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Is your Uterus sitting funny? Could this explain some of those symptoms?

For a long time I believed that experiencing dark spotting before our period or at the end was simply a sign of toxins being released through our uterus – yes! the uterus is a fabulous way that women can release toxins. However, what always baffled me about this idea is that it didn’t always make sense. Some women were eating incredibly healthy, had done my cleansing module and were doing all the things I recommend but were still experiencing this dark, yucky blood at the beginning or end of their period. What was also interesting is that they also experienced quite a bit of pain with the experience. Something wasn’t adding up and as usual I needed to dig deeper to understand and discover what other factors could be triggering their symptoms.

This is when I referred back to my Mayan Massage training that I did back in London and within it I remembered a whole section on our uterus and how it’s position would influence things like pain but also explained the dark, manky blood at the beginning and end of our period. I also distinctly remember the practitioner who ran the course, being surprised at the time that my uterus was sitting in the perfect position, which she explained as being unusual for women with endometriosis.

What I discovered was that our uterus and the positioning of it, can greatly affect our monthly and the pain we experience during our monthly. Because women with endometriosis tend to have adhesions around the uterus, it can be a reason for the uterus not sitting perfectly in the middle and thereby creating some of these symptoms.

In today’s video, I want to share and explain the various positions that your uterus may be sitting in and what symptoms you could be getting from that, plus I naturally also share some solutions that you could explore with me.

As mentioned in the video… the Mayan Massage video is here: http://endoempowered.com/mayan

To find out more about Serrapeptase and my full review of the product, click here.

Yoga and particularly inversion focused poses are fabulous for getting your uterus back in place :). You can gradually move your uterus and loosen adhesions without doing anything too drastic. Plus, Yoga has the added advantage of alleviating anxiety and nourishing your body through muscle building and deep breathing. To find out more about the Yoga Challenge, register your details here.

Have you tried any of these methods? Have you found relief?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Total pleasure Sasha. Maybe try doing the Mayan Massage on yourself first and with really gentle strokes to not have any pain afterwards. It is not about digging in but rather about just creating blood flow.

  2. Sasha

    Hi Melissa! Thank you for that informative video. I have all those symptoms except the bladder one. I tried the Mayan massage once and I was in so much pain afterward! I’m afraid of doing it again. I’m just literally afraid of my abdomen 🙁
    But I always wondered about the constipation before my periods and then the sudden loose stools when it starts. Amazing vid! Thanks and much love!

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