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I Don’t Know Where to Start My Healing Journey… Can You Give Me Some Direction?

Sometimes writing blogs can be a little challenging. After all, I have some readers that have been following me since I started writing and there are many new followers, who undoubtedly look at liver flushes and colonics and inevitably think, “This girl is just too crazy for me!” I must admit, there is no way I would’ve thought that two years down from where I started I would be doing these things. I think a whole heap of things, which might have seemed extreme to me two years ago, all make more sense now.

Thing is, that doesn’t help you… in this very moment, right? You are reading some of my articles and it all just seems totally overwhelming and impossible to achieve. I mean, really? You want me to cut out what foods? You want me to bounce on what? Brush with what? Drink what? What the… is coconut kefir and Sauerkraut anyways?

Yes, I know… it is all kinda foreign and exciting at the same time.

Thing is, we all need to start somewhere. Every journey has a beginning and you might be at that very beginning right now. So, please, please don’t let my “advanced” healing methods put you off in any way. I was where you are right now too!

So, here is a quick overview of where to start and what to do going forward.


1. Sit down and review your “health strategy”

Are you really doing the best that you can for your health right now? Think about this honestly. What did you have for lunch? Was it really healthy? How much alcohol have you had this week? Are you drowning in stress from your relationships or work commitments? Have you taken enough time out for you?

The key to this is to be really, really honest. Review yourself and what you have been doing and really ask yourself, if it is helping or harming your body.


2. Make a decision about your health and your healing journey

I have heard many, many women say that they will give something a try. I know when I say this, it means I will dabble in something. I try things half-heartedly and don’t really give something my everything. This is why, in my opinion, you need to make a decision about your health. You need to decide that you are going to put yourself first and you are going to give your body the best it needs to heal. That makes you committed and that in itself sends a message to your mind that somehow guides you to make better choices for your individual body.


3. Review what you are eating and how that is affecting your body

For some of you, this might take years to get right. I am still learning about food! It is incredibly frustrating, interesting, exciting and complex all at the same time! What you need to find is a way that you can nourish your body without harming your body. For each of us this might be slightly different. You might find certain foods give you allergies or make you more tired or bloated. You might find that your digestion struggles on certain foods and not others. This is where the exploration and self-discovery comes into play. I might recommend the Endo Diet or to avoid certain foods and eat heaps of others but that exploration and adventure with foods is there for you to explore too. Take my ideas, take someone else’s ideas, and take your own ideas and blend them to create something that works for your body!


4. Cleanse

This is a broad way of saying, “Get the toxins out of your body!” It is inevitable that, having endo, we have been taking far too many painkillers, hormonal drugs and all sorts of stuff. We want to get that stuff out of our bodies as easily and quickly as possible. There are a few different ways of doing this. Depending on what you have been taking and what hormonal treatments you have been on, explore what works for you. Start with cleansing your liver, bowels and bladder. Also, start sweating! I personally love the rebounder (mini trampoline) because it is minimal effort for great detoxing results.

Just start there. Explore things further and delve in, learn more! Your body is truly amazing and you can heal from this. Trust me… I have been where you are and I feel heaps better, just by following these simple steps.

I am here for you. Every step of the way. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    I will write another blog post on it for you Hayley….just keep your eyes peeled for more 🙂

  2. Hayley

    Hi Mellisa, what cleanse do you recommend to do first? I want to do something to kick start my healing!

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