel better.

The awesome thing is that it truly works! Women from around the world have managed to avoid surgery, reduced their pain-killer, pill-popping days (now there’s a mouthful!) and it won’t turn you into that grumpy moody person with those dreaded hormone treatments! You can be YOU but so much better!

If you want to begin understanding how to use the REACH Technique and the 5 key principles it incorporates into natural healing, read about it here and sign up to the free introductory program to guide you step by step. I even give away some awesome free recipes to get you started.

A little about me…

Sure I can tell you about growing up in South-Africa and traveling around the world, but really that doesn’t really give you a sense of who I am… does it?

I would describe myself as a strong woman but with a very gooey and soft center. I can be tough and determined but then I am also very easily thrown when someone questions my integrity. As a side note… I would have to say that my gooey side is probably made of chocolate cos it is honestly my strongest addiction. There is something so deliciously decadent about chocolate!

One of the key ways I feel truly alive and inspired about life is when I can shift my perceptions on how I view the world or myself. I think that is why I love to travel so much. There is something about being in a foreign country, experiencing unique adventures that allow me to shift my perceptions about the world really easily. What is cool is that we can shift our perceptions on so many things with different influences – books, movies, art and just exploring the world as a playground. I believe the world is far more fun when we keep exploring and seeing everything as an adventure – even something as simple as diet can be an adventure in exploring new foods. 

I guess this explains why my favorite movies are generally the ones where limitations are broken and perceptions are shifted. The movie Limitless would have to be one of my favorites! I am sure having Bradley Cooper in it, probably adds to the reason.

And perhaps this is what ultimately lead me to do the work that I do with endometriosis. I want to shatter the beliefs and false information that is currently available to you and me. The limitations of it all. The finality of it all. 

It sucks and honestly hun… it is simply not true. You can begin your journey with me here.

Silly tidbits about me:

  • I will never wear a completely black outfit – even for a funeral. The last funeral I attended I was wearing incredibly colorful and fun stockings underneath my black dress! 
  • My hubbie and I live in Auckland and have a cute puppy called Wilson (you will get to know him, don’t worry…)
  • My favorite day would have to have been when James & I got married in Majorca.
  • My most scary experience was white water rafting the Zambezi in Zimbabwe.
  • I own numerous pairs of shoes and have an obsession with boots of different shapes and colors. I have no intention of counting how many!
  • I’ve been known to dance around the living room by myself in the middle of the day – sometimes in the nude!
  • I get bored with the same environment, hairstyle, clothes and tend to need to shift my house, web design and everything else fairly often.

I am so excited to have connected with you sweetheart and am excited to get to know you and how your new journey with endometriosis unfolds. I hope that I can inspire you to explore this adventure of natural healing together. 

Feel free to tell me more about yourself and your journey with endometriosis and what excites you about joining the Endo Empowered community, in the comments below…

Biggest hugs,

PS: I will do my best to respond to you personally but sometimes the response is so overwhelming that I simply can’t get to everyone. You can also reach out to me within the Support Group or on my Instagram feed.

Connect & Share your experience

  • OlgA says:


    • Melissa says:

      Hi Olga,
      Thank you for your encouragement! I am sorry to hear your husband doesn’t understand Endo. It is not an easy one to explain and gain understanding for. At least you can find solice in god and hopefully my blog. There are many of us out there with Endo and we can all help eachother! Just keep healing yourself everyday and you will find relief. All the best and good health, Melissa

  • Stephanie says:

    I found this info very helpful,I suffer from endo and having bad bout tonight,but you have given me hope! I also wonder if this has any connection,4 yrs ago I had appendcitis and gallbladder removed,right after still continued pain..another lap,endometriosis,so many women I talk to have similar experiences,could it be related? appendix is now to be believed part of immune system.

  • jackie says:

    No one understands this disease… most of my friends never heard of it and they are all off having babies while I'm in dehabilitating pain for no good reason. I am 34 and recently diagnosed. I went off the pill a year ago to try to have a second baby and started having nonstop chronic pelvic pain. This I have to say is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in my life. Interesting comment earlier about gallblader removal – i also had my gallblader removed years ago.

    Question I have is can you experience non-stop quesiness nausea and breast soreness due to endo?

    my ob/gyn tells me the best solution is to get pregnant to relieve the pain. But I'm not getting pregnant. I wonder if my ob/gyn thinks I'm crazy behind my back because how often i call the office. I can't help it!!!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jackie,
      The symptoms and pain related to Endo all relate back to our liver. Because our livers don't work as well we are not able to reduce the Oestrogen production in the body. Oestrogen will make you feel nauseous, sore breasts and also all the pain from Endo. We can make the liver work better by what we eat and some little extra's like Dandelion Root and MilkThistle.
      Don't worry. We are all here for you!

  • Robin Worthington says:

    Hello, yes it is hard finding someone who does not have endo to understand what you are going through on a daily basis. I have a close group of friends and a partner who happens to be female, she does not have endo but I have stage 4. She really tries to understand but the pain I go through is out of her realm. I was diagnosed at 25 but my dr.s say I have been suffering for the past 20 years. I'm 30 now. I started at the age of 10 and they were never right. I have lost all female organs and a appendix as well. The endo is still in full swing, I sit up till 3-4am in the morning trying to understand what I can do to help others who suffer from this disease, as well as solutions to the pain I have. I had reproductive endo. I have endo in my scar and intestinal endo. So granted I suffer every day. I lost my ovaries in 2009 due to cancer that endo caused. Menopause has reaked havock on my body hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and I have osteoprosis in my right hip already. The pain gets so bad that I'm bent double, and unable to move. I'm currently on vicodin for pain, and would like a more natural approach, instead of having another surgery next year. So any help would be great.

  • philippa says:

    good luck, robin….and i thought my 3-4am hrs were upsetting me alone.. so sorry you've had it so tough, be well x

    • Gigi says:

      I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endo at age 29. I started having pain in my ovary area only. I had a scan done which showed endimetriomas in both ovaries as well as endo. The Doc advised me to get a Lap done right away. I was shocked that I had endo because my periods were never painful and they weren’t supper heavy! After the surgery the pain returned within 3 months! I sought out an “endo specialist. My husband and I traveled 3k miles to see him and to get a second Lap.i thought that the specialist might be able to see more endo and remove it more efficiently than the first Doc. He gave me a pelvic exam. He told me that he didnt think that I had Endo because I didn’t grimace in pain during the exam. I know my body and I knew that the stabbing pains were endo related. I mentioned that I get lower back pain also. He said that I have a back problem not endo. After I insisted on getting the surgery, he went ahead and did it. Sure enough, there was Endo all over my pelvic region! I was surprised that a “endo specialist” that saw and helped many many patients didnt realize back issues weren’t endo related. And like the first surgery, the symptoms came back within 3 months.i started to look into natural remedies then. I saw an acupunture specialist who was confident that she could fix me. I showed improvement for a very short time and the pain was getting worse. Even she seemed to loose hope in helping me. I lefted her practice and found a naturalpath. She didnt seem to know what she was doing.I felt like i knew more about hormones and Endo than her! I was getting frustrated as I felt I was not getting any help. At this point my husband and I had been trying to fall pregnant for four years. Our fertility specialist suggested IVF right away due to the severity of the Endo and the damage that the Endo did on my ovaries. There was also a male issue! When the IVF cycle failed, the Doc suggested donor egg and sperm, since he believe I could get pregnant any other way. We refused this method! While waiting to start a more aggressive method with IVF I became pregnant naturally! I had no pain for 9 months and I was in heaven! After the birth of our healthy baby girl, the pain is starting to come back. I intend to use the methods on this blog to help with the cysts and endo. I’m hoping to find a more knowledgeable naturalpath that can also guide me on this healing journey!

  • lauren says:

    Hey there!

    I was just wondering, when you suggest not eating meat, does chicken and fish count too?


    • endoangel says:

      Chicken and fish aren\’t too bad. It depends on where it comes from too! If you are eating chicken and fish, make sure it is organic or from fresh sources. Chickens get injected with nasty stuff to get them to grow quicker and these include nasty hormones which is possibly the last thing we want to add to our body! 🙂
      I only have them about once or twice a week.

  • nazy says:

    Hi Dear,
    Your blog is amazing. Thanks for this nice effort. I'm 30 years old, recently I've found that I have endometriosis after I referd to a Gyno for fertility problem. It's like 5 months I'm trying to concive and from the start point I feel very bad nausea that goes with my cycle every months. I always have had very smooth period like Three days light bleeding and almost no pain, or may be some normal cramping. After an internal ultrasound my docter said I have endometriosis and the right ovary is not in a good condition.
    But still I feel no pain!
    He asked me to continue trying to concive at least for two months and then afterwards he will see if it didn't happen what we are going to start with to cure.

    I try to do not eat meat and milk. 🙁 I'm a fan of meat though.
    and I will go and by what you suggest to eat 🙂

    I don't want to go for surgury cause I believe it can come back and it can make more adhisions. I don't like hormonal therapy too.

    I try to be optimistic. Hope I could concive soon.

    Thanks dear


    • endoangel says:

      Hi Nazy,

      Thank you for the compliment! You might be a lucky girl and have few symptoms from Endometriosis! That is great! You could try Traditional Chinese Medicine or Homeopathy to find a natural way of healing. Even just including some things like Raspberry Leaf Tea and Maca could help you conceive. Maca puts our hormones back on track and would help with the nausea. It will also reduce the Endometriosis and prevent it from spreading further. Also, eat a minimum of 3 Brazil nuts everyday. They contain Selenium which is great for our immune system but has been proven to slow the growth of Endometriosis in Cows and hey, what harm can 3 nuts do? If you can't resist meat, just make sure it is organic cos the other stuff can contain Dioxin which is a toxin on the body.

      Good luck with falling pregnant! I am sure you will or at least enjoy trying!

  • Lina Arango says:

    Hi Melissa, your name on your previous post, endoangel is perfect, it truly is a relief to have found your blog. This is exactly the type of help that I'm looking for.
    I just went to the gyn last week, that a friend recommended as we were trying to get pregnant this year, and no luck.
    My symptoms were indicating that something was wrong. I have brown spots for about 10 days until my period comes. I have had pelvic pain for at least one year (I originally thought that something was wrong with my lower back) and lately I'm getting horrible cramps with my period. An ultrasound indicated that I had something going on the left part of my pelvis and close to the left ovary…. doctor said "I want you to read about something called endometriosis"… he gave an article where all of the different options to treat them were described, however, it didn't say anything about what causes it, or how it can be naturally treated, or even prevented. .. and here I'm… very very glad to have found your blog and all of your recommendations about food as it is said "we are what we eat"…. I will follow your blog very close and look forward to starting put in practice all of your recommendations.
    From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME ON THIS! I really helps knowing that there are people who can understand your concerns.

