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How Can We Cleanse Our Liver to Reduce Hormone Imbalance?

Our liver is the key to so much of our journey with healing and feeling better with Endometriosis. Many of us simply focus on trying to balance out our hormones by taking supplements or progesterone creams but ultimately this can be risky and lead to more imbalances. We are far better off focusing on cleansing the liver, as ultimately, it is the liver that regulates all our hormones and will ensure the right amount of each exists within the body.

Here are some of my favourite tips to cleansing the liver, which are easy to do and are highly effective:


1. Get a liver cleansing supplement

You can get some great liver cleansing supplements which combine a series of herbs to make a complete liver cleanser. Here are some great ingredients to look for:

  • Dandelion root
  • Globe artichoke
  • Taurine
  • Bupleurum
  • Milk thistle
  • Turmeric

Note: It is not advisable to take any of these for an extended period of time.


2. Eat the right foods

There are certain foods which create a higher “workload” for the body. These include anything that is white. White flour, sugar, white rice and other grains. You also want to avoid anything with high preservatives or additives in them as they are just more toxins for the liver to deal with.

Some good foods for the liver include your dark leafy greens, which stimulate natural bile flow, walnuts which contain high amounts of glutathione, along with avocado.

Fermented foods and seaweeds are fantastic for the liver!

Definitely avoid all the fatty stuff. Nothing deep fried, baked in vegetable oils or even using vegetable oils. Stick with coconut oil and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil only.


3. Drink the right drinks

Coffee and alcohol are a huge strain on the liver. Coffee will elevate your cortisol and alter the adrenal glands and is likely to interfere with all the hormone functions in the body. Well, you probably already know that alcohol isn’t great for the liver.

Drink smoothies with powerful antioxidant-fighting berries like cranberries and blueberries. Get into superfood powders like MSM, which helps to detoxify the liver. Avoid bananas and sweeter fruits.


4. Clear your liver’s overload in the morning

The liver does all of its work in the early hours of the morning. Chances are, if you are waking up with bags under your eyes, the liver hasn’t completed its workload! Drink a small glass of warm water with half a squeezed lemon first thing in the morning and follow this with some form of exercise. It doesn’t have to be much but make sure you move that body! Do some Yogaย or go for a walk but exercise is one of the best things you can do for your liver.


5. Clear the anger from your mind and body

Anger, feelings of resentment or being irritable about someone or a situation plays havoc on your liver. Clear the energy of it all! Let it go! It is not worth the anger and resentment you are putting on your body. Yell into a pillow to let it out or do an EFT session to clear it but just get it out and let it go. Your liver will thank you for it!


6. Be sure you have released the toxins in your body and your environment.

You might be carrying, breathing in, living in or absorbing toxins without realizing it. Check your body for candida, mercury fillings and fungal infections you might be ignoringโ€” yellow toenails are a sign of fungus! They are all placing strain and adding to the toxic load of your liver. Get mercury fillings removed! They are pure poisonโ€”make sure you go to a dentist who knows how to take them out without the mercury leaking into your body!

Check your environment. Are you living near a rubbish burn area? Do you live near a coal station? Near electric boxes? Do you have mould in your home? Under the bathroom floor? These are all toxic on your body and your health. Get them fixed or consider moving for the benefit of your health.

With your liver running properly you will be amazed at just how many of your symptoms disappear. Hormones are far too delicate to play with, in my opinion. Take charge and focus on the organ responsible for it all!


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. Melissa

    They recommend only doing one again after 6 weeks. Well done on doing it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Amanda

    Hi Melissa I did a 2 week liver cleanse about a month ago and was wandering how often you should do a liver cleanse? Was thinking about doing it again!

  3. Melissa

    I would imagine it would be highly beneficial. Maybe only take it for a 6week period at a time ๐Ÿ™‚ It kinda depends on the ingredients.

