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How to prepare for your Laparoscopy Operation for Endometriosis

For some of you, this may your first experience of having to go for a Laparoscopy. Though your doctor might have given you the run down on what is involved, I thought I would share with you how you can prepare for the operation, so you are more at ease when you get there and some tips on what you can do to help heal a little easier afterwards.

What to do before the Laparoscopy

  • Get cooking! Make sure you have heaps of pre cooked meals. Soups are great one, which you can prepare now, freeze in portions and then just heat up when you need them. They also contain heaps of vegetables so that is great for healing!
  • Stock up on Panty Liners
  • Make sure you have a hot water bottle or heat pack
  • Stock up on Pain Killers, though your doc will probably give you some stronger ones but you may prefer the lighter ones down the track.
  • Get some really comfy PJ’s and loose pants to wear. Nothing with an elastic or at least one that is well worn! 🙂
  • Hire heaps of movies and get some nice books. Positive and light stuff is best!
  • Stock up on your favourites. Teas, nuts, anything – naturally thinking of your health here 🙂

What supplements to take 2 weeks before the operation

  • Support the immune system and the body with heaps of immune supporting foods and herbs. Try and get as much Vitamin C in your system 2 weeks prior to the operation. You can get heaps of vitamin C from Kiwi Fruit, Parsley and Goji Berries. Goji Berries are slightly more expensive but they have heaps more healing properties so well worth it.

What to take with you to the operation

  • Throat lozenges. Your throat will undoubtedly be sore when you come out of the operation from the tube going down your throut. Get some soothing honey lozenges to ease this when you get out.
  • Bach’s Rescue Remedy. This just calms you down and allows you to not get too panicky about the whole thing.
  • A mini blanket. I found it really embarrassing to go to the toilet when my bum is exposed! This also makes you feel less concious and you can have something warm to make you feel better.

What supplements/ Teas to take after the operation

  • Bromelain. This is an enzyme found in the stems of pineapples. It is brilliant at reducing swelling and also supports the immune system.You can buy these in capsules or better yet, make a pineapple smoothy or juice, which also contains Bromelain.
  • Echinacea. The doctor will likely prescribe some anti-biotics after your operation to prevent infection. Echinacea is a powerful immune stimulating and blood purification herb with anti-biotic, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory activity. Helps to overcome toxicity and bacterial infection. Echinacea is high in iron selenium, zinc, manganese and silicon. Silica helps heal skin, ligaments and cells in the body. Zinc helps reduce wound healing time.
  • St John’s Wart. I personally found that the aesthetic reacted badly with my emotions. I was incredibly depressed after most of them. St John’s will help level out your moods, allowing you to stay positive even after surgery.

What to expect

I won’t lie to you, it is sore and not much fun. You are likely to feel quite out of it after the operation. I struggled to stay awake. It does depend a little on where you have the operation. I found some countries are better at this than others :)L

Expect to be incredibly sore the first 4-7 days. This is normal. Also expect spotting and bleeding afterwards.

Allow yourself at least 10days and even then, you need to take it easy. Give yourself this time to heal. It is important and everything else can SERIOUSLY wait! It is your time now and you need to give your body that time to heal.


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Danielle. Well done on reducing your pain with Endo naturally 🙂 A Laparoscopy essentially removes the excess cells which are sitting in your abdominal cavity. Some women use it as a means to “clean out the cysts” but it really depends on the severity of the condition in your body. If you are not experiencing much pain I wouldn’t feel the necessity and if you homeopath has it under control then that is excellent. Laparoscopies can create extra scaring in the area as the body naturally wants to heal a wound. It wouldn’t inhibit your ability to have a child.

    Congrats on getting married and planning for a baby. I am sure you will be fine! Keep reading and more valuable stuff will come up to help you heal 🙂
    Thanks for commenting.

  2. Danielle

    Hi I have every symptom of Endo, but never received a proper diagnosis. I have managed it well because a lot of the pain as decreased. My homeopathic doctor advised against me getting a laproscopy at this point. I am 26… So I want to know if it is worth it to get a laproscopy and when is it worth it to get one? What is the purpose besides a diagnosis? Does it help?

    Also I want to have children very badly and I am getting married in November. We will start trying 6-12 months into our marriage but can a laproscopy decrease my chances?

    Thanks I Love your site 🙂

  3. Melissa

    It is my pleasure Alyssa! Hope it goes well and please let me know how you are after the recovery 🙂

  4. Alyssa

    Thanks for this useful information Melissa

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