  • hi,
    I was diagnosed with endo few months bck when sonography revealed ovarian cyst. Ovarian cyst is removed in month of april 2010 and for may and june 2010 i was on lupride depo.. from july post my periods we started planning and trying for child. though the drs advised IVF straight away.. we refused to go for IVF…they said i have moderate to severe endo.. i am trying hard but my question to u is whther i should go in for IIVFor should i try naturally…what are my chances of conceiving naturally…

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jyoti,
      I think you know in yourself that IVF isn’t really a good idea. Try naturally with natural aids to help you conceive – Raspberry Leaf Tea is great – and see how you go for a few months. If you are still not successful in getting a little one, try going to a homeopath or naturopath instead. If your body is not conceiving, chances are it is not ready to carry a child. Your body needs to be healed before it can conceive. Focus on a good diet and boosting your liver and looking after yourself and giving your body the best nutrients. All my best wishes and enjoy trying for your baby! 🙂

  • hi,
    I am 35 yrs and was diagnosed with endo few months bck when sonography revealed ovarian cyst. Ovarian cyst is removed lapro in month of april 2010 and for month of may and june 2010 i was on lupride depo.. from july post my periods we started planning and trying for child. though the drs advised IVF straight away.. we refused to go for IVF…they said i have moderate to severe endo.. i am trying hard but my question to u is whther i should go in for IIVF now or should i try naturally…what are my chances of conceiving naturally? i am worried and feel depress each time i get my period.. Your site came as an angel spreading the message of help and compassion…
    thank you for such wonderful effort…

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jyoti,
      I am glad I could be your angel 🙂 Your body will be ready to conceive soon! Believe you can and you can achieve anything 🙂
      It is my pleasure! Don’t stop trying!

  • Carolyn says:

    Thanks for blogging on natural remedies, a friend of mine keeps referring me to more holistic doctors. My Endo has been in swing for seven years now, I found out when I was a senior in high school. I also thought I had found the love of my life, but I did not wait to have sex. It started as just chronic bladder infections, which morphed into constant pelvic pain. They attempted putting me on the pill a couple of times, with no avail. All the birth control did was force me into deep depressions and I would just cry for days. I did research and when I found the symptoms of Endo, I knew then that it had to be the answer. However, at 18 the lap-scope seemed very intimidating. After my first obgyn performed the surgery, she came back with the results that I was fine, no Endo. I went to urologists after that who put me through horrible testing, and they did find I had kidney stones, after the removal the pain did ease… until I had my period again. I definitely had moments of giving up all hope at living pain free, but my mom wouldn’t hear of it, so we continued to research doctors. We found a specialist in Endometriosis, who was able to look at the photos of my first Lap-scope and said with no hesitation that I had the disease. After getting over my rage at the misdiagnosis, I went in for my second Lap and he removed the lesions and tissues. He had me on Lupron which tricks my body into menopause, like you, I could only take it for six months due to risk of Osteoporosis. Lupron never really gave any relief to the pain, but it got rid of the nasty periods. Now, I have had about 6 periods since the treatment, the next always worse than the last. I feel now my options are limited to dealing with the periods and the pain and regularly have surgeries, or getting a hysterectomy. I have also heard from doctors that pregnancy helps, but I’m only 21! For now I just take the pain day by day.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      I am sorry to hear of your struggles with endless pain and that you have put your choices down to having a baby or a hysterectomy- especially since you are still so young! Perhaps you should try a Traditional Chinese Doctor or Homeopath. Have a read through Carolyn’s story from Endo-Resolved. This should give you heaps of encouragement to keep searching for a way to healing. Unfortunately, neither choices of having a baby or a hysterectomy are guaranteed methods of healing. When your body has regained it’s natural balance, then it can truly heal itself. Hope you find a better path than I chose at 21! 🙂

  • jyoti mukherjee says:

    Thank you so much for speedy reply.You mention homeopath and naturopath so is there any dr you would recommend who is specialized with endo.I am from Bangalore, India.I don’t know if you can help me with this info.

    Melissa i am really very thankful to you for understanding my anxiety and fear.. As you said one can acheive anything if one believe in it. I wish i can be so optimistic but i will try to be..Thank you very much .I think we all appreciate the help you extended to all of us. Your encouraging and positive words reduces our pain.

    god bless you angel..

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jyotee,
      It is my pleasure and I am glad to be able to make a difference to girls all around the world. I live in New Zealand so unfortunatley my naturopath might be a little far for you to travel to! 🙂
      Look for someone you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust.
      All the best,


  • Melissa says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I came across a link to your site by way of a chat forum and find your story to be very interesting. I was officially diagnosed with endo about 6 years ago, but have probably had it much longer. First, I want to say that it is great to see someone promoting health instead of meds. I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of Gerson therapy? It has help lots of people with many different diseases. I just recently learned of his work myself and I’m getting ready to start this healthy adventure. Dr Gerson believes that the body has the power to heal itself given that you put the right things in it. It’s a vegan diet with a lot of fresh natural juices. (13 8oz glasses a day)
    I too want to cure myself of endometriosis and not miss anymore life because of pain and or symptoms.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s people like you that make difference.

    Best Wishes,

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Melissa,
      Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information! I hadn’t heard of Gerson Therapy but will certainly look into it further to help girls who have read your comment. It sounds great already – always love suggestions for fresh natural juices! 🙂 Glad to have you on board to curing yourself! It is great when others believe and want to make change with me! Here’s to natural all the way!
      All the best,
      Melissa no.2

  • Laura Watson says:

    I have just read your story and I wanted to thank you for making me feel I am not the only person in the world with this horrible disease and with the belief that the natural way is the only way! I am 23 years old and have just found out I have endo and all the doctors have told me is that “I should go on the pill to help it”. I really dont want to but all my family think i am being silly by not listening to the doctor. Also I have completely changed me diet and have eliminated diary, meats etc however again, rather than praise my family think “I am being over the top” and that I am not helping myself at all. I have also throw out all of my make up as I am aware that much of it had “parabens in it” which are making my symptoms worse.

    Reading this has given me hope! thank you! It is comforting to know someone experiences the same pain as me, as no one around me understand what it is like and because i try to pretend its not that bad I am told “its all in your head”. I cant thank you enough!

    kind regards

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Laura,
      I am so happy you have managed to find my site and that it will hopefully give you the courage to go with what you know inside of you is the right way forward – naturall all the way baby! Trust me, I have gone down all the wrong paths and only really started to feel better once I went natural! Eventhough it is hard, we sometimes have to go against what others say and trust in ourselves!
      This is a very lonely condition sometimes because people can’t really relate to the pain. I describe it like having a really bad case of diarrhea exept you can’t get anything out! ….. well hey it describes it well! I did a video about how it really feels on You Tube. Check it out and maybe show your family if you want to.
      I am so glad to give you hope and encouragement! It will get better! You just have to hang in there and keep going! You are on the right track!
      Thank you too Laura for your wonderful comment and kind words! It makes me feel good too 🙂

  • Debbie says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve just had a laparoscopy where some endo was lasered out. I’m 37 and only found out a month ago that I have it. (Because my husband and I want children). It’s interesting that most people with endo seem to suffer from painful periods. I never have and only now have felt slight pain during sex or periods. I’m sure I’ve had it for at least 6 years. Like you, I’ve always had a feeling that there was something wrong with my “girlie bits”! Now that it’s a better known disease, suffering from the symptoms is better than not because at least you know something is wrong. I’m only finding this out now when I want to have kids and I’m quite old for that! (Perhaps if I’d known earlier, I’d have planned to have children sooner?) I live in South Africa like you used to and I’m seeing a naturopath who practices Chinese medicine. He is helping me get my body back into balance. I certainly don’t want to go through another laparoscopy! I’m going to follow your advice and watch my diet. Thank you so much for making a mystery condition less of a mystery. It’s easier to beat a disease that we understand.


    • Melissa says:

      Dear Debbie,
      Thank you for sharing your story. It is amazing how we somehow know what is wrong with us! Where about in SA are you? I am glad I could help! I know it is somehow nasty that you didn’t know but at least you didn’t spend your teens and 20’s in pain either! You will find your balance and be able to have kids – many women have even with endo! Glad you have found a naturopath and one who practices Chinese Medicine. Hope it all goes well and remember I am always here – even if I live on the other side of the world!

  • Patricia says:

    Im feeling better reading about all this; same situation that i having for a lot of years…. I would like to have somebody close to me that understand the pain,stress, depresion all of Endo things, really almost nobody understand. Fortunately i have a very good husband that understand but is not good that he always listend my sufering i think some day he wil tired about it. I would like to speak with somebody for share our sadness. I hate Endo!!! I’d wish to know about all of this recomendations long time ago, now probably is to late for me. Im still trying to concieve, still taking herbals and
    medicine. iM Taking Calendula, Omega 3, I do YOga and i’ll try Acunputure…could you
    please tell me what kind of teas??? I read just about Raspberry leads, but …what else, Im very desperate, this Endo make me feel crazy very often!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Thank you for sharing your pain and frustration! Lucky that you have a husband that understands what you are going through! It can feel never ending! I would strongly recommend seeing a Traditional Chinese Doctor, Naturopath or Homeopath to help you. They need to put you on a holistic healing plan. It is a combination of things that need to come together. I hope you have signed up to the video course as this will help you heaps! There are a number of teas to try but they will only help you with pain and not heal the cause. It does require some life changes but check out the video course and that will help you work out what you can do moving forward! 🙂 All the best and enjoy trying to have a baby!

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I am glad I could give you hope. I sometimes wonder if appendicitis and gallbladder issues are related. I know they both also relate to the liver and ultimately the immune system, so perhaps there is some correlation?
    Interesting theory though…

  • Dearne says:

    Hello – I’m so glad I found you!!! Like most I found it difficult to find a doctor that could actually help. I spent 10 years struggling to find out what was going on. A partial hysterectomy was suggested as the gyno believed it “may” help my bowel issues. I finally found a doctor that diagnosed endo of the bowel. I manage the best I can and with my wonderful Naturopath I am now almost pain free at period time. I am taking Chaste tree, fish oil and a women’s multi. I also take slippery elm daily in cold cammomile tea. I do drink far too much alcohol though!! Sorry I’m going “grog free in February” (thank heavens it’s a short month!!) I’ll keep a diary and see what improvements I notice. Both my mum and her mum had bowel problems. My mum had her apendix removed because she according to her doctor “stripped her bowel by taking too much all bran”. I now wonder if it was endo too. My dear Mum passed away at 56 from a rare leukemia in 2000, so I can’t ask her for any details. Wish me luck with my Grog Free Quest :0)

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Dearne,
      I am glad you found me too! 🙂 I am glad you decided to go against your doctors recommendation for a hysterectomy and gone down the path of natural healing. Slippery Elm is great for your digestion! Good luck with going “grog free in February”! You should notice an instant improvement with your tiredness. I feel terribly tired when I drink! Often Endo is passed on through the family tree! I only realised recently how my family issues are all related back to the liver! I am sorry to hear of your mom! Hopefully you can succeed in your healing and be Grog Free for even longer than Feb! All the best sweetie!

  • Kristin Kiley says:

    Hi I am currently doing research on Endo and how social networking brings women together. Would you be interested in taking my survey? It is for my master’s class on Communication Research. It would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Kristin
    If you wish to take it please click the link below!! Thanks again!


