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I created a New Health Strategy for you…

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I want you to imagine for a moment that you have achieved all your health goals. That you are truly healthy. That you have achieved this invincible version of yourself. What does that person look like? Feel like? Is she skinnier, happier or just more content? Does she finally feel like she has it all? Does she believe that she has finally reached “perfection”?

Has she dedicated enough time to research all there is to know about being healthy? Has she spent enough dedicated hours ticking off all the prescribed things said to make her healthy? Yes, I did Yoga today and yes, I had a green smoothie and yes, I drank that nasty tea Mel suggested. I should be perfectly healthy now… shouldn’t I?

I doubt it..

I want you to embrace a new health journey with me this month and only for this month. 

Your goal is not to do “all the things” but instead your goal is to love yourself in whatever version this takes place in. This is about giving yourself nutrient-dense foods cos they make you feel energised and pure. This is about moving your body so you can feel alive and play like a child. This is about connecting with your body and loving that you are alive, that you can move and that you have the means to think, to breathe and to create.

Just enjoy loving yourself in the best way possible.

The golden guidlines to the New You:

  1. Put things in your mouth that make you feel good.
  2. Move… in a way that flows and energises you.
  3. Laugh about your flaws, your beliefs and your strange stories you tell yourself about your current reality.

Nothing about your current state needs to be permanent. It is about opening yourself up to the possibility that things can be different and playing with this idea. Allow this to be a game. A game of testing, trialling and figuring out what genuinely connects with all of you – not because I or someone else told you but because it deeply resonates with you.

That you… you know the one you forgot about somewhere…?

The one that thinks it is about the perfect diet or the perfect supplement or the ultimate cleanse. That’s not you. That is the anxious, fear-driven monster that hangs out in your headspace sometimes and thinks that everything needs to be hard and earned. That you need to do more to get results. That if you just push harder, try harder and give more then maybe you will be “rewarded” with whatever your health goal is.

That monster is not going to play this month and truthfully the less the monster plays this game the better.

No, you are going to play with the new you. The one that is curious. The one that tries new recipes, experiments with food again. The one that tries some new exercise just to see if she will like it.

You are going to have fun within your health journey and experiment on all sorts of ways to connect with you again.

Now go… 1 month of nothing but love for yourself.

Report back and tell me how it went…

Hugs, Melissa x
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