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Is Plastic Bad for Us? Do You Still Drink and Eat out of Plastic? This Might Change Your Mind!

It is normal to take your lunch for work in a plastic container, to carry your water in a water bottle to ensure you are always correctly hydrated. What if these containers are actually causing us harm?

I had read about the theory that eating out of plastic containers and drinking water out of a plastic bottle was harmful on some level, but I wasn’t sure how harmful and if it was something I should be avoiding. I decided to research it for all of us.

Here is what I found out:

There are two types of plastic. The type designed for long-term use and the type designed for short-term use or rather once-off use.

The long-term ones are made of Bisphenol A (BPA). These are the ones you are likely to store food in and can often be seen by bikers or joggers hanging off their belts. These are really bad, especially if they are reused and banged up or washed in a dishwasher as the chemical leaks out more and more over time. They have done tests and the BPA actually creates estrogen-like properties and has been linked to female infertility. This is not good for us at all!

They tested mice with it and injected the poor things with BPA and found that it inhibited uterine development and therefore infertility in them. That is scary stuff! All just from plastic?

The other type of bottles which we can buy at the petrol station when we are really thirsty are the recyclable plastic bottles. These are fine or no evidence seems to indicate that they contain altering chemicals. We shouldn’t however re-use them as they can develop bacteria, especially around the neck of the bottles.

So, what do we do about it and how far should we take it?

  1. Heat food on a plate or glass container, rather than any plastic or cling wrap. Store foods in plastics which are designed as disposable containers or better yet, use the glass storage containers.
  2. Get a stainless steel water bottle or get glass ones at home for re-use—it is hard to figure out which plastic they are made of.
  3. Don’t chew on plastic pens or buttons or anything plastic—I know I have this habit.

It is scary to think something so simple could be affecting us, even if it is in a small way. Initially when I heard this, I thought it was taking things a little far, but now I will make sure I avoid plastic where I can. It is just about being observant and recognizing that there is harm in it. Don’t go overboard with it but just recognize that some habits are better to break.

Every little thing we add or take out of our diet that can benefit or affect us is worth knowing about as those little things all add up and can make a huge difference in the end!

Here’s to a plastic free intake!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Julianne Butt

    Such a cool website!!!!

  2. Melissa

    Good points 🙂
    My favourite source of water is spring water! You can find natural springs all around the world! check out http://www.findaspring.com!

  3. Julianne Butt

    It is important to note that even one-time use plastic bottles can harm us. Because most water is stored in these bottles for LOADS of time before sold, the water sits there and the hydrocarbons leech in over time, there may be no BPH, but still lots of nasties. As well, due to the slack standards on testing the water from bottle water plants, bottled water has been found to contain nasty bacterias. Many people feel they are drinking “cleaner” water then that found in their taps. Most city waters do have chlorine etc. added to it, but are tested on a monthly basis for bacteria. Some bottled water companies can get away with never testing their water.
    As well, these bottles are very harmful to the environment, and even if you recycle them… it still takes energy and oil to make them and recycle them.

    Best choice, according to what I have research and learnt, that if you have well-water, DRINK UP (out of stainless steel or glass bottles/cups), but be sure to get your well checked every year or so… if you are on city water, fill a jug of water and leave uncovered overnight, either in your fridge or on your counter, all of that chlorine/flourine literally disipates into the air. You can also buy stainless steel water filters to put on your tap if you prefer that.

  4. Melissa

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks 🙂 No it might be a brand name from the states that we don’t have here. Might find it in London. Are they made of plastic? I use a stainless steel bottle and it also keeps the water cooler for longer.

  5. Mary Mc Ardle

    Hi Melissa, thanks for all your information I get alot from your site ….you are an inspiration…just wondering do you know anything about bobble bottles, those with filters on top? Are they any better for us?

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