    • Melissa says:

      Thanks for sharing Kristin and I hope the information helps! Any of the other girls are more than welcome to fill in the survey too 🙂

  • Diane says:

    Please, every day, when you wake up, thank God for your husband and/or others who support you. I was diagnosed over four years ago (probably had suffered longer, but was on the pill, which had helped, but had to go off because of an 18-month migraine). I moved from San Francisco to Denver to be closer to my sister, who is my only family – my mother is dying from MS in a nursing home back East. She is only 63, and I am responsible for making decisions about her care. I have a brother, but we haven’t spoken in 5 years, as he does not agree with our decisions to use our family money to take care of our mother, since he feels it is his “inheritance”.

    Unfortunately, my sister, who is married, did not feel like dealing with a “sick” person, so I moved back to San Francisco. I had been offered a job, but it fell through, so now I am on the brink of homelessness, I have no family, no support, and cannot afford treatment (I was seeing a great physical therapist, a urologist, and doing yoga) let alone be able to afford to eat the expensive types of foods you describe. I don’t eat junk food, but I struggle to pay for my health insurance, so being able to afford anything extra is out of the question. And I know if my health insurance lapses, because of the crazy laws of the States, it would be almost impossible for me to get re-insured. But it costs USD$540 a month. And I still have a $2,000 annual deductible, so I still can’t afford to go to the doctor. Of course it doesn’t cover any sort of alternative care. Were it not for the support of my dog, I don’t know how I could go on.

    So when you’re feeling sorry for yourself, turn and look at your husband. And know there’s at least one person in this world going through this journey completely alone.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Diane,
      I am sorry to hear of your struggles. I think we are all tested in ways that we can overcome. It is a way to get stronger and grow and become a better person. You must already be a caring person to consider your mother in your life decisions. You have some amazing qualities inside of you that you can share and will share very soon! Divert your focus on helping others and you will find a much clearer and easier path for yourself. I hope this helps. All the best.

  • sharon says:

    Hi, I have stage 4 endo (I think the stages should be different) and have had it as long as I can remeber I am now 37.I have tryed many things.Saddly I have went though 3 very agressive treatment of Lupron including injecting myself daily..2 blood disorders are now showing up, and they are thinking I am going though oviarn failure.Has anyone else out there came up with blood disorders.Oh I have endo all the way up to my diaphragm.Yep top to bottom I am just waiting for it to show up on my leg or something lo l(it can go there).I am in the us but if anyone can help me please let me know, the pain is getting unbarable.I have tried many things(quite a few listed here) but nothing seem to help much.I also am getting the autoimmune disorders that follow.Thank you all who are trying to help each other 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Sharon. It hurts to read your story so I can imagine the pain must be even worse. Perhaps you should try a Traditional Chinese Doctor as an alternative. They work out specifics within your body and put you on a distinctive course for at least 6months. The healing techniques usually only work in combination but it is knowing what combination and what strength that varies between all of us. A natural practitioner will be able to work with your on a one on one basis to help you. All the best,

      • sharon says:

        I would love to try that option but the area I live in do not have traditional chinese Dr’s around.I have tryied some people who are trying to learn it but do not know much about it.Maybe I can move sometime to a better area for this…I read about the pill and the problems with it but I wonder if you only have options like that or surgery what do you try to do? Keep up the good work!

        • Melissa says:

          Hi Sharon. It is sad that there aren’t any Traditional Chinese Doctors where you live. Are there any acupuncturists? They often stock herbs that can be beneficial. Healing yourself naturally can be as simple as changing your diet, incorporating some super foods and including more exercise into your lifestyle. There are many things you can do on your own to feel better. Naturopaths and Chinese Doctors just give us additional advice and herbs to get us there easier.

    • kecia says:

      Hi , I have had Endo. since I was 21 and now I am 45. I have had three laproscopes and a misscarriage. My last surgery was about 9 years ago followed by Lupron and other meds to keep it under control. About two years ago I started feeling like it was coming back and fearful of another surgery I started researching natural supplements. I found DIM and started taking it. It was like night and day. It balanced my hormones and lightened my periods with zero clotting. I ran out this month and boy it was back full force.So DIM makes a big difference. Here is the link to one of the best DIM supplements even studied by Georgetown Medical University. http://www.bioresponse.com/BioResponse-DIM-150.asp
      I hope this helps.
      P.S. I always wondered why I had digestion problems during my periods. It felt like I had an ulcer. Even during ovulation. Thanks for this site its very helpful..

      • Melissa says:

        Hi Kecia! That is so funny. I had just heard about this from a colleague of mine yesterday! I am glad to get positive feedback on it!
        I am glad you like the site and incredibly happy you are finding natural solutions that are helping 🙂

      • sharon says:

        Is there a way to talk about this?I am really having a bunch of problems.I am going to look that up.I have hashimotos thyroidist too plus blood disorders, I really need help the endo assocation won’t help me much here in the states, this is the only place I have found help!I want to donate to them but why donate if you won’t even help?I know that sounds mean but I am so sick I cannot work anymore, money is tight.thank you all for your help 🙂

        • Melissa says:

          Hi Sharon,
          Kecia will hopefully reply to you soon 🙂 I have asked her to respond to you here in case you didn’t want your email given out. You can order the DM through this website: My Natural Fertility. Unfortunately I don’t feel experienced with your other conditions but perhaps Kecia can help 🙂

  • Francesca says:

    My mother is diagnosed with Adenomyosis with right ovarian cyst. She refused to go for surgery so im trying to look for another option.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I will ask my mum to try out the ginger+honey+turmeric drink. I know you mentioned that it works for Endometriosis but do you think it will work for Adenomyosis?
    Thank you again..

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Francesca and thanks for your question. I am unfortunately not that familiar with Adenomyosis but from reading up on it, it is found in the uterus wall rather than individual cells within the uterus itself. It can have no symptoms or similar symptoms to endo and similar treatments are prescribed. Apparently having a hysterectomy does actually cure it???
      I would say that since it is all related to our hormones, the information found on here would pertain to Adenomyosis too. I can’t see any harm in trying turmeric – it is like wonder powder! 🙂 Also, try my good old faithful – Maca Powder. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Josefina says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your website. I do find that it is nice to be able to read that I am not completely alone in this. I had laparascopy four and a half years ago, after ending up in the ER due to the excruciating pain. I had always had extremely painful periods to which I had always been told that it was “normal” and I was probably “exagerating” and that “all women have pain in thier days” but when I found myself screaming in pain I ended thinking it was probably appendicitis. Well after the laparoscopy my life changed. I could not believe the constant pain I had been in prior to the surgery, I was on top of the world. In order to “reduce the chances of re-growth” I was put on the birth control pill on an on-going cycle (no periods). Slowly I did notice lower back pain and pain during intercourse return, but made nothing of it. Abouth eight months ago I stopped taking the pill -my husband and I want children. Well… as I write this I have a hot water bottle on my belly and spent a weekend in which I could barely sit up, let alone walk, laugh or anything like that, all the pain is here again. I have decided to start the diet I have read about online over the weekend. I can definitely give up anything to get over this pain.
    Thank you for sharing and making me feel a little less alone!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Josefina and thanks for sharing your story. Your journey sounds very similar to mine and it is nice to be able be there for each other!
      Try getting onto some Evening Primrose Oil just in the meantime until you figure out all the dietary changes. They take a while to get used to and do adjust to them slowly so your body can catch up! All the best, Melissa

  • Kristin Kiley says:

    Hi Melissa, I think you have a great blog and many interesting topics are discussed. I also think the emotional support for women is powerful. I hope I could ask you some questions through Skype. Thanks, Kristin~

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Kristin and I am glad the support is powerful! I will contact you via email and we can set-up a time – though it can be tricky with the time differences!

  • Winifred says:

    Thanks for sharing and your bravery. Like you I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo about 15 years ago as well and in March 2008 I had my last surgery; where my fallopian tubes were removed. Therefore, I my only hope for a family one day is thru IVF or adoption both rather costly so I have no idea what the future holds with regards to having a family one day. Due to lots of prayers I am in a good place of acceptance and focusing on what I do have and being in a continuous state of gratitude. I have made a lot of changes over the years which has helped a great deal so I am not in constant pain. The one thing I would like to change is to stopping the birth control pills I take for suppressive therapy, just haven’t reached to that place yet, hopefully soon.
    Thanks again for sharing and tons of informative available.

    • Melissa says:

      It is my pleasure Winifred. It is good to see you are in a place of acceptance and focus on gratitude. That can be really hard for many of us when we have been suffering for so long.
      You will get there, when you are ready! At least you know where to look 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I am Melissa as well! I found your site through a chat forum and I am so happy I did. I am 25 years old and have been dealing with severe menstrual problems since I started my period when I was 12. For a short amount of time I was on birth control and the symptoms lessened but werent exactly..great. At that point Endo wasnt even in my mind because I was 18 and didnt think anything of it. About 2 years ago now I came off of my birth control and things have just gotten AWFUL since then. I have had serious gastrointestinal problems and pain. I have had a colonoscopy, upper endectomy, small bowel follow through, 2 CAT Scans and 4 internal ultrasounds and all of that looked great so my next step was to consider Endo. It has been so frustrating and scary not to have answers. However, today was actually the day of my first laparscopic surgery, Im surprised I am up and awake lol. They DID find some endometriosis but I wont get many details until my post-op appointment. I just wanted to let you know that reading your story has made me feel so much better. I have serious fears about not being able to conceive and pretty much just how to live normally. Its nice to hear someones REAL story and it makes me feel not so alone. I will definitely be visiting often!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi my fellow Melissa Endo friend. It sounds like things have been pretty nasty the last while. It can only get better from here on it, so hang in there 🙂
      Whatever it is, the same natural solutions apply, look after your body and give it the healing tools to heal itself. You will be fine 🙂
      Look forward to your future visits!

  • Steph says:

    Hi Melissa,
    It’s so amazing to read all the articles on your website and your advice. In the UK, we usually get told to get pregnant or go on hormone treatments to cure endometriosis!