  4. Mrs.Meldrum

    Have you ever looked into (Himalaya) Liver Care? If so, is it safe to take when TTC? Should it only be taken for short periods of time & if so, how long?

  5. Nic

    Thanks Mel for your reply

    I have just placed my order for both estroblock pro and liv-tox . May i know how many pills is needed per day and is ti after a full stomach?

    and do you think it is advisable to take Evening Primrose ans Starflower Oil for Endometrosis patients?

  6. Melissa

    Hi Nicole,
    Yes, it will definitely help ๐Ÿ™‚ The skin is an excretion organ and will often display excess hormones and toxins through the skin. I would highly recommend both ๐Ÿ™‚
    When you get your liver cleansed, it is amazing how many other conditions go away at the same time. Hugs,

  7. Nic

    I was diagnose andometrosis and i always have cystic acne almost every week. i have tried and see many derms but still useless.

    May i know does estroblock and Liv-tox helps in my condition and can endometrosis patients take estroblock and Liv-tox?

    sadly i have fibroid and cysts too and also my menses cramp real badly everytime, usually first day of my menstruation.

    hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Melissa

    Sure thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know how you go ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. tatiana

    thanks so much Mel!
    i believe this is where the secret is – I kept eating grains all 3 months i was beating candida… plus ate manuka honey – maybe that was the problem… will definitely try your protocol and as well will a liver cleanse next weekend. will be in touch and thanks for advice!!!

  10. Melissa

    Hi Tatiana,
    Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Choosing Ayurveda is fabulous for endo!
    It is super awesome that you are keen to empower yourself too!
    Candida can be hard to beat. I would recommend cutting out all grains, white foods in general and all sugary things – including honey and syrups. You then need to tackle it with antibacterial foods and herbs. There are a range to choose from. My favourites are Pau D’Arco, Grapeseed Extract and Oregano Oil. You can then also do digestive cleanses with clays. Just drink Bentonite clay (food grade) in water or try a new one I found called Diamateceous Earth or Fossil Earth. Just drink those for a short time and they tend to flush out the Candida. Candida is however closely related to our hormone imbalance so focusing on cleansing the liver is also really important ๐Ÿ™‚
    I use Glutathione for my bowels and it works wonders ๐Ÿ™‚
    Feel free to email me on melissa@endoangel.com.

  11. tatiana

    thank you so much for responding…
    i an really enjoying your journal, and even cry at some articles… i agree that it is a deep seated emotions wihin us that are creating desease, and untill we manage them it is impossible to let go.
    i am reading witg lots of interest your articles on the chinese approach – I have chosen reiki and ayurveda as a guidance. i am currently reading amazing book by maya tiwari – i noticed you like reading and you may enjoy it as well. if you are interested to talk about reiki – let me know, i am here.
    by the way – my surgeon has reccomended me to look at ayurveda, and he said it is trully amazing that woman prefer to give power to him than to empower themself. he said in his practice nearly noone listened to his dietary and lifestyle reccomendations.
    quick question on nutrition on my side. i am trying ti overcome candida and it is a pretty nasty beast. i believe on ayurveda they call it ama. i read your artices on this subject and you say it is easy to get rid of, but i did not understand how you have beaten it (seems i am doing same, but it keeps coming back). also did you have issues with leaky gut? do i understand correct that you had to eliminate all grains?
    apology for long post and hugs (do you have skype or e-mail?)

  12. tatiana

    Hi Mel,
    Thanks for super interesting article! Did u ever try liver flush with Epsom salt, olive oil and lemon?

  13. Melissa

    I didn’t mean it! I promise ๐Ÿ™‚ Great to get you back on track sweets. Often we just need a reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Kryssy

    Thanks for this post Mel! It is just the slap in the face I need right now. I am going through some stuff right now and instead of dealing with it the way I know I should; instead I ran for some valium, brandy, sweets and self pity. Thanks for this slap. It is well deserved and just what the doctor order.

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