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How to Reduce Bloating from Endometriosis

One of the major side effects of endometriosis is incredible bloating, especially before your monthly. I first noticed I had endometriosis just by the fact that I needed two sets of clothes for different times of the month—one was one size larger than the other!

So, why do we bloat so much?

Well, because we have a higher estrogen level than we should, our bodies retain more water. We also bloat because we are simply sore. The muscle that is responsible for getting rid of our monthly contracts and causes additional tension in the area.

Here are some little tips I use to help with the monthly bloat:


This is my favorite friend and helps with heaps of other stuff too. I get two bunches of it and simply eat it raw. It isn’t that bad but if you really don’t like the taste, make tea out of it and add some honey to it. Once I read all the benefits, it really made the taste seem minor!

Check this out:

  • Natural diuretic
  • Stimulates the kidneys so will get rid of waste
  • Nourishes the liver
  • Strengthens adrenal glands
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Fresh breath—added bonus!
  • It contains more calcium than a glass of milk
  • Has double the amount of iron as spinach
  • Has more vitamin C than oranges
  • More beta carotene than carrots (good for your eyes)


I use the seeds rather than the actual herb as they contain more benefits and after all that parsley, I can’t stomach more green grass!

So, get the dill seeds and have them with hot water. Two teaspoons a week is all you need.

I usually take these two days before my monthly.

It also has the benefit of calming our digestion and relieving gas, which can help with that bloated feeling.

Vegetables to add and increase over the week before your period:

  • Asparagus: I have a cup of these every two days in the week before.
  • Cucumber: one a day one week before my period.

Now, you may decide to explore some other diuretics or you may find some diuretic teas. Whatever you do, avoid fennel. It contains estrogen, which we really want to avoid.

Also, I find I don’t drink pure water. It might just be me but I find I actually feel less bloated when I add something to the water, like lemon, ginger or of course some dill seeds. Also, drinking things warm or hot also helps reduce the bloating. Sipping water is also better than gulping water and I also avoid drinking water before and during meals.

Dandelion tea leaves are also fabulous as a diuretic and are a much nicer alternative to just plain water.

Naturally, our digestion will affect our bloating so it is important to ensure you are regular, but that is a whole other topic so feel free to look up ways to reduce digestive issues. Bloating is very closely related to our digestion, which could be indicative of a gluten intolerance. It might be worth getting onto some fermented foods to help your body digest things easier.

You can also try my fabulous new tea, which alleviates bloating.

Stimulating release of liquid waste will make all that bloated feeling go away. It does mean you will need to go to the toilet more but hey, it is a great opportunity to take five minutes out of a busy day to breathe!


Do you get really bad bloating? What alleviates your bloated feeling? Have you noticed a difference since cutting out gluten?



Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Krithika

    Hi, I’ve been suffering with endometriosis for about 10 years, but I just found out recently that I have it because I’ve been dealing with bloating, digestive issues, and urinary issues. I’m really frustrated about my health but now I’m very much more frustrated about getting a quick fix for my bloating and doscomfort by January, because I’m moving to New York to become a top model. I haven’t been able to work out and my chronic bloating will not go away no matter what I’ve tried in the past 3 months

  2. Rachel

    I totally agree with the DIM, but, I would be very careful with the Macca. I have personal experiences with it that I won’t bore you with right now. I will just say they started out promising and somehow spun into a nightmare. That was years ago. I am working with an amazing naturopath right now and she told me to get rid of anything I had that had macca in it and went on to tell me about how people misunderstand the hormone balancing that it does. It will ultimately raise estrogen.

    I have been suffering for years and years. I had surgery about 10 years ago. Docs wanted me on heavy drugs and I chose the natural path instead. Something very new to me and I think every woman with endo should be tested for is the MTHFR gene mutation. Being tested properly and treating that may be the answer to turning your endo around. This gene mutation keep you from absorbing folate. Your liver cannot cleanse then. Throw lots of $$$ out the window on supplements or spend a few hundred bucks on a full blood profile that tests homocycteine, folate etc and then a MTHFR genetic test and then supplement properly. Throwing supplements at symptoms isn’t a lot better than what the regular medical docs do.

  3. Barbara

    Rose i recomend you to take serrapeptase, its a natural substance that will *eat* the endometrio because it does that with old cells, i’m 27 and felling pain and a huuuge bloating like i’m carrying a 5 month baby inside..lol..but i’m optmistic coz when i ate natural fruits and vegetables i felt sooo much better and the endo was gone, so girl, the natural diet reeeally works! i know its to hard but trust it! doctors only want to sell medicine and make you aways depending on their pills and stuff like health care insurance. detoxifying is the way! be consistent and buy serrapeptase and maca, also try a cleanse for your liver as Melissa recomends, you’ll be ok!