    I was diagnosed last July via a laparoscopy and had laser surgery to remove it. We’d been trying to conceive for 8 months then. Within 5 days my usual endo pains were back. We were told there was no reason we couldn’t conceive, but have had no luck so far. I’ve just had another laparoscopy last week and had excision surgery this time. (they cut it out) I was told it’s aggressive endo now. I’m supposed to be feeling hopeful now that we can get pregnant and stop my endo coming back quickly, but I seem to be struggling to think positively. I’m seeing a reflexologist and having auricular acupuncture twice a week, but am seeing no benefits so far. She has me on chinese herbs to improve my kidney function. I totally believe that she knows what she’s doing, but my body won’t respond! I think maybe I should have a radical diet re-think and see if I can feel better that way. What foods would you suggest I definitely SHOULDN’T be eating, and what foods/drinks should I definitely add?…
    Thank you so much for all your articles and positive thinking

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Steph,
      It is possible that your body is resisting healing for one of two reasons. Either you are emotionally still holding onto something that you need to get rid of or your body is not ready to absorb the nutrients in the body. If your digestion is not good, maybe consider getting onto some Slippery Elm powder and Aloe Vera Juice. Your diet is MASSIVE in terms of healing. I am going to be launching a course called “Eating with Mel” in the next few weeks which will cover exactly what to eat and when. In the meantime, stick to the golden rules: avoid gluten, dairy, meat. Eat fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and as many superfoods as you can. I would recommend Maca Root, Aloe Vera Juice and Goji Berries or any kind of berry – blueberries, blackberries any of those are really good.
      It is my pleasure 🙂

  • Steph says:

    Thanks for your reply Mel,
    I’ve started writing down what I’m eating, so I can be more aware. How much Maca would you recommend taking?… I’ve got some tablets, is that ok or should it be the powder?.. I’m off out tomorrow to buy some Aloe Vera and Spirulina. How do you take these? Are they ok pure, or do I need to mix them in with something?…
    I’ve added in a probiotic acidophillus supplement recently to improve digestion. I’m also trying to eat porridge (oats) for breakfast and top with Goji berries, wheatgerm and mixed seeds.
    You’re probably right about the emotional issues. I see a reflexologist once a week and she’s a trained counsellor. I feel better talking to her, but not really sure how to leave everything behind and move on.
    Steph x

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Steph. I found the Maca really hard to take as a powder. It tastes just nasty 🙁
      Aloe Vera is quite easy to drink – might take a little getting used to but I found it fine, even on its own. Spirulina can be a little challenging too. I usually mix it in with my juice in the morning but I also got the tablets incase I don’t want a spirulina flavoured juice 🙂
      I found focusing on ones emotions really hard. We often don’t even know what the issues are. I found Emotional Freedom Technique the best way to really let things leave your body permanently.
      Congrats on taking those first steps to healing 🙂

      • Steph says:

        I’ll have a look at that Emotional Freedom Technique and see if it helps.
        I bought some Aloe Vera today and will mix it in with my juice first I think. I’ve also got some Maca 500mg tablets. How many would you recommend I take each day?…
        I’ve heard you recommend Evening Primrose Oil too. How much of that should I try each day?… Spirulina is on it’s way, but I think I’ll be mixing that in with things!
        One last question (!) you suggested we cut out sugar, does this mean all sugar including the sugar found in fruits and fruit juices?…..

        Thanks for helping me to heal!
        Steph x

        • Melissa says:

          Hey Steph. I would start with a small dose of Aloe Vera as it does take some of us a little to adapt to. Just 30ml once a day to start. Maca I would probably have 4 tablets a day initially but only take it on days 1-14 of our cycle. Evening Primrose, 2 tablets a day should do 🙂 Depends on your level of soreness.
          Sugar …. fruit and fruit juices is okay. Just avoid having them at night and after food. Ideally have them before food. Don’t overdo them and always put veggies in your juice – carrot, cabbage, beetroot. Makes them go down easy too 🙂

  • Steph says:

    Thanks for all the advice. 🙂
    If you’re ‘trying to conceive’ are you supposed to stop Evening Primrose Oil at
    ovulation too?.. Think I’ve read that somewhere.
    I’ve been putting the Aloe Vera in my pineapple juice and can’t even taste it.

    Steph x

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Steph. Yip that is correct. From Menstruation to ovulation is best. Here is a specific article for fertility and evening primrose oil for you:
      I don’t find the Aloe bad at all. Spirulina is the one I struggle with – need heaps of other fruit and veg in my juice with that one! It also turns everything kinda karki colored!
      Happy baby creating 🙂

  • melissa says:

    i think i have your condition but no doctor has been able to confirm it.

  • Claudia says:

    Hi Melissa,
    What a great blog! I’m fed up with endometriosis. I have just had a laparascopy and confirmed I had a chocolate cyst and all sorts of adhesions/endo on my bladder and liver. I was hoping to find out if you have gone through the journey of trying to conceive? I am sorry if I bring up something painful for you. I want to find out how this will impact my life in this way.

    Thanks & I look forward to reading more on your blog..so much info!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Claudia,
      I am glad it has given you so much 🙂
      No, I can’t say I have tried to conceive if it is something I really want, whether that is intentional or not. I think I will know when I am ready and my body is ready and then it will happen. I can’t say I have a massive urge to have a baby right now though. You can choose how anything impacts on your life – good or bad 🙂 That choice is always yours.

  • Kimberley says:

    Hi Melissa, do you have any information on miscarriage rates. I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant and keep hearing that we have a higher risk of miscarriage. I even saw an article that suggested 1 in 2 women with endometriosis will miscarry? As you can probably guess, I’m petrified! Do you have a previous article or knowledge of a good article regarding this matter.

    Thanks heaps

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Kimberley. No sorry I don’t have any on hand but perhaps it is not a good way to think about things. Maybe you are better off giving yourself the best way of having a successful pregnancy. Get onto some Raspberry Leaf Tea and eat heaps of fruits and vegetables. Drink a home-made juice every morning and take up walking or Yoga for pregnant ladies. Worrying and creating a miscarriage in yoru mind is just going to create stress and no matter what the statistics say, you don’t have to be one of them 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Kimberley, congratulations! When I was pregnant with my first son at 35 my doctor made sure that my progesterone levels were going up. She did this with a simple blood test. She even called me screaming the exciting news! I never was told that I had a higher chance of miscarry only an ectopic pregnancy. I made a smoothies every morning with almond milk,flaxseed oil plain yogurt and fruit. It was so yummy. I had my second child 3 years later. They were both surprises and what blessings. I have done a lot alternative medicine to coup with my endo. Prenatal messages really help. I agree with Melissa try and do things that don’t stress you. Many blessing to you and your baby.

  • Danielle Solazzo says:

    I have been following you for quite some time and you have changed my life. I have been suffering for 10 years and you are such an inspiration. Thank you.

  • Danielle Solazzo says:

    Mel-You are beautiful…check out this site…http://crazysexylife.com/

  • lana says:

    It is really nice to see you have a partner, he looks like he is supportive and you look happy together. I think it is really difficult to find that today, even more so with a condition like Endometriosis, it forces us to have to be so personal and honest. Glad for you that you have found that. It is hard when you are single to have faith that we will find someone who will understand us and be by our side.

    Love and peace

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Lana. I know when I was single it seemed like the most impossible task but when it happens it all seems so easy and simple. I went online to find James – it worked wonders! Never give up and believe you can find someone and you will. You deserve it after all 🙂

  • soraya says:

    I’m 19 and I am quite concerned and anxious because I seem to have so many of the symptoms.
    I’m going to the doctor this week to discuss my symptoms and do a blood test.I’m not sure whether to bring up the idea of endo with the doctor or not.
    I’m quite scared because my general health just doesn’t feel right, even though I eat well and avoid nasty foods. It is nice to know that all this information is here and this website is here if it comes to that, but the information is also generally good to know for everyday wellness and trating your body right.Thankyou for the information.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Soraya, It is my pleasure and I am glad you can feel some relief in knowing it is here, if you need it. Health is funny. On some level, knowing what we have makes us feel better but the reality is, the process for healing is the same: good food, low stress and exercise. It isn’t complicated but sometimes it is hard to take responsibility 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Melissa

    Ironically, I have stumbled across your blog as I am deciding whether to go off the pill.. however I know that there are no accidents and clearly i was meant to find it…

    I am 39 (a kiwi living in oz) and have had 2 operations for endometriosis, one in NZ in 2004 and one in Aus in 2008. The second time it presented differently and was more like IBS however it was endo again…

    I’ve been on the pill since I was 19 and after the last operation, my specialist told me to only have my period every 3 months. I have been pain free however i’m conscious that my hormones are out of whack.

    I’m about to see Lily liu who is meant to be famous for dealing with endo using Chinese traditional medicine…

    It suddenly dawned on me that i’ve been on the pill the whole time and the endo still came back… i have changed my life dramatically in the last 2 years to reduce the high stress, lack of sleep etc and believe this has assisted my body to heal itself.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog, its helped cement my decision that its time to come off the pill and finalise the healing through natural therapies…

    To more people finding a life without endo

    • Michelle says:

      p.s. as an NLP Life Coach, I totally support your statements on eliminating negative emotions such as anger, fear and sadness, its a huge tool in healing your body…

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Michelle and welcome to my blog 🙂 Nice to have a Kiwi follower! I have to say that chinese medicine would still have to be my favourite choice for endo. Finding a good practitioner is half the struggle – so glad you found Lily Liu. Unfortunately I think the pill only subdues endo and when we go off it, it fights back harder….making us just want to go back on it – catch 22 really. Glad you have made the decision though and I hope you find natural healing 🙂

    • ivana says:

      Hi Melissa & all, I have endo, have had two operations and have recently been told that it is back. I have just had a failed IVF treatement and I am like all of you looking to find a cure for endo and hopefully get and stay pregnant. I am ready to start looking into traditional chinese medicine, can anyone recommend a place in Melbourne area, lots of them come up when I search but would love to have a recommedation. Thanks

      • Melissa says:

        Hi Ivana,

        I found one in Brighton, or near there somewhere that was brilliant. He is a western doctor, trained in Chinese Medicine and it is great cos he understands you more 🙂
        I used to live in Elwood, so it is near there – Bay street I think. Sorry, can’t remember his name but if you drive down there, you will probably find him.
        Chinese Medicine is fabulous! 🙂

  • julia says:

    dear melissa,
    i was diagnosed very recently, and am recovering from my first (hopefully only) laproscopic procedure. i found your website yesterday when i was searching for ‘alternative’ ways to heal, and perhaps keep the endo and its symptoms at bay. i just want to thank you for such a wonderful resource that you have provided- pro-active methods for us to try and do something about it, and not just sit back and hope the doctors take care of it. since i started having discomfort, the only physical activity i really felt like doing was yoga- and because of the yoga, i started to be more mindful of eating foods that detox and provide more nutrients… and now, after finding your website, im encouraged to keep going, and to make additional changes to my diet. one thing i found interesting was the connection between endo and hot-cold sensitivities. i only recently started getting chillblains, and struggle with regulating my body temperature. it is truly as though there may be some sort of imbalance in my system that needs working out.
    i will continue to read your articles and the comments that other readers have posted. thank you for your inspiration!
    happy holidays,

  • tanaya says:

    hi my name is tanaya im 23 years old and have been suffering endo since 14years old. kast year at 22 i had 4 surgeries for endo including a tumor removed. since the tumor was removed in october 2011 ive had 15 trips by ambulance in severe pain and many appointments with my specialist and gp. they said theres nothing more they can do for me anymore. im currently taking 5 endones a day but still in agony. i have asked for a hestorectomy to cure the severity of my endo. but i have no i dear what else to do now im always in agony

  • lisaisz says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Jus quick note to.respond to taking fabrovan .
    A few years ago, before the FDA info was on the website, I called to talk to the doctor that makes the product and has the website. I spoke to him About the FDA and the soy in the pill.å
    He told me it was extremely difficult to work with the FDA because of money.
    He says he remains discreet so he doesn’t draw attention since the government wants to
    Control the entire natural drug industry, ( this i know to be fact because of conversations with halistic healers i’ve had conversations with). He isnt being dishonest and if you call him, he will gladly talk to you for as long as you need to and explain everything. Also he explained the soy extract which is organic and not genetically modified and is different from the processed soy products we are meant to stay away from. If you read a bit about natural organic soybeans, they actually help balance the hormonal system. I have been taking fibrovan for 1 1/2 .months now and so far I have had relief from my bladder and i actually have had my stomach shrink. I no longer feel the heaviness and bloating. The fibroids begin to shrink only in the 3rd month,not before. Some of the responses I read were woman claiming they felt no shrinkage after taking fibrovan for 1 month. That’s probably because they haven’t taken it long enough. Also I am an organic vegan. I’m thinking that if woman eat animal and fish loaded with hormones and are taking fibrovan, maybe they are being counter productive? Just some things to think about.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Lisa,
      That is very interesting and thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. The downside with soy, regardless of it’s source is the high phytoestrogen content it has. This is fine for a short time and might offer some relief to women with big cysts but the danger is when that balance topples the other way. The animal fats will have an effect on the Xenoestrogen content in the body and create more Oestrogen imbalance. Check out this article I did on Phytoestrogens which might explain things a little better. https://www.endoempowered.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-taking-red-clover-for-endometriosis/
      I am hesitant on phytoestrogens in general. Not sure why but maybe it works for some girls. Hope it continues to help you 🙂

  • linda says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I swear I thought I was alone. I am 6 out of 7 girls in my family and I am the Only one with ENDOMETROSIS. I wanted to share my recent happenings and get an opinion.

