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I feel terrible but I don’t want to change anything!

One of the things I find really difficult to do is watch or hear women struggling with Endo and to just be quiet. I know sometimes I can seem pushy and almost preachy to some and I find it really hard to contain myself. It all seems so obvious to me and yet somehow it is all just such a mystery to so many of you out there.

Endometriosis is not a mystery. Disease is not a mystery. It is all really simple. What we give our bodies, is how it will react. Think about it for a minute….. what you put in, is what you get out. If you feed yourself poor quality food, you are going to get a body that responds poorly. Low energy foods = low energy body. It makes sense doesn’t it? So, why are people still surprised they get diseased when they feed themselves McDonalds burgers and french fries?

The saddest thing to me is how we view food and our lifestyle. I almost want to cry when I suggest to someone that they cut out sugar or dairy or wheat and they say: “That is too hard, I couldn’t possibly cut any of those out of my diet!”. What amazes me is that these poor women are suffering, each and every day. Going through bloating, digestive issues, headaches, nausea, migraines, aching bodies and endo pain each and every day and yet….. the commitment to change things seems too hard or difficult. They are struggling to get out of bed and yet they are not prepared to make changes. I am sorry, but I simply don’t understand this. Surely the pain of Endometriosis should be enough to motivate you to change?

Perhaps the problem lies more in the way diet is viewed. It is somehow fashionable to live on Junk Food. I am not sure why? Perhaps, it is all those cool commercials showing young people going out and partying, eating burgers and drinking? We feel like we are missing out on something if we don’t eat these foods. It is like being healthy isn’t trendy and we are odd balls for not eating these foods. The sad thing is, these foods are made from the lowest quality ingredients, so these large companies can pay for those expensive TV ads! Ironic really.

I guess we are all at different stages with our healing and what we are prepared to do for our bodies. I know for a long time I wasn’t prepared to give up anything for my health. I believed I could just take supplements and everything would be okay. I can tell you honestly, it wasn’t.

I think the biggest thing that we need to understand is that We are What we Eat. If we eat poorly, we will feel terrible. It doesn’t really matter if it is endo or something else. Our bodies will become diseased and we will feel terrible. It is simply logical. The body cannot live on poor nutrient foods. It can’t sustain this way of eating long-term. It has nothing to do with age. It has to do with our bodies ability to deal with a poor diet over a long time. Many people think they are getting tired, feel sore and achy because they are getting old. That is not true. It is your body, feeling exhausted at trying to deal with mediocre foods.

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So, I know you believe that Endometriosis was perhaps just bad luck or you inherited it from your mother or which ever reason you want to tell yourself. The reality is, you mistreated your body and it is telling you it is not okay. The western diet is not nutrient rich. It is nutrient poor. Most diets contain less than 10% of the stuff we really need to sustain our bodies!

I know I am a little worked up about this but I just find it so hard to stay quiet when I know that what we eat plays such a massive role in healing. Please don’t believe you can dismiss your diet. Please don’t believe your doctor who tells you that it makes no difference. I can promise you, it makes a HUGE difference and it is so easy to change.

I urge you to take a step each day in changing what you eat. Start with one thing a day and gradually improve what you eat each and every day. Make a decision that you want to be better and that all those foods that you know make you sick are not worth it. Your health is more important. Your life is more important. You are more important. That is within your power.

Please watch the movie foodmatters. It will really open your eyes to the massive importance of what we eat and how our health improves once we change that.

How you feel with Endometriosis all begins with what we put into your mouth, each and every day. How important is it to you?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Thanks for your comment Becky. I totally agree with you and it does make me angry too that there are all these chemicals and Xenoestrogens in the world that are being distributed and used without any consequences being given to those who create them. Hormonal Treatments for Endometriosis get me just as angry as I know they only make our situation worse. They are just as toxic as the very things that gave us Endometriosis in the first place.

    I would love to invoke such a dramatic change that we are able to change laws and legislation. I was actually thinking about it yesterday. I was thinking of going into supermarkets and sticking labels on products which I know are totally bad for us! If we made it a national venture, then everyone would have to take notice!

    I feel that the more information that can be spread through this blog and the internet, the more people will become informed and the more change will then occur. If we all stop buying the nasty stuff in supermarkets, eventually they will stop making it! If everyone demands REAL food then they will have to produce it. It is the most obvious way to make changes.
    I would love to share any ideas you have that I can incorporate into this blog. How would you like me to incorporate more about toxins in our environment into this blog?
    Thank you for sharing and lets pull our ideas together to create that change we would love to see 🙂

  2. Becky

    I absolutely agree with Melissa K on this. I always feel better when I’m working out and eating well. However I have a hereditary autoimmune disease and I believe Endo goes hand in hand with that. I also fully believe that dioxins are responsible for so much reproductive problems in our society, namely thyroid and Endo.

    I feel like I’m reading The Secret here and seeing if I don’t think positively enough, that I deserve my health issues. You can eat GF, dairy free, sugar free, etc all you want but you can’t get rid of all the crap that the EPA thinks we are just fine and dandy to have in our food and households.

    In addition to nutritional info, I’d be very interested to see this blog deal with toxins in our environment a lot more. We really need to band together and push for legislative change.

