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When I first began my journey with endometriosis, I would spend a huge amount of time seeking easier, faster fixes to help me with my endometroisis. You know the ones I mean… pain-killers, alcohol and even surgery. In the scheme of things, these things seemed easy, do-able and I believed they could give me a resolve for my endometriosis pain. I mean, surely if they just cut out all the bad bits, won’t that resolve my pain and my symptoms? Surely, if they just give me strong enough pain-killers, won’t that make the pain go away? Surely, if they just regulate the hormones well enough, then the endometriosis will stop growing? I would desperately pray and hope that a miracle pill would come on the market to make it all go away. I spent a good 15 years working on the quick fixes and in the end, nothing worked!

It’s an interesting concept and one I grapple with daily because I know for many of us, if we could actually make these quick fixes, fix our endometriosis then we would of course, grab it with both hands. I know many women around the world, spend a huge amount of their energy fighting for charities, so they can get more funding, so they can find this miracle pill that will make it all go away. Women hope and pray that some miracle supplement will do the trick or that we will just find resolve in a quick diet fix.

I wish it was that simple. I truly do.

However, here’s the big fat elephant that no-one wants to talk about. The endometriosis, the pain and the symptoms you experience are all there for a reason. There is something your body is desperately needing or wanting you to look at. It is like a big fat screaming voice from deep inside of you that just wants to get your attention. It is not sending you that pain message to be funny – because none of us are laughing when we are hunched over in agonising pain!


Your body is wanting you to give it the desperate attention it needs to truly feel well. It wants you to look at the nutrient deficiencies it is experiencing. It wants you to look at the high stress level you are putting yourself through and it desperately wants you to explore any dangerous things that are inhibiting your health. Your body wants you to pay attention to it and give it what it really needs.

Watch this video:

Here’s the thing…

I want you to be truly well. I don’t want to just give you some quick fixes or promise you some magic pill. I want you to nurture your body from deep within and to give you a real chance of healing.


Feel free to share your experience with having endometriosis and coming to a similar conclusion within your healing journey.

Hugs, Melissa x
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