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Why do Doctors and Gyni’s prescribe Hormone Treatments for Endometriosis?

When I was initially diagnosed with endometriosis, I didn’t really understand the thinking behind using hormone treatments for endometriosis. I failed to see how something that grows in the wrong place could be controlled by hormone treatments. Do you?

In today’s video, I explore the thinking behind using these hormone treatments and what I prefer to focus on instead…

To summarise what’s in the video (if you can’t watch video), essentially we have a group of hormones called oestrogens. These hormones are designed to stimulate growths in the body. In some cases, we need this growth – like when we are going through puberty and want big breasts 🙂 but when it comes to endometriosis, it stimulates growths in the body. Growths like cysts, lesions, ovarian cysts etc. Not what we want with endometriosis.

So, what hormone treatments do is try to regulate the high levels of oestrogen with hormone treatments. These hormone treatments could be in the form of Lupron, Depo Provera or the contraceptive pill. They all serve to try and control ovulation and our natural hormone production. The idea is to try and shrink the endometriosis, by dropping the high levels of oestrogens.

Unfortunately, it means we have to permanently “live” on hormone treatments which is simply not much fun! Plus… and more to the point, it doesn’t address the reason for the hormone imbalances going on in the body.

This is ultimately what we should be looking at. What is causing the hormone imbalances in the body, which aids in the growths of endometriosis within the body?

Well, I am going to be exploring more about our hormones and hormone imbalances in a free series called the “Unfunk my hormones” series. You can sign up here.

We can regulate our hormones naturally and thereby help regulate endometriosis. Let me show you how…

Hugs, Melissa x
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