  3. Melissa

    Hi Melissa K.
    I do believe there is a strong correlation to our exposure to outside elements but I also believe we shouldn’t so much “blame” ourselves but rather we should take responsibility for our own choices – that means our nutrition, what we expose ourselves to and our view on endo. We have so much power in ourselves to heal our own bodies. I don’t believe pointing fingers makes us better. Focusing on yourself and your own nutrition and emotions and avoiding those bad elements does.
    To me blaming others (the big corporations and governments) just creates anger and frustration within us, which doesn’t help our healing.
    I have written a number of articles on toxins and exposure to other elements so I do appreciate their importance but I also aim to empower women to become stronger and positive through this blog, rather than letting those “big corporations” dominate our thoughts. We all have the power to heal. For some of us, we just need a push in our beliefs that we can and that we need to take that responsibility on ourselves.


  4. Melissa K

    “So, I know you believe that Endometriosis was perhaps just bad luck or you inherited it from your mother or whichever reason you want to tell yourself. The reality is, you mistreated your body and it is telling you it is not okay.”

    Wow, that is a really, really extreme view to take.

    Nutrition is important, but if society as a whole is going to change we need to also keep an eye on the myriad endocrine disruptors and toxins that are out there. Are you familiar with the Endo Association’s research in which monkeys exposed to dioxin all developed endo? When you get a surgery, the very tubing of the IV in your arm is sending endocrine disrupting toxins back into your system which makes the endo grow. If we put all of the “blame” on ourselves, it becomes easier to let people and governments and corporations in power off the hook, and easier to ignore that toxins that we have little control over are making us sick. Over 90% of people have BPA, the endocrine disruptor that can make endo grow, in our blood.

    Additionally, studies have found that exposure to these toxins is intergenerational. My great-grandparents’ toxic exposures can literally impact my endometriosis today.

    I love what you do with this blog and I know you put good energy out there, but I hope we can also keep a broad view of things.

  5. Melissa

    Hi Jane. Well done on coming up with ways to improve your kids diets. That is always challenging! That is spot on. Smoothies are brilliant as you can pack a whole heap of really healthy things in there and they won’t even taste it, especially if you use Stevia or Honey or Frozen berries. I have just made myself one this morning and it is loaded with Bee Pollen, Maca Root and Cocoa and you can’t even taste it 🙂
    My friends don’t even question me anymore and they wish they could “stick to” my way of eating. My skin looks better, my weight is ideal and I have heaps more energy than many of them 🙂 Stick with it and the rewards are far greater than you could ever imagine 🙂 I don’t believe it is weird anymore. We just know better and are like the “leaders” in health. Others might just take a little longer to catch up 🙂

  6. Jane

    I Find the hardest part is trying to eat healthy and avoid all the “crap” (sorry) that is out there on the shelves when you have a family. My son is 18 and my daughter is 15 and they think I am so weird when I really try to eat healthy. I try to just main stream things into their diet as much as I can. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes not. It is also hard when you are on a food budget. It is cheaper to buy all the packaged things. I would prefer to eat all fresh. But it really takes me over the budget
    My kids think I am crazy when I am always looking at labels and I will put things back because I am trying to avoid certain ingredients. Oh… well they will have to think I am crazy. If the good things are available and ready for them to grab, they tend to eat it more. SO… I try to cut up the fruit, have the ingredients available to make a smoothie.
    Being on the run a lot in this day in age is the norm. It is so easy to just stop and grab something when you have to be at the game, etc..
    Finding other people that are on board with you is not easy. Most of my friends think that a lot of my “pain” is because I don’t eat. No… it is not. I avoid fried foods, meats. most dairy and try to really limit wheat. This seems to be the core of their diet. It always makes me look like the “picky” eater. I guess I will have to be weird right?.

  7. Melissa

    Hi Tani. I know it is scary each time I go to a supermarket too and read ingredients lists! Thing is, things are changing. The more people get sick and the more websites spring up educating people on what these foods really do to our health, the more these good foods will become mainstream. We are just leaders in our discovery that this is the best way forward 🙂

  8. Tani

    I love the mindset of loving your body and therefore loving what you put in it. Although it’s easy to lapse, one moment of apathy and there you go! A very long month of discomfort! I was in Marks & Spencer in London and when I looked around the food store, I realised that out of 100s of products there was only a handful of things I could eat. This was very disheartening. I then looked up to find that they were announcing their intention to remove hydrogenated fats from their products- that is such great news for us girls! yay! However, lots of main stream supermarkets (even in the UK) do not wish to raise the standard of their products. And alternative health shops can be very expensive (The Whole Food Store was recently criticised for this).

    Changing the way one eats does take courage. Food is a shared experience, it is hard when one stands out or is self-excluded from this experience. But like you Melissa, in the end, it was a straightforward choice; the pain motivated me to make the changes.

  9. Melissa

    Hi Ann-Marie and thanks for sharing. I think it is not just endo unfriendly but health unfriendly. I wish the world could change to acknowledge this more! I believe there are heaps more raw and vegan places in the US! I guess it does take heaps more planning and thought to eat out and do things on the run outside of this 🙂

  10. Ann-Marie

    It’s just so much more convenient to eat the bad food isn’t it. If you’re on the go lets face it wheat products are what you’re gona get in most cafes/shops.. I find dairy is the hardest to avoid, inparticular I really miss cheese as I was never a huge meat eater cheese was my main bulk food.. It seems so simple to just avoid so many of these foods, but I understand why people find it difficult, food is such a pleasure and when you suddenly find yourself cutting out most of what you’ve always eaten then it’s a shock to the system and upsetting! Brown bread, cheese, milk, yogurts, organic beef etc.. none of these foods are junk food yet they’re endo unfriendly so that’s enough about it, best avoided! No doubt but your diet has a huge part in how you feel on every level, 🙂

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