    I did not start my period until I was 18. And then it was only every 6 months. The pain was so severe that on my second period I went to the hospital. They sent my back to the GYN unit and put me on birth control pills which made a tremendous difference.
    However, I was not fully aware that this helped because I was so young and uneducated on the subject. The Dr. did not even DX me with endo , as far as I can remember. and I would not have know what it was if he did.
    I stayed on the pill for 2 years and stopped , not really knowing that they were prescribed to regulate me and help with endo.
    Like I said , I was young, uneducated and modest.
    I stopped taking the pill around 20 not really understanding the way they helped regulate me and help with the endo pain. In college, when I was around 21, the campus ARNP told me I probably had endometriosis and gave me some pills. Dont know what they were. I wanted to have children at 25 and was off the pill ,using 8-10 Advil pills at one time to stop the pain. I though all women felt these -because I hear women saying they have cramps. I never discussed it with my DR.
    I figured out that it was not normal when my sister found me almost passed out, vomiting. and called for help….I said no Its just my period…..she said thats not normal.
    I am 42 now.

    I had my tubes tied at age 30.
    My endo pain has gotten so bad in the last year that I curl up into the fetal position and just cry until I fall asleep (after taking muscle relaxers)
    I had to stop taking NSAIDs due to 5 stomach ulcers.
    Last July 2011, I had pancreatitis, and I stayed sick in and out the hospital until March 2012.
    I had hematuria, and anemia, along with kidney, flank and groin pain.
    My uterus is prolapsed and I will have to have a hysterectomy soon.

    However, this puzzles me. The flank pain started in July 2011
    In February 2012 The flank pain climaxed and I went to the hospital
    They scraped my bladder to screen for cancer. and gave me Ketorolac
    When I got home I stated my period. But it was different. The pain was slight and the blood was watery.
    The next week They did a cystoscopy and said that there were small amounts of endometrial tissue on my ureters (The tubes to my kidneys)
    The urologist said the bladder was very irritated , there were abnormal cells in the bladder and that he scraped them out so they could rejuvenate. (NO Cancer)
    In March my period was the same way as in February. very light and easy with minimal pain.
    Now in April the same thing.
    I feel so relieved. Happy
    I feel normal……
    I don’t know what happened but I hope it last.

    Do you think this will last or do you think the pain will return?
    I may not get the hysterectomy if the pain will stay at bay.
    I have had 2 D&C s and my uterus is still enlarged
    I WENT FROM HAVE A 1000000000000000000000000 ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10 TO ABOUT A 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am trying to decide if I should get the hysterectomy before my insurance runs out as I am also going through a divorce.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Linda,
      I am glad you feel better but unfortunately endo has a nasty habit of growing back. I speak for sad experience of 7 operations! A hysterectomy is also no sure cure for endo – even if doctors tell you that it is. The only way is to look after the body and really heal it. Natural treatments have succeeded at doing this. Check out this blog story of a girl who has experience with it all: https://www.endoempowered.com/caro/

  • lINDA says:

    Hi Melissa

    Thank you for sharing your experience and what you have been through with us. I am currently in NZ too, and been thru natural massages (for infertility) and reflexology and relaxation and did laparascopy where doctor removed my endo some how …but still am in the waiting list for IVF, still waiting and waiting…the doc told me i should get pregnant naturally …as my chances r better nw after operation..but NOPE nothing yet..very very stressfull..
    I just gave up thinking about it, i feel I have no chance 🙁 and endometriosis will always come back and haunt me down…..//

    • Melissa says:

      Hi India and welcome. Endo doesn’t have to haunt you and you can get pregnant – many women with endo have 🙂
      Check out my free ebook for more ideas: https://www.endoempowered.com/pregnant-endometriosis/

    • lINDA says:

      Thank you Melissa, 🙂

    • Hi Melissa. Never thought I’d find a website devoted to CURING endo. I like most of your readers have struggled with endo since high school. I am now 49 and entering the very unanticipated and rather harrowing season of perimenopause. I am all for natural cures and healing modalities (love how you include the psychological also) but curious if you have dealt with women in perimenopause and menopause with endo. It’s a whole new ballgame with the hormones! I recently had my 3rd lap done robotically and had a brilliant surgeon who specializes in this say there is nothing that will stop the endo from growing back ESPECIALLY during this intense time of hormonal flux. I am restricting my diet, (love Hungry For Change and Forks Over Knives), am trying to work out daily and working on living a quieter life even with kids, marriage and working! But, I have surrendered to a low does birth control pill to help regulate the hormone changes. Can you speak to women dealing with this season? It is unlike any other. Thanks so much for your investment into this worthy purpose.

      • Melissa says:

        Hi Candy and welcome! Love having trained experts on the blog 🙂
        I would suggest reading a book by Dr John Lee. It is brilliant and explains hormones and imbalances better than I could ever do in a short comment box 🙂 It might be worth doing a short stint of progesterone cream to get things into normality rather than the pill – you will read more on that in the book.
        Diet does play a huge role – remember to add more good stuff in too 🙂 Get onto some Moringa and other superfoods to really boost your body.
        Great to have met you and looking forward to helping you on your endo journey 🙂

  • Lindsey says:

    Hello Melissa-
    I’m Lindsey, I’m 26 years old, and found out that I had Endo. at the age of 24 years. Even though I knew for over two years that it was what I had. I just didn’t have health insurance to go to a doctor. I kept going into the E.R. for pain. Everytime I went, they would tell me i had pelvic inflammatory disease. I was given so many different anti-biotics and pain meds. I researched online my symptoms and I always came up with Endo. But I couldn’t prove it in the E.R. They would only do ultra sounds, or pelvic exams. I remember in one night I had 3 or 4 different doctors look at me, and do numerous pelvic exams. I was in such pain, I just wanted to run out of there. After about a year of going to the E.R. for my pain, I finally got approved for insurance. I met my doctor who “specialized” in Endo. He was very old school though. He had me scheduled for my first surgery (laparoscopy) two weeks later. I had that done in May of 2010. I was still in pain after my surgery though. So later he sent me to see a Urologist. I soon had a test done that was so painful, and then later found out after a Cystoscopy, that I had I.C. this year I found out that I also have IBS as well. I felt like I just couldn’t catch a break. It’s now April 2012, and I’m still experiencing severe pain. My doctor seems to have given up on me though. I can’t get him to help me out what so ever. His last suggestion was for me to start taking Lupron Depot (a shot once a month & pill once a day for 6 mths.) I looked into it, and learned that so many women had horrific results and I told him “No way am I taking that shot or pill!” I begged my doctor to do a Hystorectomy & Oophorectomy. He has refused, even though I have been lucky enough to have two children already. One girl & one boy. I’m done having children, and I want to be out of pain. So why isn’t it my choice? I’m sick of being in so much pain, that sex is horrible. I’m scared for my families survival. Sex is a very important thing in a marriage. I refuse to allow this disease or whatever you want to call it, come between my marriage & I.
    I hope someday I will find a new doctor who will agree and do these surgeries.
    Thanks so much for listening to my story.

    <3 Lindsey

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Lindsey,
      Luckily you stumbled on my site! 🙂
      There are better options than just surgery, lupron or a hyster! You can heal the reason your body has developed these inflammatory conditions. Inflammation is caused by having too many toxins in the body. The body almost becomes over sensitive because of them and inflames the tissues in an attempt to heal us. The key is to reduce the inflammation by choosing foods that do that and also to rid the body of excess toxins. You can find all of this information in my blog – just check out a few articles here:https://www.endoempowered.com/treatment-options-for-endometriosis/

      Congratulations on your two kids. You are very blessed.
      You can have sex again. Just heal your body the natural way and it will all come together again.
      Diet is your first step and then releasing toxins.
      Do more research through this blog and you will find the answers 🙂

  • Mel Mazrreku says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I have just come accross your blog, and it looks great. I am 29 years old and have just recently had my 3rd laparoscopy. The consultant has said I have grade 4 endo. He had to do a lot of work on me in the operation and had to untangle my tubes and get rid of loads of old endo scarring. I am desperate to have a baby with my husband so we have just started trying. The consltant has said that he cannot see any reason why I should not be able to have a baby although it may take me longer to conceive.
    I have been following the endo diet for about 6 months or so and feel great. I have no wheat, dairy, caffiene, sugar etc and have never felt better although I do still get tired very easily but I guess that is down to the endometriosis. The trouble with me is that I am so focused on getting pregnant and am getting so stressed about that fact that maybe it won’t happen or something will go wring that I am working myself up and I know that this is not going to help me and thinking negatively will only encourage negative things to happen. Do you have any suggestions on how I can reduce my stress levels?
    I also think I may have candida, should I give up fruit for a few months – the information out there is so confusing as I know fruit and vegetables are very important when trying to conceive but they say that fruit can cause candida to grow??!!
    Keep up this blog, it is wonderful.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Mel and welcome 🙂
      I can totally understand your desire to have a child and how that could cause you extra stress. I think us endo girls somehow create stress for ourselves sometimes 🙂 I would try and shift your focus on other things mentally – maybe think of all things you won’t have time to do when you have a baby that you can do now. Take up Salsa dancing, painting or anything that you have thought that might interest you and it will help shift you focus just a little. You can also take supplements that naturally decrease stress like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola. Just take a little each day and you will find you feel more relaxed.
      There is a different approach to Candida besides just avoidance 🙂 – luckily or we might run out of food to eat! You can boost your digestive system with good bacteria. I have only recently discovered this and it is truly amazing at healing our bodies. They are called Fermented foods. I know it sounds simple but they have massive health benefits for us. https://www.endoempowered.com/fermented-foods-candida/
      You can avoid certain foods which have a higher fructose level like apples and stone fruits but I think sugar, grains and alcohol are the main ones you want to avoid.
      Well done on your diet and I am happy to hear you have made so many changes with good results.
      Please let me know how your journey is going and feel free to ask any questions along the way 🙂

      Hugs back Mel

  • Suzanne says:

    Hi! I too have stage 4 endo. Last week I had my hystorectimy surgery done. I feel a lot better besides the surgical wounds. Had no idea I had it that bad. I had my tubes tied two years ago and my hump at the time never said anything about it. Surley I had it then. I wish I knew how long it took to get to that stage. Does anyone know? Just wondering. Also, I enjoyed the blog. Nice to know there is so much support out there.

