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How powerful is your Mind in Healing the Body? Is it all in our head?

One of the first things I remember about when I started getting symptoms of Endometriosis was that doctors would constantly tell me “it is all in your head”. They made out like I was making it up, that I was somehow trying to attract attention to myself! I became really angry with this statement after many years of hearing it, not just from doctors but from my parents, friends and even employees! The statement brought about a constant questioning that perhaps it was just me, perhaps I was just making the pain worse because I was telling my mind that it was to be worse. That I was sick and the pain was bad. REALLY BAD. It was as if I needed it to almost be worse so everyone would believe me. Slightly ironic!

Perhaps I did have some power over the level of pain with what I was thinking. The reality was, it is true. Much of Endometriosis is emotional and unfortunately when we are emotional we get angry and we cramp our stomach muscles and yip, that will make Endometriosis worse.

I recognised this happened with me on a repeated basis. I would sometimes even test the theory and sit in a space away from everyone and think of something that made me angry. I would ensure my test was accurate and remove any other factors which could make me sore…… tight clothes, poor eating etc etc. The tests worked. I would think about something that made me angry, build up that emotion in my body and within a few minutes I would be sore. Sore like throbbing, like the anger in my head. It worked and it proved something really important to me. I can control my pain levels through my mind, my personal thoughts.

Have you ever heard of the Placebo Effect? Well, it is where they use “fake” tablets and they give them to people for a condition to test if essentially their belief is what is causing them to feel better. In many cases, it is this belief that actually works almost as well as for patients who receive the real tablets! They use this theory heaps when analysing PMS and generally the figures are skewed because women with PMS are emotional and that strong emotion, towards “believing” often is the very factor that makes them feel better. It often doesn’t last but that has to do with the tablets themselves.

It got me thinking…..

What if we use this power of the mind for something positive? Something to make things better? Healing? Energy creating? What if we could use this power of the mind to make thing happen in our lives that we really wanted.

There is an element of risk here……

We have to completely believe and have no self-doubt for this to work. We have to let it all go, the negativity, the voices in our head that say we can’t or any of the labels we might have given ourselves over the years. “The sick one”, “The Sensitive one”, “The broken body”. These are all labels we have given ourselves which the mind recognises as true. We are essentially telling ourselves that we are these things and therefore they become true. One of the best things to do is start changing these thought patterns. Notice them and change them. Start believing you can and you will. Start recognising that those labels you give yourself are what you are making a reality.

I have a great silly example of how I use this theory of mind power. I know it is nothing compared to believing you can cure endometriosis but it works, every time.  Next time you are going somewhere and you need to park your car, picture getting a park right outside the front door. Visualise it, picture it and then …… and this is really important LET IT GO. Don’t question the theory, don’t question your mind. Just believe it. In the last 8 years since I learnt of this technique I have always got a park outside the front door. I am not lying. Every time! James’s family call the “witchy girl” cos I have what they call “super witchy powers!”.

You have to try it, in the simplest form to see that it works. Use something that holds no emotional effects for you to prove that you can and then aim for bigger things.

There are all sorts of books on this technique. Check out  The Secret and numerous others.

It can honestly change your life! It all comes back to believing. Believing you can heal, believing you can live a pain free life, believing you can cure yourself of Endometriosis! 🙂



Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Amykinz @ Foodie 4 Healing

    Have you heard of “Deep Breathing Body Work?” for curing Endometriosis? My Kinesiologist recommended it for me. I’ll be going to my first session tomorrow morning.

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