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How to Get Your Immune System Working Properly, Giving You the Ability to Fght Off Endo and All Those Other Nasties!

When we think of our immune system, we generally think we need to add stuff into our diet or use some kind of supplement to get it working better. It is like we are seeking “armor” for the body. This was my thinking too and for years I have taken all sorts of immune supporters, thinking that it would give my body strength to fight off infections and fight off disease better.

I tried all of the supplements I could find at the health shop—echinacea, olive leaf extract, bee pollen and royal jelly, goji berries and cocoa powder. Immune supporting and fights off those free radicals! Right? Thing is, it didn’t seem to do that much. I still struggled with allergies every season. I still felt the cold and caught the flu easily. I still got really sick if I caught a stomach bug going around. It was frustrating and I couldn’t understand why. I thought perhaps these supplements simply don’t work or they just weren’t strong enough. Things is, they were expensive and I certainly didn’t want to continue taking them, if they weren’t putting a dent in my immune supporting goal.

Here’s the thing. I knew that I needed to support my immune system. It is kinda obvious, even before I knew that endometriosis was directly linked to poor immune function! Ultimately, it is like a protective layer, that we want to have around us, regardless of whether we are super healthy or not.

The other side of it was that I always felt “weak” in having endometriosis. I always thought that my body was just “susceptible” to things. I had always been told that my body was just “not as strong as everyone else’s” and that I should just accept that I would be weaker and more sensitive. Well, you can imagine that this did not sit well with me, so I wanted to get that immunity up and make sure I could be strong and fight off infection!

Well, here’s the funny thing. I was adding and adding and I am sure most of it was just going down the toilet!

What I really needed to do was take stuff out! Here’s what I have just discovered…

My body was constantly fighting… on the inside. I had a number of things going on in there, that I had no idea about! I had candida, which would have thrown out my bodies natural balance and created a hostile environment that it was constantly fighting. I also had mercury in my mouth and gum disease, which was a permanent infection my body was trying to deal with each and every day. To top it all off, my body was not able to get out all the toxins and bad stuff, which was accumulating in my system!

It was like my body was a really busy restaurant. It had all these very important things to do. Running around, sorting out stuff, making sure the basics were sorted. Meantime, in the back, there was a whole load of rubbish. Old rubbish from the whole weeks worth of left-overs thrown out. The whole back area was just full of it! It was almost impossible to function and the smell started to affect the place!

This is the best way I could describe it but essentially, our bodies have means of excreting waste, much like having rubbish in a restaurant. When we don’t expel that waste properly and effectively, it mounts up and all this becomes toxic in the body. The body is then just fighting on a constant basis. It doesn’t matter how much you give the body, it simply can’t absorb it—there is too much junk in the way!

It has been a week since my liver flush and colonics and I must tell you the difference is amazing! I have the most amazing digestion—sorry, but it really is amazing! I don’t remember a time when things were so easy and moved so well! I feel lighter and there is no bloating or farting! I feel cleansed. My insides feel light and my mind is incredibly clear and focused.

I don’t believe we truly absorb all the nutrients we feed our bodies when we have all these toxins still in our guts. It is like a giant wall which these supplements have to try and climb over.

The other thing is that the immune system will simply not cope if there is so much toxicity sitting in the body. It is why our first point of focus for healing our bodies should be the digestive system.

For the last two years, my digestion was erratic. I had good days and bad days. Most of the time my digestion was on the “soft” side. It was messy—sorry ladies but I know many of you have these conditions so I have to be graphic to help you. I just lived with it. I lived with the farting and the bloating from my poor digestion and though I had done a complete 360 degree change on my diet, it didn’t seem to make a huge difference to my poor digestion. I tried all the supplements too—colostrum, psyllium husks, probiotics, black walnut, slippery elm powder, charcoal, glutamine powder. Some worked a little but inevitably their effectiveness would slow down after a few days. It was frustrating and I really thought I had something serious going on in there! Some nasty bacteria invasion or something…

Well, I guess it is like a dirty kitchen. It looks scary when you first look at it and there just seems to be so much to clean up but once you get into it and give it a thorough cleansing, it eventually is all sparkling and can be all new again. The same is true with our bowels. They just need a good clean. For some people, the above-mentioned supplements might work perfectly. I know they were all suggestions by naturopaths that I had tried over the years. For me, I needed a more “deep cleanse” and the colonic did that… more than I would have believed until now!

So, if you are having immune issues, bowel issues and you are not eliminating as well as you should… really consider the colonic. If you are doing “okay” on your digestive front, then maybe try some of the above mentioned supplements. Point is, your digestion needs to work and it needs to work brilliantly! Without it, you are not going to absorb all these fabulous supplements you are giving your body, the wonderful food you are giving your body or be able to have the immune system you need to feel better with endo.

How do you know if your digestion is working well?

  • You need to be going a minimum of once a day. Ideally we should be going after each meal.
  • Things should be firm, come out clean and you shouldn’t have to push too hard to get them out.
  • It shouldn’t smell bad.
  • You shouldn’t be experiencing flatulence or bloating after a meal.

Here’s some things that good digestion also aids, apart from your strong immune system:

  • Reduces IBS, bloating and all that pressure you feel down there, pushing on endo!
  • Your skin will become clearer. Poor digestion = bad skin.
  • Your allergies will go down or even disappear—mine are totally gone!
  • You will lower the estrogen in the body—it finally has a means to get out!
  • You will lose weight.
  • You can finally absorb all those nutrients from the foods you are eating and the supplements you are taking.


I am very excited as Sarah (the lady from the colonic) has agreed to do a video from her studio next week. She is going to share heaps more information about the health of our bowels and how this affects our health and most importantly our healing!

What is your digestion like? Do you dread going to the toilet? Does it hurt? Do you feel tired after you’ve been? Does it make your endo pain worse? Do you feel like your are just “dirty” on the inside?



Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. ann


    It is wonderful to hear your story of coloic and the good effects from it! I am exactly like how you felt before: I was always told I am weak and need medications everytime even for a cold. I strongly doubt this is because I had too much medicines and it poisons my body… I had an ultrasound from OB/GYN and she said my colon is thickened, which I think is what you said debris of poisons? The thing is, unlike many who need to solve constipation and over-weight problems, I had loose stool and being underweight all the time, and I can not gain no matter how hard I try. The GI thinks I need a whole coloronscopy, while I still think this is because of endo… What do you say? Would a coloic be good for me? Would I be too weak to have one and lose more weight?

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