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Have you become Health Obsessed? Has the need to be healthy almost made you unhealthy?

I find sometimes I totally overwhelmed with information when I read too many books or search the internet for too long – which is an occupational hazard doing this blog 🙂

I am so focused on health and I almost become obsessed with it. I don’t want to expose myself to anything, I want to ensure every food I eat is super healthy, I want to get heaps of exercise into my day and I even set aside time to relax. The thing is, it somehow becomes overwhelming. It feels like I am stressed out about being healthy. Does that make sense? I am so busy researching and trying to find answers and then the information contradicts itself and I somehow find that it actually worries me.

I really noticed it on the weekend. We went out to Auckland and visited some friends. It was like I had this little devil sitting on my back shouting at me: “xenoestrogens!” everywhere I looked. It was the soap in the bathroom, the cleaning products, the fact that they live on a main road…. etc etc

Do you get this? It is kinda ironic and it got me thinking what if I have it all wrong? See, there are many people who sink into this world of natural health. They become obsessed with it. They want to fight and inform people of the dangers of it all. They write books and go on big rants around the world trying to “protect everyone” from bad health. Though I can totally see that these are noble people who are really doing a great service in informing us about our health, they also create a weird kinda “Freaky Health Obsession” within us.

It somehow contradicts health to me as it is mostly with a negative focus. It is all about exposing all these big nasty companies who hide things from us about what is in our food or what we really don’t know about drugs out there. It has an angry and revengeful energy about it, which I think I have picked up on. It is all about “them and us” and somehow how we are all in extreme danger of all those nasties out there. It reeks of conspiracy theories and an extreme view on things.

To me this makes no sense. Yes, I want to help you and want to inform you of the dangers that do exist within our environments but it also needs to be kept real. We are naturally exposed to toxins in our daily lives but so is everyone else. We all are and yet others seem to resist these “cancer causing dangers”. It is unrealistic to avoid EVERYTHING all of the time and if we do and become that obsessed about health, I believe this create a different kind of stress. A freaky kinda over-obsessive health stress.

I had to get away from all of this, for a few days. See, I was turning into that freaky over obsessed health chick! I didn’t want to eat anything that wasn’t 100% healthy. I checked every ingredient, every pills ingredients, every aspect of my life somehow got put under the spotlight and I realised, I just cannot control it all. I cannot protect myself from everything. I can only do the best that I can with what I know and can trust in myself.

It is so easy to become “Freaky Health Obsessed”. There is so much information out there and so much to say how it is going to harm us. The reality is, we cannot run away from it all. There are simply some things we have to live with. We have to live with Computers, we have to live with cars and petrol fumes, we have to live with some things that are in our foods. All we can do is give the body the best tools to fight off these negatives and most importantly learn to relax and enjoy life.

I have had to take a massive big learning curve out of this experience. I have had to just let it go. Let it go that I cannot protect us all from everything and that as much as I would love to blow up every McDonalds in the world, I cannot and I can only do my part in educating people to avoid it.

See all this obsessing and fighting is actually negative and stressful and though my motives for doing it might be to help people, it is still the wrong approach.

What I can do is show you the right way. Show you the methods that you can use and approaches to your health that you haven’t discovered yet. Show you about Maca and Herbs and all the wonderful things out there that are now available to us. We can get these plants and herbs now, through the internet which we could never have done before!

So, today I am going to spend the day just relaxing. No reading of any books or obsessing about my health but rather just enjoying myself and what I can do. Life is so short and while I am obsessing so much about it all, I might be missing the most important things – love, life and sunshine 🙂


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Oh hun. I have totally been there! I realised at some point that it was probably worse to worry about it all so much, than to just let it go and enjoy myself. The stress of it all was worse for me than the lipstick and nail polish 😉

  2. Julia O'Reilly

    I know what you mean! I was like ‘okay safe with fruit and veggies’ then I read something that says no tomatoes, no garlic, not too much fruit… And my mind is blown!

  3. Julia O'Reilly

    So how I feel about diet!

  4. Julia O'Reilly

    Relate to this so much. I find now I get overwhelmed and get regret if I go off my healthy lifestyle. I wore non natural nail polish and lipstick this weekend for a wedding (the nail polish borrowed and lipstick bought), I didn’t have time and was too far away from the shop to buy my normal brands. I’ve been kicking myself about it and getting little twinges of regret, like I’d not been able to control myself! I’m trying hard to forgive myself because that’s the firs time I’ve used non natural products in a long time… But it’s so hard.

  5. Melissa

    Life is afterall very short and we need to enjoy the things that give us joy – even if they may be filled with potential dangers 🙂

  6. Cara

    I love your blog! I have had these same thoughts. For me, it is things like water quality here. I live in a heavy agricultural area and our water is very contaminated. I grew up swimming in the rivers and lakes though and I am never more happy than when I can float on my back in the water and watch the sky. I decided that mental health has to be taken into consideration as well, and the water is way important for that. I swim in the lakes/rivers whenever I can, I have to bath in and drink the water anyway, I might as well enjoy myself.

  7. Melissa

    To me I think it is like you feel that the answers are so obvious and yet the rest of the world, all struggling with their health somehow don’t know. For me, it was like opening pandora’s box and now there is so much information out there, you almost feel lost with which one to follow. Awesome! send us the link will ya?

  8. Allannah Law

    Hi Mel,

    I totally agree! As a yoga teacher, I associate with lots of people in the Wellness industry and we are all obsessed! In fact, some of the sickest people I know are yoga teachers, nutritionists and naturopaths. I think its because when you focus on something, really tune your energy into it, it becomes larger than life. I’m actually blogging on this, this week myself!



  9. Melissa

    Definitely! Those kinda of health “guru’s” often seem extreme in their teachings. I like to just let it go for a little and enjoy life more 🙂

  10. Karla

    Yes, it does get overwhelming for me too. There is so much to learn and so many contradictions between therapies. It drives me mad. For example, I start freaking out about eating onions, garlic and mustard!!! What a headache hahaha…just because of Hulda Clark’s work. It seems that the more I learn, the more things I can’t enjoy. I think it is key to not limit ourselves. But thank you, this article is a reminder to enjoy life and not take health to the extreme or so seriously.always.

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