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I Don’t Like Regrets but There Is One I do Have…

Women often ask me why I do the work that I do. They question why I would dedicate myself to something so niche and specific, something which I have now overcome and yet, am still learning more and more about. They suggest to me that I should move on and start a business that would be easier, something that is more general in nature and just let go of Endometriosis on all levels. I will be honest, there are days when the thought does cross my mind. The trouble is, I cannot let it go.

See, the biggest regret I have is that I wish I had found the natural approach sooner. I wish I had studied natural medicine sooner and learned about how the body truly works. It is only now, after many, many years of research, learning and finally getting my degree that I honestly feel that I know my body more. I get why it reacts the way it does. I get why it responds the way it does. I understand it. I particularly understand Endometriosis.

I feel like I wasted so many years of my life because of Endometriosis. I pumped my body full of all sorts of things to just try and control it on some small scale but ultimately, all of those things have left more negative effects than positive ones. I am still cleaning up the mess of all of that stuff!

So, the reason I do the work that I do is simply because I don’t want any more women to go through all of what I went through. I don’t want you to go through all of that.

See, it is not even about the treatment options or their effects. It is more than that. It is an experience of being stripped of our own inner power. We are left questioning everything and are given so little guidance on what we can physically do for ourselves. There is no greater way to make a woman feel small and powerless than to tell her that she has an incurable disease and that there is nothing that can be done except take a bunch of painkillers and hormone treatments! I lived with that feeling for fifteen years. That feeling of trying to do the right thing and being at the whim of doctors and others to try and “fix” me.

I kept hoping for someone else to do the work for me. To take care of me. That there would be some miracle pill to make it all go away. I was at the mercy of the world out there. I was reliant, dependent and ultimately a victim of Endometriosis.

It was only after years and years of that struggle, not just physically but within me, that I finally realized that feeling powerless was a choice. I could decide to put myself first and learn what I needed to know so I could support my health in whatever way possible. I could decide to become empowered about my health and Endometriosis.

I know that as a woman with Endometriosis, you have possibly felt those experiences of not being heard, of being treated like you don’t know your own body or that your pain is “all in your head”. I know because I have been told those things too. I know the feeling of being desperate for answers.

That is why I have created an online program that shares information about Endometriosis which empowers you. Information which gives you methods and tools that help you manage Endometriosis effectively and ultimately from the root cause upwards.

I want you to know that you are not alone and that there is plenty you can do to support yourself and truly become Endo empowered.

Have you felt disempowered with having Endometriosis? What did that experience feel like for you? What message do you feel is super important that women with Endometriosis know about themselves and their health?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Shweta Agrawal

    Hello mam I’m Shweta n suffering from endometriosis n overy cyst pls help me suggest me what to do now I have done my laparoscopy last month.. Pls give some guidance so that I will be able to overcome to this problem n become pregnant… Pls help

  2. Shweta Agrawal

    I m also suffer from same condition n so much worried about it.

  3. Melissa

    Hugs sweetheart and so lovely to hear from you 🙂

  4. Aurelie

    Than you so much for what you do Mel! Without you i might have never found out i actually had endo! You are such great info! I feel the same as you, my only regret is to not have known about natural healing before the docs made me really really sick. When you are empowered your life change for good. Thank you again, you are an angel.

  5. Kasia

    I had an ultrasound 2 days ago and it showed that my endo came back, just 2 years after last laparoscopy. I have now 4,5 cm cyst on my right ovary, I’m devastated and don’t know what to do, I don’t want to go for another surgery:(

  6. Kasia

    Hi Melissa,

    Are there any information on your blog about healing endometriosis ovarian cysts? I tried to find anything but I couldn’t. Could you please help?


  7. Melissa

    Big hugs Sweetheart!

  8. Jo Gome

    You are so welcomed Melissa!
    After all you are to us, Endo girls, even better than sliced bread!!!;)
    Keep on giving us that Girl Power!!!

  9. Melissa

    Oh Jo. I just want to hug you really hard right now! Thank you for your incredibly beautiful message and for giving me the encouragement to keep sharing my message. You are an amazing friend! Thank you!!!!

  10. Jo Gomes

    Hi Melissa,

    I don’t understand why anyone would question what you are doing! It’s clear to me that Endometriosis crossed your path to make you the angel that you are, and that brings us so much hope, kindness, wisdom and peace of mind!!! My God you even have the name of a wonderful herb that is so incredible for the digestive system…could there be a more obvious sign!?
    I know that Endometriosis crossed my path to bring me back to my “roots” and to listen to my body, truly listen to my body! And I feel so blessed to have found you in this amazing blog! You are teaching me so many new things, but also reminding me of things that were not forgotten although, some how, in this crazy and stressed lifes of ours, they were supressed inside me!
    So you can tell those people that you are fulfilling your purpose in life the next time they ask!
    As for me, once more, I thank you from the bottom of my heart all the support we are giving me!

    Big Hugs

  11. Jane

    Thank you for these words…these posts always tear me up…thank you and keep doing what you are doing!!

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