  • Beth says:

    Hello, I found out I had Endo when I was 29, but my gyno told me, I most likely have had it for years. But I had no clue, till i found out the what exactly was happening to me. I always had heavy periods, but it all got worst after the birth of my child when I was 17. I just thought the pain was normal, because of my painful heavy periods. I started to get worried when I was throwing blood clots, and was told thats not normal by my sister. I went through 2 internal ultra sounds, they saw something on my scan, but it wasnt Endo, but my doctor told me that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in there, i was told ultra sounds can’t see inside the overies, or the falopian tubes, so I had a laproscopy done, and for some time i was pain free. but now i’m seeing the signs come back a year and 3 months later.

    But because of all this im going through, I decided to not have anymore children, which in turn, I left my husband. (he wants children), I chose to walk away so he could have the babies he wants, I wasn’t gonna let my problem kill his dreams. It was a really hard choice, but needed to be done. And from what I see now, is he is so much happier.
    And that makes me happy he could move on with his life.

    I can’t handle this pain anymore, but I refuse to go for more surgery, and hormones are out of the question. Family history is the reason I choose this.

    The one thing I found out is Endo is inherrited, so now I can try and help my daughter through this as well. if only i can figure out how to fix the pain.

    I thank you for this site, it has helpped alot.


  • Ruso says:

    I agree with all of you, especially re anger and unforgiveness towards anybody, which kills our body. In parallel to the veggie diet, I also do deep breathing exercise before going to sleep, drink ginger tea (100-200 mlg) and apple cider vinegar, I totally excluded beef and meat in general as well as all kinds of sweets (chocolate, etc). I am taking herbal medicine and also imagining my ovaries and uterus in perfect condition. I also have endo, been operated 10 years ago on both ovaries, though have possible relapse with a cyst of about 6 sm in addition. I am firmly sure that my efforts will bring positive results when I see my doctor next month. I have strongly decided not to do any more operation, as it is helpless and fails to STOP the process.

    Oh, one more extremely important thing: keep on drinking mineral-rich water (calcium, magnesium, potassum, etc.), at least 3 lites per day. Personally I drink X20 Xooma (3 bags), which is fabulous, you can check yourself. Don’t fall in panic, everything can be regulated, it’s just us who can order our body to function normally:-)

  • michelle anastasio says:

    Hello Melissa,

    I just wanted to say thank you for starting your site. I’ve been following your site when I stumbled upon it via an internet search looking for people and alternative ways in dealing with my Endo. I always find so much useful information on your site for an overall approach to dealing with it.

    In sharing my story, I ended up having just one laparoscopy after suffering for so many years, which resulted in a major staff infection, far, far greater of a health problem than what I originally went in for. I spent 14 days in the hospital with tubes carrying antibiotics to the infection that was growing bigger and bigger in my abdomen. The staff infection completely ruined my fallopian tubes and I will no able to have children at this point. I am only 35. I just wanted to share my story as I am not able to take birth control to treat my Endo so it was either go in for the surgeries every few years to clear away the tissue or just deal with the pain. Long story short, I will never go for another laparoscopy because of this horrible ordeal and I’ve working with a naturepathic doctor since. I am now on my 4th month of bio-identical hormone therapy and still working with my diet. It needs tweaking but I am feeling better than I ever have, even out of surgery. I just wanted to share my story with you and I hope it works for many others as well. Thank you again for sharing your journey and keeping us informed on everything. kinest regards,

  • Aryn says:

    Your website is great! Thank you for sharing your story! I have severe Endometriosis pain from my waist to my knees front and back. It’s especially bad in my thighs, hips, and lower back. The pain is chronic everyday, and worse around my period and ovulation. I’ve had four surgeries which did not help much. The pain returns and increases with every period. The same thing happened when my period returned 3 weeks after having a baby. Birth control or progesterone pills also did not help much. The only thing that has ever really helped is the Mirena IUD. But after 6 months it perforated my uterus and I had to have surgery to remove it. The doctor said I can’t get another IUD. So now I’m once again faced with the severe pain and trying to figure out what to do next. The doctor recommends Depo-Provera shots. It’s a lot more scary than the IUD because the hormone goes all over the body causing more risks and side effects. I really would like to try the natural things you suggest. My problem with the natural route is the time issue. My pain is already severe and limiting after 1 period off the IUD. After prior surgeries, the pain was excruciating again after 3 periods. One thought is to do the Depo-Provera shots for a few months while I establish the natural treatment, but that sounds like it may not work from what you said about medication preventing your liver from detoxing. Do you have any suggestions for pain relief while waiting for the natural treatment to work? Thanks for your time!

  • France says:

    Hi Melissa, I admire your strenght and even the time you spend sharing your story and helping others.I found a lot of answers in your blog and it gives the courage to stand up and regain my health back. I couldn t find much infos about pain in rectum with endo. I guess i m one of the rare “lucky one” to have a lot of pain after every bowel movement, sometimes less, sometimes i can t barely walk. I have been away from all those food that triggers endo but still have such a very sensitive immune system. I had surgery april 2d after 4 months of major pain in tummy and rectum. I couldn t eat anything at all. It s much better since the surgery. even though i removed all the food that are endomaging my immune system, I still feel bloated and can t eat much when I m tired and just don t know why. It just seems I get well then stick with this and something else comes up. I m tired of being tired but i hold on. Do you have any recomendations for the rectum area beside epsom salt bath, walking helps and resting. anything else??
    thank you very much.
    France faucheux
    Whistler, BC

    • Melissa says:

      Hi France and welcome to my blog 🙂
      I personally don’t and haven’t really experienced that much pain within the rectum, which is perhaps why I haven’t shared this experience. I do get some pain when I get constipated but not to the point where I can’t walk – sorry sweets to hear of your struggles 🙂
      I can however recommend that you start by healing your gut. There are heaps of books on it and I am currently reading a book by Donna Gates called The Body Ecology Diet, which goes into great detail on what causes imbalances and actually lists Endometriosis as a symptom of Candida! I personally am quite keen to follow her diet for a while to see if my digestion improves. It is quite different as you eat a heap of fermented foods on the diet – which none of the other diets have recommended so far.
      If you like, we can do the diet together in a few weeks. You will need to prepare some real Fermented Sauerkraut and other fermented foods to do it but you should find those online fairly easily.
      Another thing that might help too would be a Colonic. I did a few of these at the beginning of the year and it helped me heaps! It gives you a great starting block to heal the gut!
      Just use the search button on my blog and you will find heaps of articles on all of these 🙂

  • Lana says:

    Hello to France,

    I also get pain in the rectum/bum and lower back. it used to be extremely bad especially when sitting down when i had a period, it would feel like a knife had stabbed me because it was a very sudden and ‘sharp’ pain. Sorry to hear of your struggles and just wanted to let you know I suffer with that as well, i used to think it was crazy to explain that kind of pain to anyone. I guess that can mean that the endometrial cells could be behind or around the rectum or intestines and if they attach to the surrounding organs this causes us pain with movement(the body), bowel movements and sex. A Naturopath described it as a ‘frozen pelvis’. I have been noticing this frozen feeling lately in my pelvic area and the back too but i try and avoid thinking about the details because i dont want to attract more of the pain.
    Melissa, do you have any theories as to why I could be getting really bad lower back cramping with the first day of period? I had a kidney infection once and the pain is similar-not sharp (like in the lower abdomen) but around the back and mostly really bad dragging cramping…Is it possible for Endometriosis to affect the kidneys perhaps? i alrady think i have interstitial cystitis but this is a new ‘pain’.


  • Hayley says:

    Hi Mel, thank you so much for this website! I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo 2 months ago after a lap. We have been trying to get pregnant after suffering a miscarriage 2 years ago. The endo has messed up my tubes so our only option now is IVF. I want to get fit and healthy and do things naturally (can’t take any hormone related drugs anyway) I’ve read so many horror stories about the medical treatments that I want to steer clear. I’ve also just been told I have an underactive thyroid which apparently is quite common with endo sufferers. I have also suffered from chronic tailbone pain for 2 years that has now only been connected with the endo – which in one way is a relief to know what the heck caused this daily pain! I’ve been on so may websites, read so many books that I’m overwhelmed by information and its usually all been very negative – but not here!! I’m feeling so much more positive about healing my body. I’ve subscribed to your feeds and I’m looking forward to following your advice. We haven’t decided on the whole IVF issue yet – I want to feel well before we make a decision. Thanks again for all this information, Hx

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Hayley and welcome 🙂
      I am glad you found me too. It has been my mission to provide exactly the space you describe – positive and healing 🙂
      IVF is always an option but maybe try allowing your body to heal first 🙂 Pleasure.

  • katy says:

    Hi Mel,
    How amazing to have found you here. I would like to introduce you to a book called Hinton Health. Please look it up online. It is written by nature cure practitioners in australia. I have grown up practicing this way of life..
    Unfortunately, teen years and most of my twenties were consumed by too much of the fun stuff. As i have never spent much time at the doctors I have not been diagnosed with endo. But i have lived with symptoms for years. The crazy pms, painful periods and twinges when ovulating, tc etc. I realized last year after a miscarriage that my body was in a bad way. By nov I needed bed rest and had worse pain here in my life.
    This year I am working on my health. I have moved from melbourne up to my parents property just north of the daintree and i am taking on everything hinton health incorporates. Fresh air, pure water, spinal integrity, rest, hydrotherapy, local, organic food. I, like you, have sought out yoga.
    The pain has dramatically decreased, and periods are much easier now. Throughout the month I still get small twinges as a reminder. But with this lifestyle being sustained i feel confident I will rid myself of dis-ease. Thanks for listening and i hope to hear more from you.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Katy,
      It is wonderful to meet you and thank you for sharing your story. It is amazing when we do discover these amazing resources that do exist that can help us on our healing path! Well done in making the decision to make your health a priority – that sounds lovely! I used to live in the Daintree and just loved it! So lovely and warm 🙂 Do you have the author of the book aswell? look forward to reading it!

  • Tracy says:

    Hi Melissa, I like your blog and foudn many useful information on Endometriosis. I just had my laparoscopy 3 weeks ago and on the triptorelin jabs for 6 months. I am recovering well.

    It is a new perspective for me on natural healing.