  4. Melissa

    Hi Marie,
    The pill will naturally make your body retain water, which could be a contributor. Also, digestion is key and it might be a gluten intollerance. I know my bloating went away within a month after cutting out gluten.
    Interesting about the lemon water – great tip!
    Love that you are also listening to your body – it is oh so wise 🙂

  5. Marie Violet

    I have struggled with bloating all the time too. I have had one of my ovaries removed so far and hopefully that will be it? While I had my period I was using the hot tub at the gym and the lifeguard asked me if I was pregnant! I didn’t blame her because I did look it. But that was the last straw and I decided I really have to do something about the bloating. I had many tests done to make sure it wasn’t gastritis or something wrong with my stomach etc. Of course nothing was found. So I still blame the endo. The only thing I have found so far (still trying different things) is lemon water in the morning before you eat helps somewhat. It helps with digestion. I also have found that carbs – bread specially makes me bloat quickly. So I have been cutting back on that. I plan on going off the birth control pill in about a week – so I will see how my body reacts. I will give it a few months. Hopefully that will help. Don’t give up and try different things! I have learned to really listen to my body and be patient. I know it’s hard.

  6. Melissa

    Not sure about that. I will do an article on Iron and explore some other options for you 🙂

  7. shaz

    does the parsley hold the iron if you make tea out of it?I really need the iron.

  8. Wend

    If I may comment. I feel your pain as I’m sure others here do. If you have bloating that doesn’t correspond w/ your period, maybe it’s food triggered. I have scar tissue that was “cemented” (my doc’s words) on my bowels & certain foods trigger pain & bloat. Since cutting out dairy, soy, limiting sugar (can’t & won’t cut out chocolate 100%!), I don’t have that continual bloat any longer, tho I still get bloated, it’s not nearly as bad & my stomach is actually FLAT now. Endo can affect other areas besides the reproductive organs so we need to look at those other areas too.
    With my bloat, I have to fold down the waistbands of my pants ‘cos they’d be too tight. I liken it to swallowing a bowling ball, complete w/ the hardness & extension.
    I’ve had surgeries, 3 total, & last being a hysterectomy (kept ovaries due to my age, 30’s) & while I am thankful I have some relief, it doesn’t cure endo. I won’t do anymore surgeries. They just create more scar tissue which is what we DON’T want.
    Mel has TONS of info here. Pick & choose & try different things. For me, taking supplements didn’t really help. Changing my diet did. Oh, that’s another thing. I had eaten healthy & mostly organic for years now w/ no relief. I had stumbled on this site w/ one of Mel’s articles ’bout how eating healthy is different from eating for endo! WOW!! http://endoempowered.com/why-is-eating-healthynot-enough
    Don’t be afraid to try new things. If one doesn’t work, try something else. Get your body alkaline. Diseases & cancer can’t live in an alkaline body. Baking soda (another of Mel’s articles LOL) is a great, cheap way.
    Wishing you the best!

  9. Melissa

    Hi Rose. I am sorry to hear of your struggles with Endo. It is not an easy answer. I can only suggest gradually focusing more on natural methods of healing and eliminating the unnatural drugs in your body. They are clearly making the situation worse. I am currently reading a book from Dr John Lee about hormonal balance. I believe this would help you massively. You need to eliminate the bad Oestrogens from your body first, so get onto some DIM and then get onto some Maca Root. This will help you in the first stages. Also, look at your diet and what you are eating. There are foods which provide energy for the body which will help you heal more. Increase your avocado and pears. They are directly linked to that “pregnant” feeling – not the shape of these fruits 🙂 Just keep reading my blog and I am sure you will find heaps of answers. 🙂

  10. Rose

    Hi, I am having the worst time ever with my endo. I am 26 and was diagnosed this past December. I had moderate endo and of course it was removed. I didn’t go on birth control right away because I am anti synthetic hormones and I just didn’t want to put it into my body. Anyway, the bloating and pain got severe about two months ago so I was put on oral bc. So, for about 3 months I’ve had horrible swelling. I gain about 4 lbs through the day and I can’t wear pants or skirts anymore because they are too tight and uncomfortable. I look pregnant. The thing with my pain and bloating is that it doesn’t match up with my period… I’m like this ALL MONTH LONG. 🙁 I have maybe 3 days where I am not suffering. So… my obgyn will not perform the operation again. I feel like it must have all grown back because the bloating and pain is so severe. I will use the tips you have provided, but have you ever encountered it where it is so persistent? I seriously only get about 3 normal days a month. It is wearing me down physically, mentally and emotionally. Today for example, I basically slept the entire day. That is so not me. I really hate this disease. I won’t get a hysterectomy though. I am too young and I want to have children. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated since I am so new to this.

    Best wishes,

  11. Melissa

    Hi Wend. It doesn’t matter too much. I guess a half a cup, once cut up would be about right. A handful out of the garden is best 🙂

  12. Wend

    Do you eat 2 bunches of parsley a day? How much would that be in ounces/ cups? I never got parsley before so don’t know how much a ‘bunch’ is! LOL

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