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This was me at the height of an endo flare. I suffered for 15 long years. No one deserves to feel like this.


10 Natural pain relief strategies for endometriosis

Heard you wanted to stop taking so many pain-killers?

Your insides feel like they are all twisted and sore. You wish more than anything that you could just make it all go away and live a normal life.

You know that there must be more to your life than scheduling around your monthly and working out if you can afford another surgery – both financially and emotionally.

Those dreams of travel, of having children and being physically active in your body and in life, seem like a far fetched dream, which you desperately want but somehow feel so hard to reach when your body keeps telling you otherwise.

The endometriosis has dominated every aspect of your life and you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Good news


You CAN heal from endometriosis, be pain-free, get pregnant and shrink cysts all completely naturally and without the need for painful and risky surgeries. ​

You can address endometriosis holistically by considering all aspects of this condition, rather than just viewing it as a hormone based condition. Endometriosis has many layers and it is important to look beyond just diet and exercise and look at the whole picture.

When you address endometriosis holistically, you will achieve that boundless healthy energy you’ve always wanted and you will remain pain-free without dealing with side-effects and consequences years later.

Through this process you will transform yourself into the powerful, happy, kick ass woman that you always knew was hiding in there.


My life isn’t dominated by endometriosis anymore. I have different priorities and feel light, happy and free with my choices.


Let me help you transform your life.

I want to show you how you can become an endo empowered woman. A woman who says a big fat NO to more surgery, pain-killers and hormone treatments and respects her body enough to create something transformative for herself. ​

I formally invite you to join our endo empowered revolution!

JOIN US in our group of kick ass Endo Empwered women who have said YES to putting an end to endo and a HELL YES to living life in a way that is full, wonderful, and everything amazing.

About me

A little bit more about me

My name is Melissa Turner and I live in Auckland New Zealand with my hubbie James and our little dog Wilson. I was born in South-Africa to German parents and I immigrated to Australia in 2003.
I enjoy having fun, being active and doing creative things. We frequently go kayaking, swimming and walking through the forests of New Zealand . However, I can just as easily curl up with a good book on the balcony, listen to the birds or paint a landscape.

Hubby and I have been known to do some pretty extraordinary things like living in a rainforest for 2 years while running a lodge and travelling around Europe for 6 months.

Our current projects include renovating our house, building a catering business, studying Naturopathy and of course taking care of the beautiful women like you, through Endo Empowered.

My Endo

My Story with Endo

I was first diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis when I was 19 years old.

I was petrified as I had never even heard of endometriosis and felt like it would take over my whole abdomen if I didn’t listen to the best doctor’s advice. 

The biggest mistake I made was not listening to my own inner voice and trusting in doctors too much. I gave away my power and endured 15 years of struggling because of it. 

The surgeries became notches on my belt of endurance. I endured 7 surgeries, over 20 different hormone treatments (ranging from things being stuck up my nose, in my arm and being on the contraceptive pill for 9 years) while still living in daily pain. 

I wasn’t really living to my full potential and I knew there had to be a better way.

Eventually, I discovered the significant difference my diet could make on my pain levels and my excitement and passion for a holistic approach grew.

I dove in deeper and explored all aspects of healing, from proper nutrition, exercise and movement, emotional healing, herbalism, energy healing to clearing out toxins, gut imbalances and freeing adhesions.

I decided I needed to go back and study Naturopathy and began my 5 year degree in 2014. I am in my final year now in 2021 and excited to receive my qualification soon. 

I know it is possible for you to feel better with endometriosis and feel it is my duty to share what I know with women around the world about how to better manage this condition. 

I don’t want other women to struggle as I did for so many years. It is such a waste of your life to struggle and suffer like that. I believe I endured that struggle so I could learn and grow and ultimately lead other women down this path of true endo empowerment.


I am available for guest interviews, Speaking engagements, writing for blogs or websites

Do you work with women who struggle with period pain? Infertility or endometriosis?

You might like to share a story of a woman who has overcome the struggles often associated with endometriosis or hear a different perspective on the condition. 

My beliefs include:
* The body can heal when it is given the right environment to do so.
* We are not broken or need "fixing" but merely need to better provide for the body and it will do the healing.
* The body put it there, so the body can un-put it there - including endometriosis.

Women deserve to be treated better and using natural methods obeys the first principles of "First do no harm". Why wouldn't we explore this option first?

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Bio: Melissa has become one of the leading experts on endometriosis and how to manage it holistically. This experience came out of her own journey in struggling for over 15 years with stage 4 endometriosis and finally living a normal, pain & symptom-free life. Her mission is to empower more women to manage endometriosis holistically so they can stop suffering and reach beyond endo!