    I am creating a lens in Squidoo.com and would like to put your web link to my lens.

    Well Done!

  • Melita says:

    Hi Melissa!
    Thank you for your wonderful website. I am 36, have been diagnosed 10 yrs ago when I had ovarian cysts surgically removed. Have been on/off pills ever since. Two years ago the doctor put me back on the pill and told me to never go off the pill again or I will have to undergo another surgery (because new ovarian cysts grew when I was off). I am confused. I cleared most of the endo symptoms through yoga and avoiding wheat and sugar, however I am afraid of the another surgery. But I would really want to be pill-free. Please give me advice.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Melita,
      The pill is merely covering up the symptoms of Endometriosis. It doesn’t actually get to the root cause of why we developed Endometriosis in the first place. I was on the pill for 7years for the same reasons as you. It unfortunately is not a natural substance and merely mimicks our hormones. These unnatural substances interfere with all sorts of mineral absorption and our natural hormones. When we come off the pill, it means our Oestrogen levels shoot right up and can cause more growth to take place – cyst growth. The best way is to reduce this effect with a good detox and getting all those oestrogens out as easily as possible, through helping hte liver.
      It is not easy to make that initial leap, but once you do, you will feel heaps better all round 🙂

  • Zarina says:

    Hi Mel,
    I’ve spent the last few months on the Internet researching endometriosis after being diagnosed via lap in March 2012. My story is very unusual as I didn’t suffer any real symptoms apart from a one off appendicitis pain that caused me to go and have an ultrasound that showed two endometriomas on each of my ovaries. When I had my lap done my surgeon (one of the best in Melbourne and an endometriosis specialist) couldn’t believe how bad my endo was and that I had conceived naturally (our son is now 7). We did try for a second baby but not actively and I now know it was probably the endo that stopped us from becoming pregnant again as i was not on any contraceptives. For a few months I recovered well and then bam five months later I found myself suffering from severe cramps, mid month spotting which later turned into one month of everyday spotting….I couldn’t believe that after my surgery I was now experiencing more problems than ever before. At my six month check up my surgeon then suggested a hysterectomy including my last remaining ovary -the endo was back with a vengence and I also had a 7cm endometrioma on my last remaining ovary as well as elevated levels from a ca125 test – much higher than before my first lap. after this I decided to take control and take some active steps nutritionally. I was always on a pretty extensive course of vitamins which I strongly feel kept many symptoms that a lot of women have at bay however my actual diet was pretty bad – I have a sweet tooth and over indulged this regularly. I decided to follow strictly the endo diet…no sugar, wheat, dairy and limiting red meat. Also during this time I developed many IBS symptoms that caused me a lot of intestinal pain almost daily….again I couldn’t believe that all this was happening after my lap when I should be fully healed. To be honest the IBS symptoms were the most terrible of all that I had encountered…..I suddenly found myself having real empathy for my fellow sufferers having previously never understanding endo pain. I had a natural birth without pain relief and I can honestly say my endo pain was worse than that! It took a few months but the dietary changes were making a huge difference. I saw a naturopath who put me on vitex…this helped and eventually stopped my mid cycle bleeding. My cramping was still bad though and through your blog I decided to try tumeric – it only took a couple of weeks and my cramps were gone I couldn’t believe it. Also during the last 3 months I not only lost a lot of weight approx 3 dress sizes but for the first time I found I never really felt hungry or craved sweets. I was getting lots of compliments despite actually feeling the worse I ever felt in my life ironically. Now 4 months later I’m well on my way to healing my endometriomas is now 2cm smaller than what it was and I’m virtually endo symptom free my last period was only 3 days long, heavy but manageable and I only used paracetamol once. I meet with my surgeon again next week. I’m feeling confident that I can put off a hysterectomy – I’m 41 and still way off menopause. My endo is severe stage 4 with organs stuck and a frozen pelvis and adenomyosis which can’t be cured by diet so a hysterectomy may be on the cards in the future but the closer I can put it off the better. A huge thank you to you and your blog – your advice has been amazing and inspirational and I am proof that diet and supplements can make a huge difference to pain management and also shrinking endometriomas. Z xxx

    • Melissa says:

      That is a fantastic story and I am so glad you decided to follow the Endo Diet and make concrete changes in your diet. Well done! Glad the Turmeric helped and that you are on your path to healing! 🙂 Hugs

  • Meaghan says:

    Yes great blog indeed!!! I have been on the journey for a couple of weeks trying to heal. At the moment I am not into have the operation as I believe this will create more scar tissue and the doctors have only been doing this a short time. Super quick to cut women open. Nothing wrong with that but there must be other ways. We must give our bodies time to heal to start with. Listen to out bodies. Vitiam B each morning. I also have a sulfur with orange juice ( they work together) in the mornings and nite. Helps with the inflamation and the sulfur also helps for the cells to heal. Oranges are ment to be amazing for endo suffers and help to heal and boost immunity. This helps with the pain and healing. I also think yes milk thistle and daneloine tea to heal with the liver. Alot of fresh fruit and vegies. Quinoa is great as it is said to be a seed so super to use as a base. As we are not meant to have dairy I think a bit of tahini is super as it is high in calcium. Heaps of garlic, tumeric and ginger. Great to just finely grated in the Quinoa with a bit of fish and corrinder. Prim Rose and Fish. Great to have at the end of the day. NO coffee , sugar, alcohol as they are too rich for the body. Also yes I believe endo is linked to candida and I believe Dandelion leaves are nutritious are super if you can eat them fresh as the Nasturtiums are great for killing off candida. Dont give it anything it wants. It is a parsiste that feeds on all the rich things. I also think emotional healing is paramount. Why have you as a woman deneyed your womanhood??? Ask the question and the ovaries they are about our creativity!! We must embrace our womanhood and celebrate our creativity. Bless oxoxo

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you for your fantastic comment Meaghan 🙂 Love your points and suggestions too!
      Yes, we should celebrate our womanhood and really treasure all that we are 🙂

    • Meaghan says:

      Hey Melissa ,
      Just wondering when people make all these changes it can be a shock to the body? I have been so tired. Cant stop sleeping and I am just ovulating and I can feel the pain more than ever and nausea
      (never had it like this before. I am sticking to the diet and hoping it gets better. I have done alot of energy work and I think it is my body saying it just needs time to catch up on all the changes. A bit of a shock really. Full on. It must get easier in time. With the changes do the chocolate cysts just shed and reduce in size?? From your experience. Thankyoux Meaghan By the way Vitalzyn??? is that safe ?? Do you get it at the natropath? Are there side effects? By the way I have discovered hemp powder and chia seeds in a shack for extra protein, minerals as the diet change is a challenge. Bless youx

    • vanessa says:

      Please research a product called Estrosense….I have an allergy to my own hormones and suffered forever with excema hives inflammtion etc I started taking estrosense and it completely balanced my hormones and healed my excema please research it!

  • France says:

    hello all, you all have great informtions. i have been reading ll Dr brownstein book about b12 deficiencies and iodine supplement and thyroid and so much more. It s really worth it. It all makes sense. I had endo and didn t come back. you should have a look and have your thyroid checked and take iodoral supplement.This has been my healing journey.
    good luck!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi Melissa!
    I really enjoyed reading your story. I identify myself in some way.im 28 years old, single and I was diagnosed with endo a little over a year.I had surgery November 2012 to remove a cyst i had in my left ovary and from there on I was put on a treatment where I had to go thru a menopause stage nearly 10 months it was crazy the first couple of months I was going they all these emotions I didn’t understand.towards the 5th month I started to understand what I was going thru and had to find ways to calm myself.well to make long story short last week I found out it came back again and I might be up for operation ..
    I really do believe in alternative ways to help this and with your experience and knowledge I’m sure you’ll be very helpful!
    Hope to hear from you soon

  • Synthia says:

    Melissa, you are an answer to prayer. I read your story and I am truly happy for you. I want to thank you so much for creating this blog and telling us your life story. You are awesome. I will find out soon from the doctor wither or not I have endo. Even if I don’t I will still come to your blog and see what good health times you have. God bless you.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Synthia,
      That is lovely to hear 🙂 Whatever your diagnosis is, the answers within these pages will help. Though my journey has started with endometriosis, I have discovered that anything that heals holistically, heals the whole body.

  • Raj says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Got to your blog when I searched for cramps and period pain and then started reading on endo.

    I just wanted to leave a message about the success one of my friends had by inculding Diet/Yoga in her quest to conceive.

    The girl I know suffered from endo for years and also had an underactive thyroid and ovarian cysts.When she couldn’t conceive she started IVF but her initial 2 attempts failed.She then went to a gyno in Kerala (I am from India) who put her on the endo diet you mention- no chocolates,sugar,dairy,processed foods, meat or white flour.She could eat fruit,veg and complex fibre.They also planned to operate after a year if the diet didn’t help her get better.She also sstarted doing Pranayama and Yoga exercises aimed at abdomen/lower back/thighs fat twice a day.

    She did this for 10 months and when she had a scan found that the cysts had shrunk away so she didn’t need an operation to take them out.Her third IVF attempt was a success and she had a baby boy.She was 36 yrs old when she had her baby.

    Please check out Pranayama as an addition to your yoga sessions.Stay healthy and gr8 blog!! 🙂

    Warm regards,

  • Tine from Denmark says:

    Hi Melissa

    Thanks for your website and for sharing your tips!

    I’m 36 years old and was first diagnosed with endo 5 years ago. However, I have been feeling sick in one way or another since my first period when I had just turned 13, and I often wish that I could just be and feel normal like everyone else!

    Some of my symptoms are: VERY heavy periods lasting from 6-9 days, excrutiating pain during day 1-3 of my period, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, bloating, insomnia, candida overgrowth, haemorroids, constipation, stomach aches, brittle tooth enamel and more.

    My husband and I can’t conceive, and even though we would love to have a child, we have refused treatment. We tried treatment once, but I developed a 4 cm choccolate cyst on one of my ovaries after only 5 days’ hormonal treatment, which I am sure stimulated the endo growth. This was 5 years ago, and I feel that my health has really declined since the treatment.

    I feel that I have been very proactive in trying to get better and have tried relexology, acupuncture, ear acupuncture, EFT, homoeopathy, Bach’s flower remedies, herbal supplements (Vitex, dong quai, oregano oil, detox kits etc.), vitamins/minerals, essential fatty acids; not to mention diet! For years, I have been more or less off wheat, dairy and alcohol, and I eat only a little meat, and I get pleanty of veggies and 1-2 fruits daily, but I just can’t seem to feel better. I find that if I go off grains, it helps with my bloating, but my endo worsens with regards to heavy bleeding and pain – I seem to miss the whole grains (mainly rye/oats) which absorbe the oestrogen so that it doesn’t get re-absorbed. I find that if I eat anti-inflammatory foods such as fish, berries and flax oils, it helps with the pain, but my periods get heavier and I often start spotting. A vegan diet helps with the pain, but worsens my bleeding and bloating + I get teeth issues. A low-fat diet makes me hungry, and a higher-fat diet gives me bleeding issues again.

