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Are You Really Infertile?

Pregnancy and falling pregnant can be illusive. It can be this massive thing that never happens. It can be a complete miracle that is completely unprepared for. It can bring with it many emotions and unanswered questions. Why does it happen for some women and not for others? What did they do differently? How can you increase your chances of getting pregnant?

Here are my 5 favorite things to know and hopefully help you on your journey to falling pregnant:


1. Life force is incredibly powerful.  

Life wants to be created and is found in the most obscure places. Even weeds find a way to grow in the most harsh environments. The same is true within your body. Did you know that if one fallopian tube is blocked that that ovary can actually be picked up by the second fallopian tube? We are led to believe that the body is a simple structure that operates in systems. It actually can move around in there and find ways to create life! So, good news… just because one ovary is broken or one fallopian tube is blocked doesn’t mean you need to dismiss that whole side of the body.


2. Conditions need to be right.

Life force needs certain things to be in balance and right to create life. This means, they need a non toxic environment and good quality food. It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take, if your diet is not supporting your body, it can’t sustain life. You need real nutrition from real food! Please don’t believe that those folic acid tablets are the solution to get pregnant and support your child! We need FOLATE, which is what is in green stuff! Eat your greens instead!


3. Cleanse your body of toxins.

Your baby doesn’t need all that stuff in there—you know… the mercury from your fillings, the hormone treatments and the other toxins that we gather along the way. Get them out with a good cleanse.

Try a juice fast for a week or take chlorella tablets to clean stuff out! Find a way to cleanse that works for you but get that stuff out!


4. Start believing and accepting its possibility.

I know this is hard. It took me years to accept that I could actually have a child, even after countless stories of women with endometriosis achieving pregnancy! We need to be open and allow our bodies to therefore be open. Your mind and body do actually work together. If you keep telling your body that a baby is coming, it will be more prepared!


5. Support your hormones.

Your hormones need good oils. This keeps the neurons in the brain working properly, which indirectly affects all the other hormones in your body. Think about how terrible you feel when you don’t get a good night’s rest—groggy, right? This is low serotonin, which then dominoes right down to your adrenalin, cortisol, estrogens and progesterones. Get good sleep but take your essential fatty acids along with it! Coconut oil is also a top recommendation.


Here are some more tips from the Longevity Now Programme:


We’ve had amazing results of women falling pregnant over the last few months! Congratulations, ladies! If you want to share your story and what you believe helped you get pregnant, please do so, in the comments section below:

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Jane

    I’m loving this site. Great articles with brilliant , knowledgeable advice and a dash of humour 🙂

  2. Melissa

    That is super awesome Kathy and congratulations on your little one! That is so lovely!
    I am so happy my information reached you and was able to give you the direction to allow you to have your daughter.
    I think holidays are super important 🙂
    I might do a post on that one!

  3. Kathy

    Hi Melissa

    Firstly, I wanted to send you a great big thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing with this website. It has been a true inspiration to me and given me so much hope when the doctors gave me nothing but bad news regarding my endo.

    I was diagnosed with severe stage 5 endo in Sept 2011 after a laparoscopy to remove an ovarian cyst. A second laparoscopy followed in Dec 2011 and I was told I only had one good ovary and had about a 30% chance of getting pregnant. I thought surely there was a way to increase my chances, which led me to your website.

    Well after reading many of your posts, I changed my diet to follow the endo diet (no gluten, no dairy, almost no meat- I still ate chicken and fish twice a week- and lots of fruit and veggies). I also had acupuncture when I could and drank herbal teas such as burdock. In May 2012 I started taking exclyzyme and vitex (also suggested on your site) and in July I found out I was pregnant!

    My baby girl was born 2 weeks ago and it feels like such a miracle, I’m so grateful to have her.

    I found it hard to stick to the endo diet when pregnant because morning sickness made it impossible to keep down certain foods, but I’m hoping to get back on it soon. One thing I am a lot more aware of now when shopping is to avoid products with artificial chemicals and preservatives added. And also to avoid trans fat, also labelled as vegetable fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil.

    Another thing which I think helped me get pregnant was planning a holiday. It took my mind off getting pregnant and focused on something relaxing. I was in the middle of planning a holiday when I found out we had conceived. A good friend of mine also fell pregnant while planning a holiday. She had been trying for 1.5 years and had thyroid problems.

    Thanks again Melissa for all the great information and encouragement and keep up the good work! Sorry this has turned into quite a long message!


  4. Melissa

    Really good point 🙂 It all affects our hormones at the end of the day…

  5. ashley


    These are all great tips. I was diagnosed with endo when I
    was in my early twenties. My oldest was born when I was 29. I have three children. I would add, relax…. One of my dearest friend went through this intensive in-vitro program which was extremely stressful, then found an easier alternative…. Her son is now 5.

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