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How I Managed to Have a Completely PAIN FREE Period This Month!


I must admit, since having my miscarriages, my hormones have been a little up and down. The signals of too much estrogen in my body were really obvious again and I had forgotten what it felt like to have sore breasts, headaches along with my period and that wonderful moodiness that comes along with it all. Initially, I was okay with these signals because I knew that my body just needed to flush out what was left over from the miscarriages but after three consecutive months of periods that were less than favorable, I decided to play this month’s monthly a little differently.

The last few months, I had all the signals that I had worked very hard to get rid of. The good thing with this is that I could remember what it was like before but that I could really test any actions I did this month—to really help YOU have a better period too.

Here are some of the symptoms I had the last few months which were less than favorable: sore breasts for a week leading up to my period, headaches on the day before or even two days before my period. One month I actually had a severe migraine. Muscle tension in my back and neck on two days prior to my period and day 1 & 2 of my period. Period pain with heavy flow and dark clotting. Exhaustion and incredible moodiness 3–4 days prior to my period.

So, a big part of me felt like I had taken some drastic steps back after my miscarriages and that it was like I had to start again. So, I did… I acted like I had a clean slate to play with and could experiment again on what works for my—and hopefully your—body.

Here is what I did this month:

  • I really watched my diet. I had been reasonably lax with my diet the last few months as I was travelling and couldn’t always choose exactly what I ate. Since being settled in New Zealand and being able to do my own shopping and cooking, it is of course much easier. I cut out meat completely as I simply couldn’t get a good source yet. I have been eating mostly vegetables and soups and making lots of super smoothies. I have avoided chocolate and any sugars completely, always tough for me initially!
  • I also made a point of cutting out more nuts this month. I have found that too many nuts can actually give me an inflammatory reaction in the body. So, just thought I would stick to seeds and cut out all big nuts, especially as they used to be my main snack in the afternoon and I was having heaps of them! I cut out almond milk and stuck with coconut milk if I needed milk for anything. 
  • I really reduced my grain consumption. For me, that was simply cutting out rice as I don’t really eat many other grains. Please note: I do eat quinoa and buckwheat grouts for breakfast but they aren’t technically a grain. I found the grains seemed to interfere with my digestion, which will naturally affect endo in the process.
  • I have also been exercising regularly again in the mornings. This really helps the liver cleanse away anything it wasn’t able to get to overnight. I was doing yoga fairly regularly but hadn’t managed to keep it up with travelling that well. Now, I am doing a combination of either yoga, walking or exercising on a crosstrainer—luckily there is a gym here I can use.
  • I have been eating more seaweed to ensure my thyroid is happy. I gargle with the iodine which really has helped my gums and teeth. I try not to take the iodine in its pure form and prefer to just eat more seaweeds or take ashwagandha to support my thyroid health. I got detoxified iodine from this website.
  • The biggest addition was the coptis. This is a Chinese medicine formula and has been highly recommended to cleanse the liver. I struggled to find it in New Zealand, so landed up ordering it from the US. This stuff did wonders! I slept better and felt that it was really working on my liver. I ordered it through SensibleHealth.com. 

This is the result of my monthly changes:

I still experienced some breast tenderness and slight moodiness on the days leading up to my period. My actual period, however, was a complete shock! I had NO PAIN at all. Nothing, not even on days 1 & 2 and there was no clotting or heaviness at all either! It was amazing. I was doing heavy lifting and gardening and was totally fine! I felt light and my head was super clear.

I can’t believe the results after just a few changes. Really happy!

I still feel that my body needs to flush out the excess estrogen from the miscarriages but after two months, I reckon the PMS symptoms will go away as well.

I hope this gives you some ideas and little changes that will hopefully help you feel better too. I find it great that we can literally measure the effectiveness of the changes we make, as we always have our period as a measuring tool! I always like doing these tests on a monthly basis too, because we can all stick to something for a month.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to make any other suggestions in the comments below.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Holly

    I’m stage 4 endo and have been on the diet for almost a year (at least 95% of the time). At this point the only pain I have is period cramps. (Yay!) I feel that I can do more because I also believe our bodies shouldn’t ever be in pain. I drink acv and water once every day to help cleanse my system. I would like to try the Coptis, so would it be best if I gave up the acv and water while using it? Or would it be ok together? Always looking for more ways to better myself. Thanks for the info!

  2. Carrie

    Hi. I’ve recently been diagnosed with endo – self diagnosed a few years ago… Very interested to read about the natural way to heal..I have changed my eating to wheat free, dairy free and less read meat and caffeine. Hoping this will soon show a difference..

  3. Melissa

    Hi Kendra,

    You could certainly consider it and maybe work with your Acupunturist on exactly how to do it. It is very tiring on the body and the adrenals, so make sure you are truly ready for it. Stress is not a good thing for it 🙂
    I am doing one next week, so I will report back on it in my blog for you too.
    The Coptis will have great results just on it’s own and maybe build yourself up for it – also eat lots of greens and drink heaps of Beetroot juice.
    I have read the instructions for the Liver Flush on Sensible Health but it lacks the process of flushing out the bowels, which I think is risky. I highly recommend reading Andreas Moritz’s book: The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder flush which provides far more detailed information and options.


  4. Kendra

    Hi Melissa,

    Speaking of ordering coptis through sensiblehealth.com….do you recommend ordering the 4 pack for doing a liver/gallbadder flush? My acupuncturist says I have liver congestion and lately some stress in my life has starting to manifest some pretty scary symptoms in my body. I thought a liver/gallbladder flush might really help things out. I know you have done some in the past. SensibleHealth.com offers Chinese Bitters, Coptis, Gold Coin Grass and Curcuma as well as directions to the flush. It is the one that takes about 3 days and includes apple juice, olive oil, citrus and salt.

    Thanks so much for your input! Hugs!!

  5. Melissa

    I can see distinct advantages with the Paleo diet and would definitely recommend it. I would not eat too much meat though – once a week is plenty 🙂 Stick with mostly veggies at the end of it all 🙂

  6. Linda Olsen

    Great job! I’ve found that stretching and eating healthy makes my period a LOT more bearable.

  7. Mrs G

    Melissa, what are your thoughts about the paleo diet?
    A few weeks ago, I went paleo (it’s recommended for pcos, as the diet helps stabilizing the blood sugar) and I feel better: more energy, better mood, not being constantly hungry, very little pms and a reasonably painful period. I have even had a few paleo treats here and there, carefully selected among those with the least amount of sweeteners/starch.
    I wonder how long it will take to further improve, my goal would be just be uncomfortable but not in pain.

  8. Melissa

    Hi Belinda,
    It isn’t natural to experience pain within the body. It indicates too much Oestrogen in the body. I managed to get rid of it quite successfully before. It is a symptom of PMS.

  9. Belinda

    Breast tenderness is quite common during the last 2 weeks before a period so I don’t understand why you have mentioned it as a “less favourable” symptom? It almost has a negative connotation for something that is natural to experience after ovulation.

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