    I just don’t know what to do! I feel that my symptoms are very diet related, but I just can’t seem to get the right BALANCE in what I eat. One diet change improves one symptom, but another symptom gets worse… It can’t be right that I feel like a ninety-year-old woman when I’m only 36!

    I would like to try your approach, and would therefore like to ask if your Food Healing Recipe book is in European measurements? (Gram, liter etc)

    Thanks and sorry for the long input – I guess I needed to load off!

    • Melissa says:

      It certainly sounds like you have tried heaps of things. I noticed that the key element here, is simply a lack of real nutrients. Maybe getting some superfoods in your diet would really help. 🙂
      The recipe book is mostly done in cup sizes and doesn’t really use a heap of measurements. Many fruit and veg based meals 🙂
      Pleasure and hope you feel better soon 🙂

  • Sylvia says:

    Hi Melissa
    I have just been diagnosed with endo after having a laproscopy. I booked an appointment with a naturopath who specializes in fertility and she advised me that I can’t run as it will danage my uterus running is for men and I should walk instead. I love jogging and find that it relieves my period pain went the exercise is intensive. Does running/jogging effect your uterus?

  • paul says:

    Hi Melissa,

    How do I get in contact with you? Can you email me?

    I have received more than a 100 referrals from your website to mine and wanted to share some important points about this, could you make contact with me?


  • Dino says:

    Hi melissa i want to share side effects of hormone treatment wit u…http://dividino19.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/endometriosis-awarness/

  • Chloe says:

    I every time spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts everyday along with a cup of coffee.

  • Sam says:

    I’m 17, and I just had a pelvic exam, well sort of, just 2 days ago. It was so painful the dr had to stop. So, he ordered an ultrasound, and I’m waiting for results to see if there’s any cysts. If all comes back clear, I will be having my first surgery(lap) pretty soon to check for endometriosis.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Sam. You have come to the right place sweets 🙂 Just try and read as much as you can on here and you will hopefully make better decisions than I did 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Does anyone know of any good doctors in the northern california region? Im 25 and have had a full hysterectomy, and thyroidectomy. My life is one big hormonal inbalance and I am physically, mentally and spiritually tired. I recently read a book called, Thyroid Power” written by Dr. Shames. Has anyone heard of him?

  • Pacie says:

    Hi Melissa

    I was so inspired to read your story,am a 29 year old who has been living with so much pain for years now, I’ve experienced terrible side effects all these years without knowing that I had endo,I feel warmth on my lower back,skin,lower abdomen and all about 5 months ago the pain just got worse and I couldn’t sleep,fatigue,insomnia I went to see my gyno he told me everything was fine,my PMS got worse my breasts hurt so bad they swell like a 9 months pregnant woman painful legs and knees my periods got havier and havier than before the pain was so unbearable,I rushed back to the gyno did more scans and tests,and the doctor told me that I just a miscarriage and I have Endometriosis .He told me that I should undergo surgery and further treatments but am a bit scared and emotionally uneasy,I have read that these no cure and am ready to accept my condition,but there any other treatment that I can do than hormonal?am only 28 and I already have facial hail. ;(

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I am 39 years old and have been struggling with endometriosis for as long as I can remember. It was always speculation from my OBGYN based upon my symptoms, but nothing was ever done about. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I explored the issue more deeply because my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant. Finally I had surgery and the doctor told me that there was so much scar tissue and all of my female anatomy was attached together along with my intestines and colon and there was no likelihood that I could get pregnant naturally, so IVF was the only option. Well we tried IVF and were unsuccesfull and it appears that the endometriosis has reaked havok on the quality of my eggs as well.

    I was wondering if you have articles and other stories on your blog about women’s struggles with infertility due to their endometriosis and if there is hope for me.


    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I am here to tell you that there is hope sweetheart and not to give up. The reason for your body creating endometriosis needs to be addressed. It is likely that you are lacking in certain minerals and have an overburdened liver. I would look at replenishing your diet and really providing for it, plus detoxing your liver and supporting it.
      I have a new course which might be of interest. It does require a commitment to change your diet which you may be willing to do. It is not for everyone but the results have been fantastic for many of the members. You can find out more about it, at http://www.endowellnessretreat.com

  • Ashley says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I happened upon your page when I was looking for which foods to avoid with endometriosis, and I am very glad that I did. I am 31 years old with stage 4 endometriosis and have tried countless medications to help the endometriosis. The latest medication that I was on is Zoladex and the 10th of January will mark the end of the year long treatment. My endometriosis bothers me the most in my intestines or bowels and my Dr. says that there is nothing else that he can do except put me on a medication for the rest of my life that doesn’t allow my body to produce estrogen…..I don’t want to be in menopause yet!!!!! I am supposed to start the medication next month and I am desperate to find an alternative! Do you know of anything that will help

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Ashley,
      I am super excited that you found my site! You will find so many answers within these pages, that can genuinely help heal your body.
      The key with natural healing is that we need to lay a groundwork for that to occur and it starts with the foods that we eat.
      The biggest tip I can give you at this point is to cut out gluten 🙂 It will make a huge difference to how you feel. You may also be interested in my new program: http://www.endowellnessretreat.com

  • Rebekah says:

    Hi, i’m 16 going on 17 and have had, even before i got my period at 12, the symptoms of endo. So, when i began high school, my mother and i decided that the amount of pain i was experiencing around my period was unnatural, so we saw our doctor who have put me on so many painkillers, blood thickeners etc. so now, i’ve been on the pill for two years with 95% pain free, but still having irregular bowel movements and terrible PMS. I want to go off the pill because its dangerous to stay on the pill for too long but i am too afraid that the debilitating pain, shaking, sweats, nausea, etc. will come back. since reading your blog i’ve decided i’m going to long into better dieting and will go to a natropath asap. Thank you for instilling confidence in me that i can get through this pain free with your experience and positivity.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Rebekah,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story on my blog. The pill is kinda like a band-aid for endo and doesn’t really get to the heart of it. If you would like some support within the nutritional side of endo, you might be interested in my new course: http://www.endowellnessretreat.com. It will show you how you can use food to reduce inflammation, pain and all those nasty PMS symptoms too 🙂

    • Alice says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Your story is very inspirational. Similar to many others on this forum, I have had painful periods since being a teenager, and was diagnosed as infertility at age 30, with stage 4 endo, chocolate cysts galore. After several rounds of traditional fertility treatments with endless hormones and ultrasounds, I stopped short of surgery and took a break from the whole process. At age 32 the endometrioma on one ovary suddenly burst one day and I almost died from blood loss. An emergency operation resulted in losing one ovary and fallopian tube; the other side is still intact. The doctor put me on the dreaded monthly shot Lupron for 6 months to simulate menopause, which I agreed to because I desperately wanted to buy time to one day become pregnant. Now, at 36, I have turned away from western medicine and am pursuing TCM and alternative advice. Going gluten- and dairy- free seemed to help the pain for a bit, and dandelion tea periodically does wonders. However, I am at a point where I, again, desperately want to have a chance at pregnancy and am not sure where to start. Reading your blog is inspiring and I would like to get on a focused track. Any thoughts on how to marry alternative approaches with the inevitable western doctor that will be required if a pregnancy is indeed achieved?

      • Melissa says:

        Hi Alice,
        You could opt for a natural birth with a Doolah and a Midwife 🙂 I have heard of many women who have used this method. Super excited that you are keen on using TCM and changed your diet. It is super powerful 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    Hi! I’ve had endo for a few years now. When it first happened I thought it was my appendix. I was in severe pain, couldn’t walk, and kept vomitting even though I hadn’t eaten anything. So I went to the hospital and the catscan showed some sort of fluid in my uterus, and then I went to a gyno to get an ultrasound and she found growths on my ovaries and uterus. The disabilitating pain became a monthly thing and I had no idea what to do, the doctors had no solution to offer except the pill. But I started doing Hatha yoga 4-5 times a week, just to get in shape, and my symptoms 100% went away. I didn’t think anything of it until I had to slow down on yoga for school, and all the symptoms came back. I don’t have enough time to do that much yoga, so I’m in a lot of pain again. Mild tummy aches and digestive issues when not on period, and then terrible pains of all sorts on my period. I started taking the pill but I dont really like it. I’m really hoping to find some alternative and long term solutions for this!

  • julie says:

    Hi Melissa ,

    I would like to know what is your take on other milk options like goat milk or nut milks like almond?
    And what about organic red meat is it still bad for endo?

    Thanks anod great work!

    • Melissa says:

      I don’t personally have a huge amount of milk in my diet but would probably go with Coconut milk as my no.1 option. Goat milk is fantastic and far less inflammatory than dairy. I would be careful with Almond milk and not using too much. For a splash in a drink it is fine but not as a staple – far too much Omega 6 oils which can be inflammatory.
      Organic meat is your best option. Just listen to your body. I personally don’t eat a huge amount of meat as the liver struggles with it.

  • Mandy says:

    Hi Melissa
    Could you please give me your email address so I can send you my reports because its like 6 years now and I still dont know that i got endo or not… different doctors are having different stories. Please help me out. (Well this is what happened to me in Kiwiland 🙁 No confirmation yet!!)

  • Charlie says:

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 2012 age 31. I was devestated mainly as I believd this meant I couldn’t have children. I now have a beautiful daughter. Of you would like me to share my journey please let me know- I searched for hours on end for women who had managed to have children and am happy to give hope and let people know what worked for me.

  • Joycelyn says:

    Mal. am in Ghana how can i get ur Endo Recipe book to buy? moreover our food stuffs is quite different from urs so how can u help me with that pls?

  • Joycelyn says:

    am in Ghana how do i get ur recipe endo book? moreover our food stuffs are differ from urs so how can u help me on that to achieve the same purpose..?

  • Bethina says:

    Hi Mel. I was searching for information about Maca root and endo, when I found your page. I am 34 years, and have tried to live with the pain since my early teen years. I dont know at which stage my endo is, since there has been so little understanding and help to get in the system. It wasn’t until this year, that a department for endo opened at the hospital here in Iceland where I live now.
    Other than having to live with the discomfort, which in my case was a staggering pain that would bring me to the ground, on a daily basis, I have had fertility problems, that has cost the most pain. It has been very difficult to get pregnant and I have had 3 miscarriages on different stages, and one operation, where they had to take my left side. After that we were lucky enough to get pregnant, and going the whole way, and we now have this precious boy, that immediately took away the pain and heartache that we had lived in for so many years.
    However we want another baby, and after having tried for many years to get pregnant again, only to go through one early miscarriage after another, I have lately been thinking about giving up and going back on the pill in fear of the damage that might be back again and the pain returning in full force. So finding your site gave me new positivity. I was so happy and filled with a little hope.

  • Salama says:

    Hi dear

    I just have a question, am taking vissane and a birth control tablet.. For my endo, can I take milk thistle seed capsule

  • Theresa says:

    I have a daughter with stage 4 endometriosis. Horrible how she had to go through so much pain. Please help.

    • Melissa says:

      I would encourage your daughter to join our free REACH Kickstarter program, which will give her the basic insights on getting started with managing endometriosis naturally.

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